Twenty. Attempts at T(S)exting.

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Just a warning: This chapter has suggestions of sex.

It had taken three dates for Draco Malfoy to get comfortable around Hermione Granger. And by comfortable, he meant not a fidgety awkward mess.

It had also taken three dates for them to get comfortable with texting each other constantly. There had not been one day in the past two weeks since their third date that Draco and Hermione didn’t talk to each other. Draco absolutely enjoyed this. He knew they were moving in a good direction.

As he sat for lunch in the college lunchroom, he checked his cell phone for the first time in the day. Hermione had been texting him since morning, but he had been unable to check the messages due to his busy schedule. Now, as he went through the texts, he almost choked on his food.

Looks like she is the dirtier one between the two of us, he thought. Hermione’s text were anything but friendly. She had been texting him suggestive things since morning. Not only that, she had been doing it using nerdy puns. All Draco knew was that he wanted to lock himself in a bathroom stall for a while. They weren’t that dirty, but dirty enough to get him, er, excited.

The next thing he knew, he was dialling Hermione’s number, hoping that he could ask her what was going on. She didn’t answer. Ugh, he thought, why can’t our schedules be in sync? It would make hearing her voice so much easier. Luckily, she sent him a text immediately.

‘I am in class. What’s up? I mean, besides the obvious!’ she had written.

‘Hey, sorry I haven’t been able to text you all day. Just went through your messages. Everything you want is up, Grangie, every fucking thing.
On a more serious note, how are you? I need to see you. It’s been fifteen days.’


‘I am good, just busy with a couple of S.P.E.W. events. What about you? Also, come over tonight?’

‘Grangie, are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?’

‘What am I suggesting, Draco?’

‘Nothing except the fact that if I come over tonight, you will…’

‘I will?’

‘You know, be a nice hostess, and treat me good.’

‘And how do I do that, Draco?’

‘Isn’t it obvious?’

‘No, not really.'

‘Oh, I thought everyone knows about it.’

‘Why don’t you just tell me?’

‘Oh Merlin, it’s the one thing you should do when you invite a bloke over.’

‘Don’t worry about that. It’s all covered, or not!’

Draco smirked.

‘Tsk tsk, Grangie, I was talking about dinner. What were you thinking?’

‘Something along the same lines, Draco.’

‘Really?’ In his head, he said the word ‘really’ like Hermione said it. He smiled at that thought.

‘Yes, really! Also, you are bringing dessert.’

‘Sure, sweet thing!’

‘Um, don’t call me that ever again. Unless you are teasing me in bed, alright?’

‘I have to get into your bed very soon then!’ OH FUCK.

‘Malfoy, I am glad that we are on the same page. I gotta go now. Bye! x.’

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