Thirty. Feeling Good.

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Draco Malfoy had resolved to never give in to his mother's wishes. But here he was, stuck in one of the most inane conversations he had ever had with her. And what was more stupid than that was he had asked for it. He had gone ahead and told his mother that Hermione and he had talked about marriage. So in a way, he deserved it. 

"Draco, darling, you absolutely must think of having a wedding at our France mansion. I know it's Malfoy tradition to wed at the Manor, but we can let go of that." She had been talking about a wedding since the past twenty minutes. 

"Well, mother, it's also Malfoy tradition to marry purebloods, am I following that?" 

"Do you mean you'll marry at a church?" she asked with distaste. 

"No, mother, although they are beautiful, so I wouldn't mind. But if Hermione wants to have a wedding at the Burrow, I won't refuse." 

"Alright, I will talk to Hermione about it." 

"Mother, please, don't do any such thing. We have talked about marriage, not a wedding. Let's come to it when we get there, okay?" 

"I am only going to discuss it casually, Draco, don't act like a brat." 

"Mother, you and casual are poles apart when it comes to events, or anything else really." 

"I should have let your father be tougher on you," she sighed, denoting that she was being dramatic. 

"How could you? You love me so much," he smiled. 

"That I do. So, please, tell me, when do you intend on having a wedding?" 

"Still time for that." 

"How much time?" 

"A couple of years, maybe more. Hermione is a busy woman, you know." 

"I know, just the other day I met her for tea and she had already attended four meetings. It was ten thirty in the morning. That girl is going to exhaust herself, I tell you." 

If only you knew what she was doing the night before, Mother, you would be shocked she wasn't exhausted already. 

"Why are you smiling, Draco?" 

"Oh, nothing," he replied, trying to maintain a blank face, "I agree with you, she is a goner if she doesn't take care." 

"Why are you so positive and radiant?" 

"Oh, mother, you know me. I was raised by the most excellent set of cheerful, optimistic parents." 

"Keep blaming everything on us, it won't do you any good," she glared. 

"Alright, sorry. Anyway, I have to leave, I have a dinner meeting." 


"A friend of mine is here for the weekend and I haven't seen her for ages." 

"Alright, goodbye. I will see you Tuesday." 

"Tuesday? What's Tuesday?" 

"Meeting with some board members of Malfoy Industries." 

"Oh, for fuck's sake, no!" 


"Sorry, but those meetings have been painful since I was fourteen, I have every right to abuse." 

"Germany has spoiled you." 

"Sure, Mother, Germany did that. Goodbye, I will see you on fucking Tuesday." Draco apparated from the Manor and to his (no, theirs, he was still getting used to calling it theirs) flat to meet Hermione. He was not going to see her at night (she was on duty), so they had planned to meet before his dinner. 

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