Chapter Twenty-Four

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My apologies to my readers for not updating my book for months. I have been busy with school and sports lately and haven't had a lot of free time to grab my computer and write.


"Keegan," I heard someone whispered. I opened my eyes and looked around. Ryker, Saxon, and Sandor were all asleep on the ground. I can't believe they fell asleep; we could have been killed.

I looked up to see who was calling my name. Alok and Adira looked at me, fear was in their eyes. I stood up from the ground and walked over to him.

I smirked as I walked up to Alok, "Good morning jerk." I moved over a step to face Adira, "Good morning," I hissed.

"Let us go and we won't bug you anymore, you will never see us again," they whimpered. "No!" I yelled at them loud enough to wake my allies, but luckily didn't.

"Why did you have to ally with him? Alok asked trying to point to Ryker. "Why did you have to ally with her?" I asked.

"Because she is great with knives," he answered. I looked up at him, "I allied with him because he is a genius. He is strong and the most intelligent tribute here."

"Can we talk in private Keegan. I need to say a few things to you that I should have said a long time ago," he asked.

I shook, "Too late for that." His eyes started to fill with tears and he plead, "Please Keegan, let me explain."

I grumbled and undid his rope, though his arms were still behind his back. I lead him outside and we sat down by the river. This reminded me of a date, except I didn't want to be there.

"I think we can fix this, be friends again," he said trying to put on a smile. "No, you are just trying to stay alive," I said.

"Keegan the reason I couldn't be allies with you is because then I may see you die or have to kill you. I didn't want that to happen, so I made you leave. I am sorry," he cried.

I had heard him apologize for other things before, but he rarely apologizes for big events like these. I looked at his red puffy eyes and took a moment to think. He was telling the truth, he was sorry.

I took a knife out of my pocket and raised. It came flying down and cut straight through the rope. His hands fell to his side and he took a breath a relief.

"You have to promise me Adira won't do anything to harm us. I trust you Alok, don't make me regret it," I told him. He nodded and we both headed back up to the cave.

"Are you with Ryker?" he asked out of the blue. I smiled, "I guess you could say that. Why?"

Alok shrugged, "Well I was hoping that you were still available for me to take you back. I have really missed you."

"What about Adira? You are with her," I said rolling my eyes. He sighed, "No I was never with her. I tried to fall in love with her so I could get over the fact of allying with you. But I never did fall for her, it was always you."

I grabbed his hands and wrapped my fingers through his. He turned to face me, "I am so sorry for the way I treated you Keegan." I shook my head, "We friends again now."

When we got back in the cave I looked at the wall, Adira was gone. A scream came from down the cave. I pushed off the ground, if she laid a finger on my boys I was going to kill her.

I turned around the corner and saw Sandor sitting on the floor with Adira next to him. "Who screamed?" I asked out of breath.

Adira looked embarrassed, "Sorry that was me, I bit my tongue." I raised my eyebrow, she sounded like she was getting murdered.

"Why is she down from the wall?" I asked Sandor. He glared at me, "I thought she was hungry, so I let her get something to eat."

"As long as she doesn't hurt any of us, Adira and Alok can stay with us," I smiled. Adira's face lit up like a light bulb. She jumped up and ran over to hug me, "I am so sorry for trying to kill you Keegan," she kept crying into my shoulder. I rubbed her back telling her it was alright.

Alok took Adira over to the side and told her about how they couldn't be. I saw her start to tear up, but she wiped away the tears. Alok hugged her and she rested her head against his chest. Maybe he could be more like an older brother then a boyfriend.

Adira walked over to me and hugged me once again. "Take care of him," she whispered into my ear. I nodded at her, "We will all take care of each other, as a family."

I never thought about it like that, but we were a family. All of us were stuck in these games trying to fight to stay alive. But you didn't fight your family until you had to. And when they died, it felt like a part of you died with them.

After Adira finished hugging me I went over to talk to Ryker. I needed to tell him about my relationship with Alok.

"Hey," I said as I got closer to him. He came over to me and lifted me off my feet. "How is my perfect little lady?" he asked.

"We need to talk about us," I said. He put me back down on the floor and we sat down on two nearby rocks.

"I'm sorry Ryker," I started. "Stop right there, now that Alok is here you want to be with him, right? That's fine don't worry about me. I am just glad I had a chance to be with you, plus we had a great sex session. I guess now I will just be your friend," he said cutting me off.

I stood up and hugged him, he deserved a hug. "I really am sorry. I just hope I didn't ruin our friendship because you really are one of the best guys I have ever met," I said to him.

"You didn't ruin our friendship; I still want to be friends Keegan. I will still protect you like you were my girl, but we just won't be a couple," he said.

I nodded, "Thank you for everything Ryker." I walked away from Ryker who stay seated with his hands against his face. I felt bad for him, I wasn't sure if we would ever have our old relationship back.

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