Chapter Twenty Three

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"Everyone up! We have to get moving," Ryker called to us. We all slowly got to our feet and packed our bags. Ryker was already on the ground outside waiting for us. The twins and me climbed down the ladder and jumped to the wet soil.

"Which way is the cave?" Ryker asked the twins. Saxon pointed north, and we started walking in that direction.

"How many people have died?" I asked the group. Sandor responded, "Two I think. That boy we killed after you got stabbed, and Cora..." Ryker looked down at the ground as his tears began to start up again.

"How much farther?" Ryker asked trying to change the subject from Cora. "Through these trees," we explain.

Within a few minutes we were standing at the river bank looking up at the large cave. We all looked at each other and nodded. It was time for Alok to leave this place, he didn't deserve it.

We began running up to the cave, weapons in hand. We swung them around trying to protect ourselves from anything that may be awaiting us.

We took a few steps in, and peered around. Nobody. Nothing was there, not even a trace of humans being. We all looked at each other confused, "Where is he?" I asked. Everybody shrugged.

"He must have gone to get Adira. Too bad for him, this cave is ours now," the twins said. I tossed my bag down on the ground and began searching through the cave. I searched for a clue of Alok, but there was nothing.

For the rest of the day we spent our time setting up traps around our new home. We had sink holes, animal traps, a boulder that would fall on other tributes, it was all set up perfectly. By the time we finished, it was already night fall.

"I'll keep guard for a while," I said. The boys disagreed but I made it clear that it was my turn to stay up. For the last two nights, all three boys had stayed up to watch over, now it was my turn to repay the favor.

The boys dozed off and I was left standing at the entrance of the cave, alone. I looked up in the sky and saw stars glimmering down at me. The light of one of them came down at my hand and shone on my ring.

I looked at the small wooden ring I had taken off Cora's hand. Live for me, it said. Cora may be dead, but now I have to live for her. I have to live for her brother, my father, and most of all me.

I heard a rustle in the bushes across the river. Muffles could be heard in that direction, tributes were coming.

"People are coming, get up!" I tried to yell quietly. Ryker, Sandor and Saxon were up within seconds with their weapons in hand.

The tributes in the distance had a dim torch that glowed. As they got closer their faces became clearer. I gasped, it was Alok and Adira.

"Everyone hide, we will jump out and catch them if they don't injure themselves on our traps," Ryker whispered. We all vanished into the cave, I hid behind a large rock.

The voices got closer to the cave, Adira was laughing. They walked right into the cave without stepping on a trap. Neither of the two even noticed we were in the cave, they were to busy kissing.

Ryker nodded and all of us were out of our hiding spots. I pushed off the gravel and hit both Alok and Adira. We all fell to the ground in a pile, they both moaned in pain. I jumped to my feet as Sandor and Saxon jumped on Adira, and Ryker on Alok.

"Let me go!" Alok demanded. Ryker snickered as he gripped him tighter. "This is my cave, get out!" he screamed.

"No it's ours now," I hissed. Alok looked up at me and for the first time he realized I was a part of this. "Keegan, please..." he trailed off.

"Shut up," I yelled at him before he could say anything else. He was probably just going to make something up and pretend to be friends again, I wasn't falling for that again.

I walked over to our bags and grabbed the rope that we had found at the cornucopia. "Tie them up," I ordered the boys. They obeyed and tied the two tributes up to the wall, they couldn't move.

I saw fear flash over Adira's face, she probably knew what I was capable of. "Wouldn't it be easier to just kill them?" Ryker asked.

I shook my head, "No make them suffer for what they have done." I turned around and walked away. That night Sandor and Saxon had kept watch, while the rest of us slept. Well at least Ryker and me, I doubt Alok and Adira closed their eyes.

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