Chapter Twenty Five

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"Adira and the twins let's get moving. We need to get some food before the sun goes down," Ryker called to us. The three stood up and headed for the cave entrance. "You know we have names right?" I heard the twins say as they exited.

"Looks like it's just you and me," Alok said with an eyebrow lift. I rolled my eyes, "I am going down to the river to get a drink."

He looked at me with frustration, "Keegan, I have been here three days and we haven't even talked about us. We have the perfect time to know."

I shook my head, "We can after let me get a drink first." I ignored the rest of his comments and went down to the river. I wasn't actually getting a drink, I just wanted to avoid Alok's question. I was not in the mood for his babbling.

I sat on the river bank with my feet in the water. The cold water moved through my toes creating nice ripples. There was a small splash a few feet a way from me, I stood up. A fish. Food was a little scarce with 6 members, we always have to share. But if I could just get my hands on that fish, I would eat it before anyone noticed.

I walked farther into the water, up to my waist and looked for the fish. It moved, I pounced on it trying to get it in my grip. My body sunk into the water as I helplessly tried to grab the fish. It wiggled itself from my fingers and darted off farther down the river.

I put out my feet to stand back up but there was nothing. I was sinking lower and lower into the water. The under tied was taking me farther down, I couldn't swim back up.

I kicked my legs as hard as I could, trying to free myself. Nothing. My chest began to give in and I felt myself running out of breath. I gave one last kick, nothing. My eyes shut and my mouth opened. It filled with water and I began coughing. This was the end.

I lowered farther into the river, drowning. This would be the way I died, no one would know that I drowned and wasn't killed. I would never get to say goodbye to Alok, Ryker, the twins, everyone from my group.

Out of nowhere two hands came down and grabbed my shoulders, they yanked me up. I went flying through the air and hit the cold muddy ground still coughing up water.

The hands grabbed me again, only this time I was in their arms. The person was running, I could feel the bumpiness. I tried and opened my eyes, I saw a face, Alok.

I could hear him yelling, "Stay with me Keegan!" I tried to stay awake but it was so hard. The water was still in my system, yet the effort I tried to cough it all out.

Alok put me on the ground, I was barely breathing. Before I knew it he was kissing me, well at least that is what I thought. He was hitting my chest and then blowing air into my mouth. He was performing CPR on me.

He put his lips against mine one last time. Except this time all the water I had swallowed came back up, and went straight into his open mouth. He jumped back in disgust and began trying to clean out my mouth. "Gross Keegan!" he yelled.

I smiled, I was feeling a lot better. The water was now out of my system and either on the ground or in Alok's mouth.

"Thanks," I managed to say between breaths. All he did was nod as he tried to wipe his tongue off. When he finally felt that he had washed it off enough he came up next to me.

"So can we talk about us?" he asked. I turned to look into his eyes, "I think we already did." He looked at me with his goofy confused look.

I grabbed his shirt and kissed him. Before I knew it we were yanking off each others clothes. We went at it, I moaned and groaned. Flash backs from when I did this with Jake and Ryker, I tried to push them away but I couldn't.

Alok was kissing my neck and I lay looking at the ceiling of the cave thinking. How could I do this to all these boys, I felt like I was using them. Alok say that I wasn't paying attention and a flash of emotion showed on his face.

"Is everything alright Keegan? This isn't working is it?" he asked. I shook my head, "Sorry I was just thinking."

"Thinking about what?" he asked now seeming a bit curious. "I was thinking about how this might be the last time I ever get to do this. I could die tomorrow, so I am glad I got to do it with you today," I whispered in his ears.

His face went red as he turned away, "Oh okay." I kissed his cheek then began putting my clothes back on. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"I don't want anyone to know what we did. They will be back soon, we don't want them walking in on us," I told him. He jumped up and began quickly putting his pants on.

I walked over to the front of the cave and peered out. There coming through the bushes was Ryker, Adira, and the twins carrying a dear. I waved to them and they all smiled back. Though that smile was just an act, at the back of my brain all I could think about was Jake, Ryker, and Alok.

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