Chapter Twelve

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I was awoken to the sound of thuds against my door. My eyes fluttered open as I rolled over on my bed. I yawned and began climbing out. I walked over to my dresser and searched for my training suit, it wasn't there.

I scanned the room and there in the corner lay my neatly folded suit. I slid it on and tucked in my key necklace. I opened the door of my room and headed out to the kitchen.

At the table sat Alok and our two mentors Hurgest and Dulbe. Alok was stuffing his face with his breakfast, while the other two chatted amongst themselves. I walked over to the table to eat breakfast.

"You are finally awake, I thought you died in there" Alok said with a mouthful of food. I laughed, "And you didn't come into help?" We both laughed with each other, Alok always knew what made me laugh, even when we were kids he made me laugh.

I reached across the table and grabbed a plate of food. It was delicious, everything was so much better than District 12 food was and ever will be. I began scoffing it down until I had nothing left on my plate. I went to reach for another plate of food but Alok smacked my hand. "You don't want to get fat for the games do you?" he said with a chuckle.

Hurgest cleared his throat to get our attention. We both turned towards him to see what he wanted. "Shall we discuss what you need to do at training?" he asked. We nodded, we needed to know. Without any advice we could be dead the minute we get into the games. Training is vital if you want to survive and get allies.

"Stay away from other tributes, ignore them if you must. Concentrate only on what you are doing and want to learn. Get help from the instructors not from other tributes, they could be setting you up. Find stations you want to learn and practice those you already know," he told us. We nodded trying to remember all the information he had just given us.

"Alright you two better get going or you'll be late," Dulbe said with a bit of urgency in her voice. We stood up and headed for the elevator that would take us to the underground training center. "Remember to stick together," she yelled after us.

The doors slammed shut and the elevator started to lower. "Where should we start?" Alok asked. I shrugged I don't have any skills with weapons. "How about we learn to fish and make hooks?" he suggested. I nodded there is almost always areas to catch fish in the games, I might as well learn how to.

The elevator doors opened and we took a step out. The room was already filled with other tributes testing and perfecting their skills. We walked in to take a better look at what some options were.

Stations were open across the room, fishing, fighting, plants, everything was there. I didn't know where to start.

Alok grabbed my arm and began to pull me towards the fishing station. I stopped, "Hold on a second, I want to see what's here," I said to him. He sighed and walked away from me, leaving me alone to watch other tributes.

I began to move through the room, watching each and every person. Some were good with weapons but the majority were not. District 12 never had much weapon training so at least everyone is in the same boat.

I continued walking towards where Alok sat but gasped when I saw who he was with. He sat next to another tribute, Adira, the girl he originally wanted to ally with. They sat together, side by side, they looked like a couple. They both giggled at what each other were saying. It was sick.

I went to turn away, furious that Alok had betrayed me and our rules for training. Out of nowhere two arms wrapped around my shoulders.

"Hey there Sugar muffin," the voice said. "Why do you have to be such a creep Sandor?" responded Saxon. What did the stupid Starke twins want now? All they ever do is bug me now, they don't want to ally so they rub it in my face instead.

I spun around so I could face them. They looked at me with grins across their faces. "What do you two want?" I hissed at them. The boys looked at me confused as if they didn't understand what was asked.

"We came to see our favourite tribute," laughed Saxon. I rolled my eyes, if I'm their favourite I'm probably their first target to kill in the games.

"I need to go train, bye," I hurriedly said trying to get out of the situation. The boys' hands wrapped around my arms again and pulled me back to where I could face them. "Trying to ditch us, huh?" Sandor said with an eyebrow lift.

If this continued I would never get any training done. "We want to help you learn how to use a weapon of your choice," blurted out Saxon as if he couldn't keep the secret any longer. I looked at them, why would they want to teach me something? Would they teach me it wrong so they could kill me later?

"So are you coming or not?" said Sandor. I looked over at where Alok still sat next to Adira. His hand over hers. I couldn't watch it any longer or I was going to burst. "Yeah, let's go," I said with a smile.

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