Chapter Seven

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I stood in the window starring out the train window with all the other tributes. We stood watching images of the Capitol flash by. Buildings upon buildings flew past us. People wearing costumes and bright wigs walked through the city peering back at us through the window.

The train began to slow as 'we reached the center capitol, it halted to a stop. I turned to go find Alok, I didn't want to leave without him. I pushed past some of the tributes, bumping them out of the way. There still sitting at the table sat Alok, stuffing his face with my food.

I play hit him against the shoulder with a smile, he looked up to me with a smile. "You weren't going to eat that were you?" he said snickering. I smiled at him, he was such a great guy. His eyes looked back at me, for a second I thought they glimmered.

Alok rose to his feet and stood in front of me. I could feel his breath as he moved in closer. He started to lean in, he was leaning in for a kiss. I can't do this, I just broke up, were going to die in the game, he's my best friend, I can't kiss him. His face only inches away moved closer until our nose were practically pressed against each other.

I reached trying to grab anything to block his lips. My fingers wrapped around a glass full of orange juice, I lifted it up. I raised above his head and dumped it. The juice splashed on his head and dribbled down his face. He jumped back trying to wipe his face down.

The crowd that was looking at the window now turned to face wet Alok. They giggled and laughed at him between one and another. With that Alok stood up taller, trying to show that he didn't care. I know he did care, he was embarrassed.

A bigger boy with spiked up strawberry blonde hair moved out of the crowd towards Alok. I had seen the boy before, he was a year older than me and probably the fittest boy in the district. He laughed and pointed and Alok, calling him a loser. He snatched another glass of juice and tossed it right across Alok's face. Alok tried to wipe of the juice that was now burning his eyes, but the red head pushed him to the ground, and with that the boy stood up and walked out of the train with the crowd following behind.

I stayed by Alok's side trying to help him get the juice out of his eyes. He grabbed the napkin from my hands and turned away from me. He was still mad at me, though I don't blame him. I embarrassed him in front of everyone, they all think he is weak.

"Alok..." I started to say but was immediately cut off. "Don't. It's too late now," he said still starring at the ground. He was obviously hurt, I rejected his kiss. I have no clue how long he has wanted to do that, but I couldn't pull myself to kiss someone that I could have to kill.

"I'm sorry Alok. I didn't want to hurt you. You're my best friend, I couldn't ruin the friendship," I said to him. He turned to me his eyes puffy from him rubbing them. "You don't understand Keegan. I love you, I always have loved you. We have been friends since we were little, since then I wanted to be with you. You were the only girl I ever wanted, but now you will be the girl I never get," he said trying to hide the emotion in his voice. He stood up and tossed me the napkin, "We are done being allies," he said as he exited the train.

I sat in the train alone, thinking about what I just caused. I am now going into the games alone, no one to help me stay alive. I was going to die in these games alone, I was going to die anyway. I need to find that red headed jerk and teach him a lesson, then go apologize to Alok once more. Maybe then I could fix our relationship and get my ally back. I stood up and headed for the train exit.

I stood at the train door and peered out. I looked around and saw people dressed in bright clothing, peace keepers standing guard, children playing, and building upon buildings. I took a step out of the train and hit the ground with a small thud. A hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from the exit, someone who's face was not visible.

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