Thirty One. Beginning.

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This is how Draco Malfoy wanted his day to begin: wake up, make breakfast for Hermione and himself, go to university, come back home, and spend the night with her. 

Instead, this is how it went: woke up groggy-eyed, find out that he was sleeping with Harry Potter (who was not wearing much on his body), and then rush to the bathroom to throw up. 

"Potter," he mumbled after a shower. No response, not even a stir. "POTTER." 

"Huh? What? Who?" the Boy Who Lived opened his eyes. 

"Hey, here, mate," he waved sillily. 

"Fuck, what did we do last night?" 

"We drank a lot, that's what we did. But what I don't understand is where Hermione disappeared." 


"What, Potter?" 

"I think she went with Pansy." 

"Oh, that's good, right?" 

"No, because Pansy was headed to a Muggle nightclub." 

"Wait, how did they go from the Leaky to a Muggle nightclub?" he asked confusedly. 

"Well, if you remember, we were all engaged in drinking games, and someone had some good news to deliver, and then turned into a massive celebration all over Diagon Alley."

"Fuck, someone should ban us." 

"Yes, now are you done with your shower? I think I might want to throw up some of last night's dinner." 

"Please, do your thing, Potter." Draco dressed up for the day, with an intention to attend at least a couple lectures, but his headache was indicating otherwise. He picked up his phone, wanting to check on his missing girlfriend. 

'Hey, Grangie, I woke up next to Potter this morning. Please tell me you haven't been brewing Polyjuice again.' 

He wasn't expecting a reply anytime soon, so he busied himself with preparing breakfast for Harry and him, along with the strongest hangover potion he had brewed. The two finished eating and were soon out for their day. Only when he was entering the university canteen did he receive a response from Hermione. 

'Hi, I woke up only a while ago. Let's meet.' He called her. 

"Hi," she picked up at first ring. 

"Hello, love, splendid morning, isn't it?" he asked with a grin. 

"Yes, how are you feeling?" 

"I have never been a fan of sunlight, but it's particularly annoying today. What about you?" 

"Well, I didn't drink a lot, so good on that front. But I did dance a lot, so my legs are killing me." 

"Are you telling me I missed a night of sexy, drunk dancing with you? Which could have been followed by more sexy stuff?" 

"Yup!" He could hear the grin in her voice. "Anyway, let's meet." 

"I am at the university." 

"I could come there," she offered. 

"That's amazing, how long till I see your face?" 

"I am apparating, so ten minutes?" 

"Cannot wait, love," he smiled and hung up. Exiting from the library, he walked to the lawn spot they always hung out at. He was glad Hermione had called when she did. He didn't want to read and worsen his headache. His girlfriend showed up a little later, looking like she hadn't been dancing and drinking last night. 

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