Twenty Three. Silly Dancing with Her.

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Draco and Hermione were fully prepared for the press at Narcissa's party, but the press was definitely not prepared for them.

When the couple entered the Malfoy estate hand in hand, the press pounced on them with a million questions and cameras. While they smiled for the cameras, never leaving each other's side, the press continued asking them questions which Draco tactfully avoided.

"So, Miss Granger, what are you and Mr. Malfoy now?" a reporter asked.

"I guess you could call him my boyfriend," Hermione replied with a stunning smile.

More questions, which now even Hermione ignored.

"Smart move, Grangie," Draco whispered in her ear.

"I know how to deal with the press, Draco. Learnt from the best," she grinned.

"Please, I don't think anyone deals with them more than you do. Also, why don't you go and pose separately for the cameras? I think they have been dying to get a picture of your gown."

"Alright, but don't go too far away," she said kissing his cheek. He moved a few feet away, grabbed champagne for the both of them, and waited for her. She was giving a short interview to a reporter while others took pictures of her. She looked gorgeous, dressed in a shimmering navy blue gown, smiling her huge smile while talking to them.

Merlin, what did I do to deserve this beauty, he thought to herself.

"Well, for one, you got rid of your soddy personality," said a voice beside him. He turned and saw Harry standing next to him with a girl on his arm.

"Harry! I thought you weren't coming!" he said and gave his friend a pat on the back.

"Yes, I wasn't, but then my work trip got cancelled and Narcissa got to know of it. I saw your entrance, glad you are finally out as a couple," Harry said. "Also, this is Mel, she is a friend of mine from across the lake."

"Hello, Mel, I am Draco Malfoy," he said and shook hands with the girl.

"Nice to meet you, Draco. This is a nice party, I must say, even though it's unlike every party I attend!" she smiled.

"Thanks, but not my party either! I am glad you like it though," he replied politely.

The three of them made small talk while they were waiting for Hermione to join them. Draco found out that Mel was not dating Harry, but was just a friend visiting him. If you asked Draco, the two looked nice together and obviously had a good chemistry. However, it was Harry, and he never dated anyone he was friends with.

Out of the corner of his eye, Draco noticed Hermione walking towards them. Finally, he thought. One would think the press would never let her go.

"Hi Harry and MEL!" Hermione almost yelled. She jumped with excitement and enveloped the American in a tight hug.

"How do they know each other?" Draco asked Harry.

"We met Mel on our trip to U.S.A. Don't worry, their hugs usually last this long," he grinned.

"Shall we join the party?" Draco asked the two girls.

"Yes, please!" Hermione smiled separating from the hug. Draco took her hand and sought his mother amidst the crowd. He noticed that many old faces had disappeared, probably because Narcissa had cut ties off with all the Voldemort supporters they knew. He finally found her talking to a man by the dance floor, sipping on a glass of her favourite wine.

"Hello, mother," he greeted her with a kiss on her cheeks.

"Thank you so much for coming, my darling!" she said taking his hand in hers. She hugged Hermione, whispering something that made Hermione laugh.

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