Twenty Eight. Teasing Grangie.

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Draco was sitting at his usual desk at the university library, contemplating on a lot of things apart from the three assignments he had to submit in the coming few weeks. What he was also doing was listing down everything he really, really wanted in life. There were only four things: 

1. Mom to hand me my share of the library. 
2. Take Teddy to Disneyland, while ensuring he doesn't change his colour every two seconds. 
3. Resign from Malfoy Industries as anything except advisor. Impossible, but could at least make an attempt. 
4. Grangie to be my wife. 

The last one had been on his mind since forever, but he had only gathered the courage to write it down on paper now. He loved Grangie, he was sure he wanted to be with her the rest of their lives. He also knew that she loved him, but was not going to listen to anything related to marriage until she accomplished all her dreams. Or before the age of 25, and that was two years away. Apart from those, the second would be very easy to do, except that he had to make Teddy understand about controlling his Metamorphmagus habits in the Muggle world. And as for the first and third one, well, they would just have to take a lot of emotional drama in front of his mother. But the fourth one, fuck. That was going to be one landmine to tackle. 

Right before he left, he called Harry to see if he was free for a round of beer at the Muggle pub near his university. 

"Hey," his friend answered after a couple of rings. 

"Potter, are you free for beer?" 

"Um, no, but you are kind of expected at the Burrow in the next hour." 


"It's Arthur's birthday tomorrow." 

"I remember, I thought we were celebrating tomorrow." As far as Draco remembered, the big Weasley party was tomorrow, not today. 

"We are, but we sent Arthur and Molly out for the night so we can prep for tomorrow. Well, we wanted to have a party as well, but screw that. So, half an hour?" 

"Sure, I just have to go home first and feed the cats. I am guessing Hermione is already there." 

"Yes, and so are your cats." 

"Oh, alright. So, I will be there in fifteen minutes." 

"See you then," his friend said and hung up. 

Draco exited the library, walking towards the apparition point located in the university. He noticed a couple there, holding hands one second, vanishing the next. Thank Merlin his university had this privilege. As much as he loved driving, he was not up for the long drive to the Burrow after long days at the university. 

As soon as he apparated outside the Burrow, Draco knew he was in for a night. Fred and Billy were outside lighting some fireworks, while loud music played inside. 

"Hey, Malfoy!" Bill shouted, his tone indicating that he already had a few beers in his system. 

"Hello, Bill," he said walking in their direction. 

"Have a whiskey, Malfoy," was Fred's form of greeting. He threw a bottle at Draco. 

"Thanks, mate." 

"Do you want to light some fireworks with us?" 

"Why not?" 

In the next half an hour, Draco and the two Weasleys burst various assortments of WWW firecrackers, while Draco also managed to down an entire bottle of whiskey. 

"Merlin, you twins know how to amuse people!" he exclaimed when he saw a firecracker splitting into twenty dragons. 

"Thank you, thank you," Fred bowed in front of an imaginary audience. 

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