Chapter Seventeen

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I lay awake in bed; I couldn't fall asleep. I lay thinking about how the games would go, what I would have to do to survive. I had nobody to protect me, the twins denied and Alok left for Adira. I felt helpless.

There was a soft knock on the door. It opened slightly and two heads popped in, Sandor and Saxon. "Keegan? Are you awake?" they asked. I flicked the light on and they hurried in, quietly shutting the door behind them.

"How did you guys get in here?" I asked them. "We have our ways," they laughed. I looked at them, they looked tired, as if they hadn't slept for a while, just like me.

"We couldn't sleep?" they said. "Me neither, come on hop in," I said and pulled up the blanket. They both ran over and jumped in. They put their head against me and closed their eyes.

"It'll be alright I said, the games will be fine," I said moving the hair from their eyes. They didn't move, they were already asleep. I leaned back against my headboard and dozed off.


My eyes shot open as I peered around my room. The twins were gone; they must have left earlier to get back to their room on time.

I'm still not sure why they mean so much to me, but they matter. I don't want anything to hurt them, they are still young, 15.

I stood up from bed and put suit that laid in the corner of the room. I slipped it on, and headed out the door for breakfast.

Everyone sat at the table eating their Capitol food. Talon smiled as I walked up to the table, and handed me a plate. "Thanks, I am starving," I said. I grabbed some food and started stuffing my face. This would probably be the last time I ever eat Capitol food; the last time I have a real breakfast.

All too soon, Or came up and told me it was time to go, I wasn't ready. I said my goodbyes to Dulbe and Hurgest and headed for the air craft. Within what felt like seconds but was probably minutes, we were in the small waiting rooms with our makeup artist.

Or stood next to me giving me words of advice. I know I should be have been listening but I was too scared. The announcer said it was time to go.

I hugged Or, I didn't ever want to let him go. "There is always another way out of these games, winning isn't the only option," he whispered in my ear. I looked at him confused, what does he mean there is another way?

The announcer went off again, this time I really had to get in the tube. I walked into the tube and looked back at Or, who solemnly looked back at me. I gave a wave and he waved back.

All of a sudden the tube started to move up. The games were actually starting. And I was in them.

The tube came to a stop and I looked around. I was in a forest, alone not a person to be seen. The announcer counted down, and finally he gave the signal we could leave our platforms.

I took a step down and slowly moved around, seeing if anyone was near. No one. I began to run away from the tube, I needed to get to cornucopia to get a mace and supplies.

I ran in the only direction I thought it would be in. I dodged trees and ran straight through bushes. The wind made my hair fly back as if I was a model.

It reminded me of when I escaped District 12. How I was running for my life, I was running from peacekeepers that could kill me, now I am running from tributes that could kill me.

A glimpse of metal shone through the bushes. There it was, the cornucopia with all the supplies. Nobody was there yet either, perfect.

I ran even harder. The cornucopia was right in the middle of a field. It was open to the wide eye; anyone could be awaiting a prey. I had to be very careful.

I took a second to get my breath back before continuing to the supplies. I hid behind a tree and waited to see if anyone was nearby, nobody was.

I started to sprint to the cornucopia. I was half way there, with a grin across my face. I was going to survive these games if I got these supplies, I thought to myself.

Suddenly something smashed into my side and I fell to the ground. I lay on my back looking up at the sky. The tribute jumped on my stomach with a knife in their hands. My vision cleared and I saw who it was, Adira.

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