Twenty Four. Grudging about Grangie.

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"Harry, I absolutely disagree with you. I don't think the Aurors have the right to get mixed in the strategies created for the hospital. You guys can't get involved in every fucking thing," Hermione ranted from across the table.

Harry, Hermione, and Draco were having a small dinner at Grimmauld Place before they were to be joined by the rest of the gang. Currently, Hermione and Harry were having some intense argument about ministry policies, new laws, and most importantly, 'stupid Aurors'.

"Hermione, you are missing the whole point!" Harry replied with wild hand gestures.

"And what exactly is the point, my dear friend?" Hermione said with a blank face.

"Nothing! There's no point to this conversation!" Draco finally spoke up. "Can we please just eat and have nice, pleasant conversation?"

Harry and Hermione both looked at him as if they were just noticing he was sitting there and looked at him with a sheepish expression.

"Sorry, mate, this happens often with us," Harry replied.

"Well, in our defence, you could have joined the conversation," Hermione said.

"I didn't want to. Also, do not confuse this argument for a conversation," he replied biting into his burger. He noticed Hermione looking at him with narrowed eyes, but he just grinned in response.

"I hate you, Malfoy," she said.

"I love you too, Grangie!" he replied. Harry just laughed lightly but ate in silence once Draco shot him a look.

"So, what are you guys planning to do next weekend? We have a four day break!" Harry asked when they were clearing the dishes.

"I don't know, nothing much, I guess," Draco answered looking at Hermione with an uncertain look.

"What?" Harry asked noticing the look.

"What?" Draco asked pretending to be naïve.

"What was that look you just shot her?"

"Um, nothing, it's just something we talked about last night," he replied honestly. "So, yeah, we are not doing anything, at least not me."

"Neither am I, Harry," Hermione piped in.

"Alright," the boy hero said fixing his glasses, "we were planning a getaway to Shell Cottage soon and this weekend seems like the best time. Nothing's decided yet, but you guys should come."

"Sure, I would love to," Draco shrugged. "I have been wanting to visit ever since Vicky has bothered me with details about it."

"I might join too, although I can't make any promises. A friend of mine is coming over from Russia, so I want to spend some time with him," Hermione told Harry.

"Alright, that's okay I guess. Well, if your friend and you don't mind, you could always join us. It's going to be just us anyway."

"Um, sure, I will ask him," she replied hesitantly.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Nothing," she said shaking her head.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Harry, I am sure," she said in a tone that indicated that she was ending this discussion.

"Alright, Merlin woman, I am backing off!"


"That's alright, I am used to it," Harry grinned which earned him a smack on the head.

"So, we aren't going to France?" Draco asked not looking her in the eyes.

"No, Draco, I am really sorry. We will go some other time, I promise," she said apologetically. He just nodded in response.

Draco knew he shouldn't be upset, but he couldn't help it. He had been planning a vacation with Hermione since a month or more and the plan always got cancelled. Hermione had been busy with one thing or another, and Draco didn't like being persistent with her. He knew how important she was in the wizarding world, but he also wanted to tell her that their relationship should be important too. But he never gathered the courage to do it. This time though, he was just plain upset. He thought he should let her know, but didn't want to spoil her weekend plans at the same time.

"Draco, are you angry?" Hermione asked.

"No, not at all," he said with a forced smile.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Grangie, I am sure."

"Tell me if you are, alright?"

"Sure, I will do that."

"Thanks," she smiled.

"What friend of yours is visiting anyway?" he asked her.

"Um, do you know Vladimir, from the Russian Quidditch team?"

"Yes, of course I do. Oh, wait, didn't you date him for a while?"

"Yes, I did, although that was a long time ago and for a short period," she explained.

"Is he coming to visit you?"

"Not really, he is shooting for a commercial here."

"Oh, that's nice," he murmured.

"Draco, is there a problem?" she asked him with a worried look.

"No, not at all. It's just that if we couldn't go to France, you could at least come to Shell Cottage," he reasoned. "I don't mind you being with a friend, really, but I want to be with you. I want us to spend time together, time not spent in each other's beds or at the pub."

"Draco, I didn't know you wanted us to have a vacation this bad."

"Hermione, I do want you this bad. Can you blame me for it?"

"Draco, I am really sorry. I promise I will come to Shell Cottage, okay?" she said walking up to him and wrapping her arms around his waist. "Also, let's go to France soon. I will plan the whole thing."

"Sure, but no pressure," he replied.

"None at all," she smiled up at him. "I am sorry. Do you forgive me?"

"I forgave you the minute you smiled at me, Grangie!" he bent and kissed her forehead. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," she replied.

"So, will you be bringing that friend of yours?"

"I don't know, why?"

"I met him at a party once, not a fan."

"Um, why?"

"He is an arse," he replied.

"So are you, Draco."

"I was an arse, he is an arse. There's a difference," he explained.

"So what? You don't me to bring him?"

"I didn't say that, Grangie, but if you think so, then yes," he grinned down at her. She hit his arm a couple of times.

"Draco Malfoy, I hate you!" she laughed. "Let's see, okay?"

"Let's see what?"

"Whether I want to have fun seeing you all riled up over this guy or not!" she laughed running away from him.

"Grangie, you conniving little witch!" he said.

Damn that woman and her tricks, he thought running after her. And damn me.

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