Five. Run-ins at the library.

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Draco Malfoy lived by four rules in his life: 

1. When in doubt, go to the library.

2. Do not fake a date to avoid Narcissa Malfoy (this will only make her more annoying).

3. Do not drunk call Blaise Zabini and tell him your deepest secrets or say things such as you love him more than Quidditch.

4. Always, always avoid people at the library. They are fucking mental.

In the three weeks that he had been in London, Draco had broken three out four of these rules. (The first rule could never be broken because Draco was a huge nerd and was always at one library or the other.)
First, after his dinner with Potter, they had gone to the Leaky Cauldron, got pissed, resulting in Draco calling his best friend and saying, "Oh, you sweet Italian bastard, I want to hug you so tight. I love you so fucking much!" (Zabini's words)

The following weekend, Narcissa Malfoy had invited him to stay at the Manor and he said ( and this he remembered very clearly), "Oh, I am sorry, Mother, I am busy."

"Busy with what, darling? You don't even have classes until next week."

"Um, mother, I-I have a date." This had resulted in endless questioning on her end and endless lies on his.

The same weekend, he went to a library in wizarding London, hoping to catch up on some studying before his university started, but only to be bothered by teenagers making out in the aisles or loud little brats from the children's section. One would think that being wizards they would put silencing charms over that section, but, oh no, patrons apparently loved listening to the 'melodious laughter of the little angels.'

Angels, my arse, more like screeching banshees. Little cunts.

Apart from all of these disturbances, there were also a lot of young schoolgirls hovering around him in the healing section, bothering him with silly questions (which he was polite enough to reply unlike his Hogwarts days), and then giggling. Little chits. Only Merlin could save him now. Thus, to avoid every annoying kid and schoolgirl, he went to a section where he knew nobody would use (not even for making out) - Runes. He walked down to the underground section of the library, entering an aisle away from stray couples loitering (more like desecrating the place) around.

"Merlin! Fuck! They produce such fucking idiots these days! Don't they know what a library is?" he said out loud once inside the aisle.

"Shhh," a voice whispered from the neighbouring aisle.

"Oh, sorry, I was just venting out," he said peeping through an empty space between some books. A girl was sitting on the floor with a huge tome settled on her lap. Wait, he knew that brown hair.

"GRANGER?!" he blurted.

"Sh-oh, hey, Draco, fancy seeing you here, I didn't know you were a fan of Runes," she looked up smiling.

"Oh, not much, really, I was escaping those monster kids upstairs." He entered the aisle she was occupying and sat on the floor opposite her. "I thought no one would be around, but I forgot about little Miss Granger, smartest witch of our age."

"Hardy har har, Draco, I suggest you stop the teasing."

"Alright, um, Hermione, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, you know, translating some Runes. I am working on a project on witches in 8th century England."

"Why did I even ask? However, honestly, that sounds interesting. I would love to read your paper once you are done."

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