Chapter Twenty Two

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I sat up against the tree fort's wall in Ryker's arms. We were both trying to mourn the loss of Cora, the poor young girl.

"She was too young," Ryker kept saying to himself. I nodded, she was too young to be in these games. She was too young to die in these games. We all were.

"We'll make it through this Ryker. Cora was strong, now we have to be strong for her," I said to him. He shook his head, "No I can't take this. I don't want to live in fear of dying every time I wake up for the next year. I don't think I can take this Keegan."

I leaned in and kissed him, "Yes you can." He shut his eyes and began kissing me back. We rolled around on the floor, arms wrapped around each other.

His hands reached around my shirt and pulled up, I reached at his pants and pulled down. He was wearing cute little blue boxers that were stained with mud, I hope.

He fiddled around with my bra clasp and finally got it undone. It fell to the ground, he stared at my chest in astonishment.

I rolled my eyes, "Is this all were going to do?" He shook his head and started taking off his shirt and boxers. His muscles popped out of his arms as he moved. His abs glowed as he came closer to me.

His body was on top of me, he was warm. I moaned and groaned, he hummed to himself. It felt great. It felt like it lasted forever. When we finally finished we slipped our close back on and kissed again.

I sat in his lap as we thought about the fantastic session we just had. Then out of nowhere two loud knocks came from the latch. We jumped to our feet and grabbed our weapons.

The door slowly opened and two heads popped in, Sandor and Saxon. I relaxed and pulled the boys up into the house.

The twins looked at Ryker, he stared at them. "Ryker, these are the twins Sandor and Saxon. Boys this is Ryker," I said. The all nodded and shook hands.

"Why are you guys here?" I asked. The looked up at me, "Do you remember when we said we didn't want to ally with you?" they asked. I nodded, I remember it all the time. "We always did want to ally with you. And we still do. Alok didn't even want us, after you left he made us pack our bags and get out," they said.

"Who is this Alok?" Ryker asked from behind me. I spun around to face him, "The boy you dumped orange juice on. He is the one that called me useless." Ryker snickered to himself.

"Is it alright if the twins ally with us?" I asked Ryker. He bit his lip and took a moment to think, "Are they good with any weapons?"

"Yes, a scythe and sickle. They are also good with a lot of other weapons that we may be able to find in the arena," I said.

"Well we are going to need a bigger place. I don't think we will be able to fit four people into this little fort, we could barely fit three," he said.

"Let's get the cave, that has plenty of room for all of us. All we have to do is get Alok out of there. It shouldn't be that hard anyways, there are four of us and one of him," Sandor said from behind me.

"It's settled then, tomorrow we leave for the cave. We take what is rightfully ours, no matter the cost. Let's get some sleep we have a long day ahead of us," Ryker told us.

We all laid down on the ground, huddled up to each other. Sandor flipped over so we were face to face. "I hope we didn't interrupt anything," he said with a quiet chuckle.

"You didn't don't worry," I lied to him. If they hadn't come knocking on the door we probably would have done it again, it was so good.

"How long do you think we were on that ladder?" he asked. My eyes widened, had he heard us doing it in the fort?

"We heard you two going at it in here. Plus, you are both all sweaty, it's pretty obvious," he said with an eyebrow lift.

"Darn, well at least you know what it sounds like," I laughed. He winked at me and flipped back over, "Goodnight Keegan."

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