One. Greetings in Berlin.

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So I started working on a new story, sue me. I think I am going to write this for the #JustWriteIt thing for June. I hope you like this. Dramione is OTP! :)

To say that Germany was the best place Draco Malfoy would be kind of an understatement. The young Malfoy heir had been living in Berlin since completing his seventh year at Hogwarts. The decision to move to a place which was not located in England or France (the Malfoys were huge fans of France) had been difficult for him but he had been easily encouraged by the notion of starting afresh. A life without hatred, grudges, prejudices, and most of all, a life away from his smothering mother. Ever since his father died in the war, Narcissa Malfoy had been an overly and unnecessarily protective mother (Draco would never admit this aloud but this was the most important reason for his decision to relocate). Thus, when he reached Germany, visiting it for the first time in his life, Draco Malfoy was joyous. The beautiful country was the cherry on top.

Here he was, walking down the streets of Berlin, looking more handsome than ever, heading towards the city library. He had just left from his counselling lecture at his Muggle university (he attended classes in both Muggle and wizarding universities) and needed to go to the library to refer to some assignment they had been assigned in the class. Being a nerd, he tended to be at libraries very much. Therefore, Draco Malfoy still retained his pale complexion, never one to lose an opportunity to settle in a nice corner of a library.
Draco entered the Berlin library with a purpose. The lady at the counter gave him a smile which he replied with a polite hello. He headed to the psychology section, hoping to get at least finish a third of his assignment. He soon immersed himself in book titles, summaries, indexes and footnotes. He settled on the floor with a huge pile of huge books.

"Excuse me, do you know where the German literature section is?" a female voice asked.

He didn't bother looking up from the book he was engrossed in and replied, "First floor, fourth to seventh rows on the right."

"Thanks a lot."

He hummed in response, not realizing that the person had walked away. He continued reading the book, which did not even mention his assignment topic and instead talked about a very different and interesting topic. Draco was already considering it for his thesis. Therefore, he continued reading the book on child counselling, getting more engrossed in the topic with every passing minute. That was until another person joined him in the section. He had to move around a bit to allow space for the person to move in. Luckily for him, the other person was tiny and quiet, not disturbing his reading trance at all.

"Excuse me, can you recommend me some books on counselling? I see that you have got a huge pile of books pertaining to it in your pile," the person said. Merlin, that voice sounded so familiar.

"Um, what kind of books are you looking for?" he replied without looking back. Why did people always come to him for help in the library? He was sure as hell he did not look very inviting and pleasant to talk to. If only Draco Malfoy had looked up, he must have had realized how absolutely, ridiculously small the world was. Not to forget sadistic.

"I am mainly looking for books on, um, memory loss."

"Alright," he said standing up and turning to look at the person. "MERLIN, Granger, what are you doing here?" he almost squealed. Almost.

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