Chapter Twenty Eight

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I patted my tiny belly and whispered, "Why do you always have to keep mommy awake?" Everyone else was still asleep cozy up and warm. Though I was awoken because of my early morning sickness. When I finally finished vomiting up everything I ate, I tried to back to sleep but couldn't.

Out of nowhere, a piercing scream echoed the cave. I stood straight up grabbing my mace that was next to me. None of my allies was awoken by what sounded like a murderous yell for help.

I walked to the front of the cave to see if I could see who it was. Birds flew up into the sky a few hundred meters away from us. That must be where the screaming was coming from.

Before I knew it, my feet were moving and I was jumping over the river. I needed to see who was making that sound. No cannon went off so they were still alive but maybe injured.

I peered around a large tree trunk, in front of it stood a girl holding a knife up to a younger boy's neck. I snatched the nearest rock, roughly the size of my fist. My fingers wrapped around it and I threw it right at the girl's head.

It hit her with a clunk and she fell to the ground. Her head was oozing blood; all I did was put a leaf on it. She wasn't dead yet, but she would be soon if her head kept bleeding. I had not interest in helping her though, one less killer tribute to worry about.

I peered up at the young boy who was still against the tree. His body started to shake and he fell to the ground. He was breathing but it was quiet and low.

"Obi!" someone screamed from behind me. I turned my head to see who it was. A boy around the same age as the other fell to his knee holding the other boy's hand. He was crying and telling the limp body it would be alright.

"He's just passed out because of fear," I murmured to the boy. His eyes were puffy and red; my guess was the boys were friends. It must be hard losing someone that you care about so much. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it if one of my allies died, they were all my best friends.

I grabbed the arm of the past out tribute and flung it over my neck. "Are you going to help me or am I going to have to drag him back all by myself?" I asked sounding more aggravated than intended.

The boy jumped to his feet and helped me lug Obi back to the cave. The boy wasn't super heavy, but being pregnant uses a lot of energy.

"What is your name," I asked. "My name is Nero, I am 14 years old. And this is my best friend Obi," he told me.

"Why were you two out here," I asked trying to get more information from the kid. I needed to know they were safe to have in the cave. I had to know if either of them would hurt me or my allies.

"We were out trying to get food. We haven't eaten in a while because we rarely go out on these runs. It's a scary world when you have the chance of dying at any moment," he whispered. I nodded I felt the pain and terror he was going through.

"How do I know it is safe to take you back to where I am staying? How will I know if you are a threat to us or not? Because in case you didn't notice, I am pregnant and not in the mood for getting killed," I sharply said.

"You are pregnant. Wow, congratulations! There is no real way of trusting us, sometimes you just have to take a chance and hope it is the right one. But I want to promise you that we wouldn't hurt a fly, we hate seeing people die," he responded.

When we arrived back at the cave everyone was already awake. "Where were you, Keegan?" Alok screamed at me.

He looked to my side confused, "Who are they?" I snickered a bit to myself, he gets so distracted from one question to the next. He hadn't even let me respond to his first one.

"This is Nero and Obi. I found them in the forest trying to fight off another tribute. Obi passed out so I thought why not bring them here until they are better," I announced so everyone could hear me.

None of my allies seemed very impressed that I allowed two complete strangers to walk into our home. I was still a bit worried myself about if I had made the right decision.

Nero sat down next to Obi and just laid there with him. They looked like brothers, it was actually sad to see.

Saxon pulled me over to a corner so we could speak privately. "Why did you bring them here?" he hissed in my ear. I shrugged, "I told you already."

"He's dangerous. Back in District 12, Nero killed his younger sister. He is a murderer Keegan," he whispered. I felt my throat clench up as I looked back at the boy.

"You have the wrong person Saxon, he wouldn't kill a fly," I said trying to reassure him and myself. Saxon looked at me in disgust, "No I have the right person, he is a murderer."

I walked away from Saxon, I needed time to think about what he had told me. I believed Saxon but a part of me told me he said that because of jealousy. If Obi and Nero stayed the twins wouldn't be the young ones anymore.

Throughout the day Nero spent his time showing us how to make spears to catch fish. Beforehand, we had just been jumping in the water to catch them or if we were in a good mood we made nets. But the spears worked perfectly, we just had to get used to the water appearance being different than what it actually is.

All too soon it was nightfall and we all packed up our equipment for the night. My allies laid down together huddled in our regular groups but Nero and Obi stayed separately off to the side.

That night I slept almost soundly. Up until the point that I heard a set of few steps exit the cave followed by another pair after.

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