Chapter 12: breaking point: part 2

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Dakota's. Pov
I woke up to see Leon still asleep in the hospital bed, I smiled as I got up and went to go clean my face, I came back to see Leon awake. "Hey, how was your sleep?" I asked him with a smile "good, have you been here all night?" He asked me, I nodded my head "why?" He asked "because your my best friend and you got shot." I said sitting down on the bed next to him, "I'm sorry about that." He said to me.

Cole's pov
4 days later

Dakota hasn't been at school for a week now, it's the end of Friday. As I got into my car I raced to her house 'I swear if that Leon guy did anything to her, I will tear him apart. I could smell that the both of them haven't been there for a while, but the smell of the guys blood was on the porch. I followed the smell to a hospital.

As I randomly walked around the hospital, I saw my beautiful mate walking into a room. I followed her to see the guy laying on a hospital bed and Dakota handing him a snack, then laying down next to him and watched t.v. to not be creepy I knocked on the door catching their action and saying "hey, what happen?" I asked trying to care what happen to the person who is too close to my mate, "nothing important, how did you know we were here?" The guy asked sitting in the bed instead of laying down, kota also sits up and looked at me waiting to hear my answer. " Well, I heard that you were in the hospital, so I came here to see if it was true." I said with a straight face. "Well it is, now bye-bye." The guy said, before I knew it my wolf broke free and held the guy against the wall with my hand around his neck.

Dakota's pov
When I saw that Cole was choking the life out of Leon I freaked and went up to the two and try to tear Coles hands off of Leon's neck "let him go, you're hurting him!" I yelled, when Cole finally let go of Leon's neck, I was so angry that I yelled out " I never want to see you ever again, I hate you for this!" Coles face went too angry to broken in a second, but I didn't care about that right now my friend was hurt. I looked at his neck to see the prints of Cole's hand 'are you serious?' I thought as I got madder 'I can't believe I liked this guy, he almost killed the best thing that ever happen to me.' I grabbed Leon's hand and put it around my shoulder so he could walk. I led him to the bed and softly put him down "are you okay?" I asked Leon as he closed his eyes "yeah I'll be fine, I'm just trying to breathe." He said to me, "don't ever scare me like that ever again." I said with a smile as I kissed his forehead "I probably will." He said with a laugh "God, your such a hand full." I said with a chuckle as I headed out of the room to find something to drink, 'the coffee here is nasty so I guess I'll go somewhere else' I thought as I headed to my car, the parking lot was empty as I walked to my car, until a car came switching out of nowhere and stopped right in front of me "watch where you're going jerk!" I yelled out to the car going around it. But then these guys jumped out of the car and put a cloth over my nose and mouth, I started to scream and thrash around as the men dragged me into the car, before I knew it I was passed out

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