Three. Happenings in Diagon Alley.

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Draco Malfoy was exiting from Gringotts after finishing all the pending work he had left behind when he left for Germany. He had been in the Malfoy vault for two hours with two overenthusiastic goblins who thought he needed to check every Knut in the vault. The goblins might have been the only ones in England who still liked the Malfoys or maybe it was the money. Yup, definitely the money, he thought. Fortunately, Blaise had sent him a Patronus, demanding his presence at the Leaky Cauldron for lunch, and Draco was able to escape.

He walked to the pub with his head bent down, lest he catches some scowls thrown at him. He entered the pub and spotted Blaise seated at a corner booth along with Pansy, Theo and Daphne Greengrass.

"Hey, young Mr. Malfoy is back!" Blaise shouted drawing attention from all those who were present in the pub. Draco swore softly at him and settled next to Pansy. He was sure Blaise had planned that announcement.

"Blaise, must you always do this to me?" he asked sipping on his pre-ordered Firewhiskey. Thank Merlin for friends who drink at lunch on a weekday!

"Draco, you must be happy I did this at the pub. I was planning to do it right in front of the Prophet office. Moreover, this is just a small act of revenge for that prank. Harmless, as opposed to the one you played on me," his best friend said smirking.

"Thank you, Blaise," he said sarcastically. He looked around at his other friends. "How have all of you been?"

"I don't know about the rest, but my life is divine, how about yours? Germany treated you well?" Theo said.

"Germany was brilliant, but I am glad to be back. I missed this gloomy weather."

"Trust a bloody Malfoy to dislike the sun," Pansy laughed. "How was your trip?"

"Oh, Merlin, the flight was fucking brilliant. A bit scary at first, just like a broomstick, but the feeling! I was laughing like a maniac throughout the journey!" he replied. Pansy had suggested him to try flying to London in an aeroplane. He had always wanted to try to it, but he always, always backed off in fear.

"I thought as much," she smiled. "So, tell us all about Germany. How were the chicks?"

"Shut up, Pansy, you know I hardly saw anyone. How have you people been? How is university, Theo?"

"It is fantastic; I learn so many new things every day. The Muggle bit is even more extraordinary. I fucking love studying history."

"Well, we all know that. You were literally the only one who stayed awake in Binns' classes," Draco replied. "I have to agree with you about the Muggles. Their world is so bloody fascinating."

"Not even a Muggle girl, Draco?" Blaise asked.

Bloody bastards.

"Only twice, I told you about them, but, please don't talk about girls. My mother is enough torture. How about you, Daphne? I am sorry for losing touch," he asked his once good friend.

"That's alright, Draco, I have hardly kept in touch with anyone from school as well. I am learning art in a Muggle school and usually keep away from the wizarding community. I only came because Pansy insisted so much."

"Why? Do you not like us poor wizards anymore?" he joked.

"Nothing like that, Draco. I stayed in Muggle London for a month and found it so peaceful that I decided to move away for good. I like it much more there."

Draco wasn't surprised. Daphne had been the most accepting Slytherin and when the war came, she had shown true courage in fighting against the dark side without hesitation. He just wished he had been more like her in accepting things without being influenced by his fucked up family.

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