Chapter Three

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I woke up to the sound of rustling somewhere in the room. I peered through my blurry vision and saw a figure walking around in my room. I sat up straight to get a better look at the person. A young girl walked around the small room. She wore baggy clothing and her hair was somewhat messy. When she saw me she smiled but continued searching .through my room.

I took a better look of where I was, I was no longer in the hotel room. I was in some kind of small bedroom or dorm. I stood up and headed for the door, I slid it open and headed through the small hallway. I passed through the hallway and came into an open room.

My father sat at a small table with a coffee and newspaper in his hand. He gestured me over to him to take a seat. I slowly walked towards and turned my head slightly to look out the window. We were moving, fields and farms from outside flashed by the window, we must be on the train back to District 12.

"How was your sleep, sweets?" my father asked while continuing to read his paper. "Fine I guess, why didn't you wake me up when we got on the train?" I answered.

He chuckled a bit, "You slept so peacefully so Jake carried you in and put you in bed." I smiled, that sounds exactly like something Jake would do, he was such a great boyfriend.

I could hear faint footsteps coming from behind me, they got louder as they got closer. Two large hands covered my face, they were Jake's. "Guess who?" the voice asked. I spun around and hugged him, he kissed my cheek.

"Thanks for carrying me into the train," I said. He nodded and headed for the food table up in front.

All of a suddenly the television screen flickered on with the National Anthem. I hated that anthem they only ever played it during the Hunger Games. President Condust appeared on the screen looking as fresh as he had yesterday. He smirked at the camera and I knew he was going to announce this year's special Quarter Quell.

A small blonde boy stood just on camera behind president Condust. He carried a white envelope in his left hand, he moved forward and handed it to the President. He slowly began opening the letter and began to read off of it.

"This marks the 100th Hunger games, but this year there will be a twist," he said with a smirk growing on his face. "There will be 24 tributes from only one district this year, District 12," gasps could be heard from off camera.

"12 male tributes and 12 female tributes will be chosen. They will each be paired up and sent on their ways. They do not have to stay together in the games," his eyes felt like they pierced my soul. I knew what he was doing, he was going to put me in the games as a punishment.

"Lucky for us a special tribute has already been chosen from District 12, he snickered, "Keegan Caverly." My father and Jake both looked at me with fears growing in their eyes. I put my face in my hands and began to cry. I was going to die in those games, I was never going to live to be the age of 19.

President Condust gave a quick cough to get the attention of everyone watching, "There is one more twist to these games." I felt everyone look at me for a second then turn back towards the screen. "This Hunger games will last one year. Catastrophes that are not natural will be minimised so that as many tributes can stay alive for as long as possible," he said to the camera.

Then it was over, the National Anthem played once again, President Condust gave a wave and headed off the camera. The screen blurred out for a second then went completely black. Everyone that had been watching the announcement had now turned to me. I felt the tears rush down my face as I stood up and ran for my room, I did not hear one person come after me.

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