Nine. Being with Grangie.

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Draco was sitting in one of his favourite classes, and yet he wanted it to end quickly. He had been like this since morning, fidgety and distracted. He had figured out very early in the day that the reason for this distraction was Hermione Granger. It had been more than a week since he had gone over to the Burrow and suggested to show her around the university. He hadn't seen or heard from her after that, giving up all hope on her accepting his offer. But, surprisingly, she had sent him an owl last night, asking if he could kindly bless her with his pleasant company (her words). He might have jumped and squealed when he read her letter. And just five minutes ago, she had texted him saying that she was waiting outside his college building, and he didn't know how he was going to survive the next seven minutes in class. By the end, he was so eager that he dashed out of the classroom without saying goodbye to his professor and classmates. He made a mental note to apologize or explain his behaviour the next time he saw them. He ran down the stairs, slowing down only when he reached the entrance door. He didn't want Hermione to know how much he liked her. He spotted her outside the doors, dressed in a casual white dress, talking to someone on her phone. She looked up at him and hung up as he walked up to her.

"Hey, Grangie," he said smiling.

"Why do you look so flushed?" she asked him.

"Um, I am, I am a bit cold," he said. Shit.

"I know England is a cold place, but it is September, don't be ridiculous. Tell me what happened, did your teacher teach an extremely important topic?" she grinned.

"Oh, yes, I cannot wait to tell you all about my classes," he said. "Do you want to eat first? I am a bit hungry."

"Sure, whatever you want," she said. They walked to a small restaurant nearby, occupying a table near a window facing the street.

"How are you? I thought you were going to ditch me," he told her while she examined the menu. She was adorable when she was being decisive.

"Oh, I completely forgot about it, I was so busy with classes and work. I am sorry," she pouted looking at him.

"It's alright," he said waving his hand as though he had not thought about it every minute. "I am glad you came after all."

"You thought I was going to bail on you, Malfoy?" she fake gasped and then laughed loudly.

"You are crazy, Grangie," he said signalling for the waiter to take their order. Both of them placed their order and sat in comfortable silence after that. He looked at her, taking in her presence, aware of the fact that she was aware of him staring/acting like a creep.

"How are your courses?" she asked turning to look at him. He cleared his throat and pretended he had not been looking at her all this while.

"Oh, it is great, I am learning so much. And some of my professors are just fucking brilliant. You should come for some of my lectures, they might just help you with your healer training," he explained enthusiastically.

"That's wonderful, I am glad you are enjoying it. I might just join you one day," she replied. "What about your classmates? Did you make any new friends? Perhaps even a girlfriend, yeah?" she smirked. He knew she was just pulling his leg but he still hated that question.

"No, I did not get a new girlfriend. I did, however, make a few friends. They are all from different majors, though," he said sipping on his wine. "What about you? Do you have a new boyfriend? Is it an Italian this time? Or a Russian again?"

"Shut up, you arse, I don't have a new boyfriend. If I did, you would have read about it by now," she said avoiding his eyes.

"Something tells me you have hidden your boyfriends from the press before," he coaxed her into telling him whatever she was hiding.

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