Twenty One. Coming Out with Hermione Granger.

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It was Sunday and Draco found himself at the Burrow once again. As much as he denied it, this had already become a routine. Not like he was complaining, because Draco Malfoy loved spending time at the Burrow, especially when Molly baked her special carrot cake.

But today was different, very different. Upon entering the Burrow, Draco found out that Molly had also invited Narcissa for brunch. Apparently, they had become friends when they had met at Andromeda's house for a dinner party. In his opinion, this was the most absurd friendship, even more absurd than Luna and his friendship.

"Hello mother," he greeted her when he saw Narcissa standing in the kitchen. "Can't say I am not shocked."

"Good morning, my little dragon," Narcissa said hugging him.

"Mother, please, not here," he blushed.

"But they are all friends, Draco!" she said with a smile on her face.

"Yes, exactly why you shouldn't call me such names, Mother."

"Alright, my darling, I won't," she smirked, making Draco groan internally. "How have you been doing? I haven't seen you in so long!"

"I saw you last week for lunch, Mother."

"Exactly, too long to see my only child."

"Sorry, I can't handle talking about marriage and heirs more than once a week, Mother," he smirked.

"Well, ask Molly if she didn't pester her children for grandkids," she said and pointed at Molly.

"I am sure she didn't because she was too busy with war," he said. "And also the fact that Bill was at the age where he could have children. I am only 22 for Christ's sake, Mother."

"Molly, please help me out here!" Narcissa said looking at her.

"Draco, darling," Molly started with a smile, "you could at least try finding yourself someone you love. I am sure Narcissa would be happy with that too."

"Yes, I would, very much," his mother agreed.

"Mother, Molly said to find one for myself, not set me up with random witches. Also, I am happy with-"

"Happy with?" Narcissa asked pointedly.

"Happy with, er, being single," he lied miserably.

"Darling, are you hiding something from me?" she asked.

"Mother, we will talk about this later. I beg of you, please," he said and walked away from the kitchen. Behind him, he could Narcissa complaining to Molly and the other woman agreeing on how children are terrible listeners.

Draco hurried to Ginny's bedroom upstairs, where everyone else was already settled. Thankfully, that included Hermione too.

"Hey," he greeted the lot.

"Hey, Draco, where have you been?" Harry asked him.

"My mother is downstairs," he replied as if that was explanation enough. Most of them did understand what he was talking about. "And she was talking about heirs, again."

"Well, she can't bother you anymore since you are with Hermione," Ginny grinned. "Or maybe she will pester you both."

"That's the problem, I haven't told her about us yet," he said.

"What?" Hermione asked. "I thought you told her last week!"

"Well, I couldn't. I am terrified that she will start planning our wedding or worse, go to the Prophet to spill our story."

"She won't, she has no friends there anymore," Hermione said with a smirk.

"Well, my mother knows how to make new friends."

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