Chapter Nineteen

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The boy swung his knife in our faces. I jumped back when he almost got mine. We all stood around the boy, moving closer and closer in.

The boy's face turned frightened, he knew he was going to die. I stopped for a moment and thought, how was I ever going to be able to kill someone as helpless as this boy.

The boy realized I wasn't paying attention and ran towards me. He pounced on me, pushing me to the ground. I lay on my stomach, my face in the dirt. Then a shot of pain went through my back. I closed my eyes and this time I screamed.

Then everything went black.

I opened my eyes and looked where I was. Sandor and Saxon sat along side Alok, they were chatting. Saxon jumped up and came running to my side.

"Keegan! Your awake," he cheered. I tried to say something but it hurt to move. I opened my mouth and squinted my eyes shut.

"Stop moving sweet pea," Sandor said sternly. I smiled a little, he still calls me names. Then it hit me, why couldn't I move? What was stopping me?

I tried to move my head to look at my back. I ignored the pain and pushed passed it. But it hurt so much, I flopped back on my stomach.

"That other tribute pulled out the knife from your back and then stabbed it back in, farther. We killed him, he isn't a threat anymore," Alok said.

I manage to speak, "So this is Adira's fault." Alok scrunched his face up and started pacing, "No it's your fault Keegan! You weren't paying attention."

I looked at him with disgust, I wouldn't have been stabbed a second time had Adira not stabbed me the first time. "She stabbed me, and he stabbed me with the same knife!" I screamed.

Alok walked up to me and slapped me right across the face. "Stop bringing her up, this isn't her fault. This is yours, you can't even take care of yourself. You are useless!" he yelled.

I was shocked that he said that, "Then why did you come and save me? You could have left me to die and then there wouldn't be a problem." There was a moment of silence as Alok thought about his next move.

He smirked, "I didn't come to save you, I came to get Adira. She was the one I wanted, she is useful. The only reason you were saved is because the twins wanted to." I looked at the twins, they looked away. I couldn't believe this was true.

I started to get up, pushing through the pain. I got to my feet, and walked over to our supplies. I looked for the items I had collected at the cornucopia. I snatched a back pack, my mace, and the knife that was once in my back.

I hugged both the twins and wished them luck in the games. I didn't even look at Alok, I had no reason to. My heart was beating 100 beats of minutes as I exited the cave into the open arena. I was truly on my own now.

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