Twenty Six. Never-Ending Drama.

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If you ask Draco Malfoy, it had been a wonderful month

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If you ask Draco Malfoy, it had been a wonderful month. His girlfriend had agreed to move in with him, he had scored an internship at a Muggle hospital, and he had finished all his assignments two weeks before he had to submit them. 

Currently sitting in the canteen at his new workplace, Draco sat down with a notebook, and noted down all the important things he had learnt today. Yes, he was supposed to be at Ginny's house for a party in the next ten minutes, but he had his priorities right. He didn't want to miss out on today's sessions and everything that his seniors had taught him. But like he had predicted, Harry called him. 

"Hey, mate, are you there yet?" he asked Harry in a casual tone. 

"Yes, but where the hell are you?" 

"I am, er, just leaving from the hospital. I am sorry, I got caught up with some work." 

"You are an intern, Malfoy, I think you have the privilege of leaving early on Friday nights." 

"I am sorry, I should be there in another half an hour." 

"Ten minutes." 

"Can't, I got my car along." 

"You've got to be the only wizard who uses cars on a regular basis," his friend groaned. 

"I love cars, alright? Also, is Hermione already there?" 

"No, I thought you were coming together." 

"Oh, fuck. Shit, bye, Harry, I will see you at the party," he hung up and immediately dialled Hermione's number. 

"Hey, Draco!" she sang. 

"Hey, love? Where are you?" 

"Still at Mungo's, why?" 

"Oh, thank Merlin. Alright, I will come pick you up in fifteen minutes, okay?" 

"Oh, no, that's okay. I think I will apparate to Ginny's. See you there?" 

"Oh, alright. That sounds good. I shall see you then, okay?" 


"Bye, love you," he said before plopping his phone on the table. He packed up his belongings, dumping everything in his satchel without looking, and rushed out of the hospital as soon as he could. He didn't want to be late today. Why? Because he had been doing this with his friends since the past two weeks and he knew it was upsetting. He could see it in Harry's behaviour the last time they had met at the pub. He drove to Ginny's place as fast as he could, a distance which was half an hour away, but he managed reaching in 14 minutes. He ran up the stairs to her flat and was met with amazed looks. 

"You apparated?" Harry asked him as he settled on the couch. 

"No, I told you I had the car." 

"You drove like a maniac?" his friend asked. 

"Yes, and I enjoyed every minute of it." 

"I am glad I didn't walk tonight." 

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