Chapter Fifteen

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I sat amongst other tributes in the waiting room. Everyone had a nervous expression, there was no chatting between anyone.

Alok sat next to me starring into the distance. We hadn't talked after what happened last night, which was perfectly fine with me. I didn't want to talk to him anyways.

Tribute after tribute left the room and headed into the training center to get their scores. Each one leaving with a quick goodbye to the person next to them.

Finally it was my turn, I stood up and turned to look at Alok one last time. He softly smiled, that was all I needed to see. I entered through the giant steel doors and they slammed shut behind me.

The Gamemakers stood up above with all their food and drinks, they peered back down at me. I closely examined the small room, behind one of the men was a television. It was playing replays of other tributes training sessions, Adira's played.

I spun around, furious once again. I grabbed to plastic dummies and began to write across them. I hurriedly engraved Alok and Adira into the mannequins. I tied them up and hung them from the roof. I ran over to get the mace, the only weapon I could really use.

I moved back towards the dummies, and turned towards the Alok one. I grinned and kneed him right in the crotch, just like last night. I then got my mace and swung it at his head and then back to his crotch.

The Gamemakers gasped and began writing notes down. I didn't stop there, I destroyed the Alok mannequin until all that was left was the head. Then I turned to the other, an Adira mannequin.

I dove right on top of it, making it topple to the ground. I grabbed both arms making them crack and snap off and then the legs. I stood up and grabbed my mace, I slammed it right into the spine of the limbless dummy. I ripped off the head and put it next to the other.

I quickly grabbed the pen and began signing my name across the mannequins' foreheads, Keegan Caverly it said. I turned them both so the Gamemakers could see, they stared back at me horrified. I chuckled and tossed the heads up into the room. They landed in someone's lap who screamed like a little girl.

"Thank you, I'm here for another day if you want an encore or autograph," I said with a wink and headed out. The elevator doors shut behind me and I heard the Gamemakers quietly talking among themselves about me.

I headed out of the elevator into the living room to await the scoring. Alok came up not long after I did, with a small smile across his face. We both sat down waiting, Dulbe and Hurgest joined us.

The National Anthem played and tributes faces appeared across the screen. I didn't pay much attention to who was getting what scores except for a few tributes.

Saxon and Sandor both got 10s, probably because of their strength and weaponry skills. Ryker, the red head, got an 11, the highest so far. Adira, the girl who hooked up with Alok, got a 9.

Finally the time had come, my face popped up on the screen. I was preparing for the worst, I probably got a 0 for hitting him in the crotch with the mace, I said to myself.

My score appeared on the screen, a 10. Dulbe and Hurgest started cheering for me. I smiled, it felt great to get a good score for beating someone up. Even Alok clapped for me.

Next on the screen popped Alok, his score an 11. This time everyone cheered even harder, this was amazing Alok tied with the highest score. Too bad we weren't allies anymore, I needed someone that has the intelligence as he does.

I stood up from the table and headed to my room. Alok came running after me as I stood in front of my door. "Keegan wait up," he called after me. He came to stop in front of me, "What did you do to get your 10?" he asked.

A smile began to show across my face. "Are you sure you want to know? I don't think you can handle it." He nodded, "I can handle it, I'm not a child. Just tell me already, I want to know how you did it, what was your secret?"

I pretended to roll my eyes, "Fine. I got two mannequins wrote yours and Adira's name on them and then practically destroyed them. Then I got a pen and wrote my signature across and chucked it to the Gamemakers."

Alok looked horrified, he stood with his mouth wide open, not moving. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a black pen. I undid the cap and moved towards Alok with the pen. The pen touched his forehead and I began to sign my name. "Perfect, this is just like the mannequin. Now all I need to do is decapitate it and hand it over to the Gamemakers," I said.

Alok took and step back and began running as far away from me. I smiled and gave a quick wave, "Goodnight Alok."

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