Chapter Twenty Seven

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I sat up against the wall talking to Adira, each morning we would sit down and tell a story about our past. It helped us bond as tributes after everything we went through.

"We're heading out, maybe we can track down Tadeo," Alok said to us. I sighed, "I really don't see why you guys get to go out while we sit here."

"It's for your own safety, we don't want anything to happen to you girls," Ryker responded. Tadeo was the boy that raped me. We hadn't seen him in a week, my guess was he was dying somewhere in the woods.

The boys left and as usual it was just me and Adira. I enjoyed Adira's company, I just wish I could be out there with the boys. I am sure she felt the same way. Though from time to time I wake up in the night terrified that Adira will be trying to kill me once again.

I turned to face Adira so I could tell her the story of my first boyfriend, but a wave a sickness came over me. I stood up and ran behind a rock where I started puking up the fish I had for dinner last night.

Adira rushed over to my side and patted my back. My vomiting didn't stop, it kept flowing out of my body until I practically felt empty inside. My throat was burning and I was certain that some chunks came out of my nose.

Her eyes filled with tears as she ran to the other side of the cave and sat back down. I looked at her confused, why was she crying? She wasn't the one who puked up everything they just ate.

"Umm... What's wrong with you?" I asked hovering above her. She wiped away the snot dripping down her face, "Why would you be puking?" she asked.

I shrugged, "Maybe it was the fish we had last night. I don't know." She shook her head and continued crying into her palms. I walked away still dazed, teenage hormones just what I needed right now. Great.

"You are pregnant!" she screamed at me. I spun around faster then a spinning top. My eyes opened wider then ever before, "Excuse me?" I snarled. There was not a chance I was pregnant; I would know if I was.

"You are pregnant," she said quieter this time. "No that couldn't be. I didn't mean to," I said under my breath. I paced trying to think this over as all the information started coming back to me.

"Who was it?" she snapped. I looked at her making complete eye contact, "I'm not even sure I am pregnant so how would I know who it is."

A small beeping noise came from outside the cave. Adira ran out to see what it was, a sponsor gift. "Look someone was generous enough to send you a pregnancy test," she chuckled.

I snatched it from her hands and walked away to pee on it. I prayed that I wasn't pregnant, I was still in these games for another eleven and a half months. How would my child survive? How would I survive? Minutes later the results were in, two lines. I was officially pregnant.

I broke down on the ground in a small ball rolling my tears. Adira walked over to me and just stood there shaking her head in disgust, yet there was sympathy in her eyes.

"Who is the father?" she asked once again. "I don't know," I quietly whispered between my loud sobs.

"What do you mean you don't know who it is? How many people did you sleep with Keegan?" she yelled in my face.

I sighed trying to regain my confidence, "Before the games started I was with my boyfriend Jake, we slept together the last day before I was sent here. A week into the games I hooked up with Ryker. A few days later with Alok after he apologized and admitted he wanted to be with me. And then that Tadeo tribute raped me."

Adira stood there mortified, I don't think she imagined how many guys it would actually be. "Who do you want the father to be?" she asked more sympathetically this time around.

I looked at the ground drawing in the sand a small child, "Not Jake or Tadeo. I would love for it to be Alok's but Ryker would be alright I guess as well. If it was him they would have good genetics. But honestly I don't think anyone of them is ready to be a father, and I don't want to force that on any of them."

"I need to get some rest; can I be alone for a while?" I asked Adira. She nodded, "Yes, I think you have some things to think over. Either way Keegan, this is still your child and you need to tell them."

I fell asleep but was awoken when I heard the boys come back from their run. They all talked and goofed off together as if they had been friends forever. It was nice to see that they were having a good time together.

I stood up and walked over so I was in front of everyone. I quickly glanced at Adira to see if she was alright with what I was doing, she winked back at me.

I cleared my throat to get everyone's attention. "Boys I have something to say," I said. The four boys turned around to face me and quieted down.

My hands were dripping sweat and my throat was dry. "There is no real easy way to say this," I started. Adira ushered me to continue.

"I'm pregnant," I blurted out. Alok and Ryker's eyes widened, the twins took a step back. It took a moment for everything to sink in and nobody spoke a word. It felt like forever before someone had the courage to say something.

"So we are going to have a Mini Sweet Cake?" Sandor laughed. Saxon chortled, "I hope you don't call the kid that. It's bad enough Keegan gets called that, no need to make the child's life worse then it will be already."

The twins moved in and hugged me, Adira was close behind. Before long Ryker and Alok were up against me too. They all whispered to me, "We will protect this baby."

I smiled, I had great friends if they were willing to possibly sacrifice their own lives for a child they have never even met. Let alone might not have the chance to see.

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