Seventeen. Doing the Deed.

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Draco Malfoy was pissed at Harry Potter. Was that a surprise? Not really, but this time he was angry at Harry as a friend and not a rival.

On Friday evening, Draco and Harry were at Harry's place, hanging out and discussing things going on their lives. When the conversation shifted to women, Harry badgered him to ask Hermione out soon. More than badgered, he threatened him. It was pure torture. At the end of the night, Harry had made him promise that he would ask Hermione out or tell her about his crush on her. And knowing Harry and his huge mouth, Draco knew it would lead to trouble.

Now, it was Sunday, and they were all assembled at the Burrow for brunch. Hermione was yet to come so Harry was being pretty vocal about the fact that Draco was planning to ask Hermione out on a date. Needless to say, the Weasley siblings didn't spare him until the Hermione Granger walked in to the Burrow.

And walked, she did. Hermione was wearing a pink strappy sundress with knee high boots. MERLIN. Draco did not realize he was staring until Harry elbowed him in the chest. He shot the war hero and now close friend a sharp look, asking him what the problem was. Harry just smirked and greeted Hermione with an extremely abnormal level of enthusiasm.

"Hello, guys, sorry for being late, I was just caught up with something," she said with a large smile. Draco hoped that something wasn't a someone. If she was dating someone, he would be happy for her, but not so much that he wouldn't hate the lucky bloke.

"You sure look like you were busy with something," George said with a smirk. Hermione just shook her head and laughed. Come on, woman, give us an explanation, Draco thought.

"Hey," he muttered, even though Hermione couldn't hear him because of all the noise around them. Maybe she did, because the next he knew, she slid on to the couch between Harry and him. OH MERLIN. If she sat here any longer, and if her dress rode up any further, Draco knew he would be spending the entire day taking cold showers.

"Hey, Draco," she said looking up at him. He noticed that she was wearing shiny lip gloss and the next thought that entered his mind was not very decent. Merlin, how am I supposed to ask her out when she looks like this, he thought. He had slipped into his old Quidditch jersey before heading to the Burrow. If there was one thing that boosted Draco's confidence was a pair of good clothes covering his body. How was he supposed to even think of asking her out? He was sure Hermione wasn't a woman who judged someone by their clothes, but still. It was important to him. God fuck my vanity issues, he cursed in his mind.

"Draco?" she asked again.

"Oh, hey, hi!" he said.

"How have you been?"

"Good, what about you? How's that research going?" he asked. He really wanted to know about her current research after reading it about in a medical journal.

"It's going great! I wanted to tell you all about it, but I went away for the week, hence I couldn't."

"Oh, I didn't know you were away."

"I only had time to let Harry and Ginny know I was leaving. I went out of the country to visit a friend," she said beaming. Must have been one hell of a friend, he thought.

"Good for you, Grangie. How was the vacation?" he asked.

"It was spectacular. I just came back this morning," she replied. "I am exhausted and the only cure for it is Molly's food."

"Well, you certainly don't look exhausted," he said looking her up and down.


"Sorry, that was weird. I am extremely sorry for that," he said and looked away. She just laughed and turned to talk to Harry. Pretty sure she felt creeped out, he thought, I would too.

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