Chapter Eighteen

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Adira looked down at me, grinning like a maniac. I tried to squirm out of her reach but she was too strong.

"Let me go Adira!" I yelled in her face. She didn't flinch a muscle, "No, this is payback."

What does she mean payback? Is it because I jumped on her in training and embarrassed her?

"For what?" I demanded. She shook her head as If I was some stupid kid answering an easy question correctly.

"You tried to kill me in training, now I am going to kill you here," she said as her grin grew wider. It had just clicked in my mind; I was going to die. I gave one last burst of energy to escape, I punched her right in the stomach. She bent over a little in pain.

I moved away from under her and began running. I could hear her running after me. She stomped harder and harder as she got closer. I need to hurry, I thought to myself.

Then once again something slammed into my back, only this time it burned. I fell on my stomach and peered back at my back, a knife laid in it. I looked horrified at it, I wanted to scream but nothing came out.

Adira came over with another knife in her hand. She lifted it high into the sky, she was going to slam down on my skull, I thought. "Goodbye Keegan," she whispered.

I closed my eyes, I couldn't watch. Then out of nowhere a thump and a groan came from next to me. I opened my eyes, Adira lay on the ground. Sandor and Saxon holding her down and giving a few punches to the face. "Leave Keegan alone!" they screamed.

In front of me stood Alok. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Once I was in his grasp, he turned towards the twins. "That's enough you two, let her live," he said. I turned my head to face him, "Are you out of your mind? She just tried to kill me!"

Alok shrugged, "Maybe she wouldn't have, we don't know." My face went red; how could he say that? Does he still like her even after this?

"Go put her in the bush over there, she is unconscious, she won't remember," he said to the boys. They lifted the girl up and ran her over to a bush, not being careful they dropped her in.

"Let's get some supplies and go," Sandor said. We all scurried over to the cornucopia and began taking things that we may or may not need. We each took two backpacks, a preferred weapon and a bunch of other objects that may be useful later on.

We began moving away from the field, no one could be seen. We walked through bushes and trees, still unsure exactly where we were going. We walked for hours, the whole time all we did was complain.

Then finally as if it was a miracle, I could hear water. I could not move very well because of the knife in my back but we did speed up. We had to go over a hill and on the other side was a river and a cave. Perfect.

We may have finally found a place that we can survive in, I thought to myself. Well it was perfect until a tribute carrying a knife came out of the cave. He came running at us, this was his cave.

"Get him!" Alok yelled. Everyone moved forward holding their weapons in hand. Someone was going to die here.

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