Nineteen. Going Out.

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Draco was prepared for the worst, which he thought as the best. He had that horrible tingling feeling in his stomach, that feeling when you get before your driving test or your O.W.L.S or when you face Minerva McGonagall in the corridors after bedtime. Yes, that horrible a feeling.

Currently, Draco was standing in the lobby in the Hermione's building, waiting for her to come downstairs. He was fidgeting with his jacket, tugging on it's sleeves and playing with the zipper nervously. It wasn't as bad as one would imagine, but yeah, it was slightly noticeable. Thus, as soon as he heard someone coming down the stairs, he stopped the fidgeting instantly. And thankfully, it was Hermione who appeared through the stairwell. He didn't know how much longer he could wait without losing it.

"Hey," he said as she walked up to him. She shot him a nice smile.

"Evening, Draco!" she replied.

"Evening, Hermione!" he said bending down and kissing her on the cheek. "You look ready for the concert!" She was wearing a Weird Sister T-shirt and looked like a proper fangirl. He also noticed that the shirt had been signed by all the band members.

"Thanks, you too. I never thought I would see you in anything other than black or white," she grinned.

"Oh, you know, I was feeling very cheery today!" he said looking at his light blue T-shirt.

"I bet you were!"

"Of course, I am going out on a date with an irresistibly smart woman. How on earth can I not be cheery?" he smiled.

"You've got a valid point, mate!"

"So, do you want to eat something first?"

"Yes, please, we have plenty of time to kill anyway," she answered.

"I love how both of us think alike," he said with a big smile on his face.

"I love how silly little things make you happy. It's like you are a child all over again!"

"Um, yeah," he said tugging on his hair.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said trying hard to smile, "let's go, I've got my car along."

"Can I drive?" she asked jumping up and down.

"No, because based on my personal experience, I know that you are a crazy driver. I don't want anything to happen to my beauty."

"Draco, please, I drive an equally good car and nothing has ever happened to it."

"Maybe because you protect it from magic!"

"Not at all, Malfoy. Now, can I drive or not?"

"Can I trust you or not?" he asked fidgeting with his car keys.

"Yes," she replied eagerly.

"Can my beauty trust you or not?"

"First of all, yes, and second, stop calling it that! Idiot!" she said snatching his car keys away from him while he groaned.

The two of them settled in the car, Hermione looking super excited and Draco looking like a ghost. In his defence, he had just handed someone else his car. It was equivalent to parting with one's baby.

"You look tensed," Hermione remarked after a while.

"Um, yeah, you are a horrific driver," he chuckled.

"I am not," she retorted.

"You are, but it's kind of cool. It feels like I am driving through the countryside," he replied. She just snorted in response.

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