Eleven. Facing an Angry Miss Granger

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I wrote a new chapter in under four hours. I have missed this feeling so much.

Draco had learnt the hard way that Harry Potter couldn't keep his mouth shut. Ever. He had apparently told him Hermione of the Quidditch session they had had, and now he was going to get a proper scolding from her.

It was the weekend, and most of his friends (old and new) were at the Hog's Head, a surprisingly nice exception from the Leaky Cauldron. Hermione had given him a tight smile when she had entered, and she didn't even say anything much to him. Fuck Potter, he thought, I do not know how he won the fucking war.

"Draco?" Blaise called out to him. He realized he was busy looking at Hermione. "What will you drink? Also, I think it is extremely rude to stare."

"A Firewhiskey, please," he said looking at his best friend. "Sorry I am a bit distracted, how have you been, mate?"

"I am great. I went out with someone last night, got some action, I am great," he grinned like a child on Christmas.

"You are a douchebag," Draco replied.

"As it you would act differently," Blaise snorted.

"Yes, I would, Blaise," he said with a serious face and a glance at Hermione.

"She is pretty sweet," his friend said.

"Hey, watch it!"

"You don't own her, Draco, and I meant she is nice for you. Merlin, I wouldn't be able to keep up with Hermione."

"What do you mean, she is nice for me?"

"Well, you are into her, aren't you?"

"Fuck! How does everyone know about this? I am going to kill Potter," he said sounding angry.

"Firstly, I am disappointed that you told Harry before me, and, second, it is written all over your face. I am sure Hermione herself knows that you like her."

"Am I that obvious?"

"Well, yes."

"Merlin, I am a fool."

"Yes, you are," his best friend smiled.

"Also, I didn't tell Harry. Like you, he figured it out himself."

"I kind of figured that out too, mate."

"Why, Blaise, I didn't know you were this smart!" he said with sarcasm. Blaise scowled at him and turned to talk to Luna next to him. Draco ate his bowl of salad quietly, contemplating whether he should talk to Hermione or not. He looked up at her. She was in a heated discussion with Fred and George, something about a certain Hogwarts teacher, and he didn't want to interrupt. She must have sensed him looking because she turned and gave him a small (and not very happy) smile. He just smiled weakly back at her. He would just talk to her later.

An hour into the night, he got the opportunity to talk to her. It was kind of awkward, but he would take that over silence any day. She had excused herself to go to the loo, and he immediately followed her too. By the time he had caught up to her, she was outside the loo, and everyone in the pub was looking at them. At least that's what he felt.

"Hermione, did I do something wrong?" he asked with hesitation.

"No, why do you ask, Draco?" she asked, sounding quite angry.

"You do sound angry, Hermione. You know you can tell me if I have upset you, or something."

"You haven't upset me."

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