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Hey guys I'm back ! And I am so excited! Btw this picture is by majestic-melon from deviant art! So let's do this !
Marco's POV
I woke up , slowly , opening my eyes , to see knights locked up in the jail cell across mine and I was in a jail cell too , but alone !
M: guys ?! What are we doing here ?!
D: we got captured , remember?!
M: right , the last thing I remember is fainting after we fought the guards !
D: indeed . ( he said calmly enough )
M: well what are you guys waiting for ?! We need to get out of here !
D: there's no use Marco , we tried ! ( he screamed )
M: no , no ! ( I banged my hand against the wall )
There was a moment of silence, I assume the other knights gave up as well , but NO !!!! I can't sit here rotting away !! I need to save star !!!
M: guys !! ( I yelled ) we need to get out of here !! There maybe a day we give up in a battle against a demon but that day is not today !! There maybe a day we lose our only love ones but that day is not today !!! We knights of mewni are stronger then that !!! We knights of mewni shall not bend down to fate !!!! We are not giving up !!! Now who's with me ?! ( I yelled at the top of my lungs , luckily there weren't any guards )
E: we are !!!! ( all except Daniel stood up to join me from across the room )
M: Daniel , please if you want to see your family again you need to do this !
D: ( he stood up slowly ) I'm in !!! Now what are we going to do ?! ( he said while smirking )
M: that I don't know !!
Everyone sat back down in disappointment except Daniel .
M: but that doesn't mean you should give up !
Everything was quiet , I was thinking of a way out , I was too deep in thought!
Suddenly there were sounds of grunting,
D: Marco ! ( he said in alarm )
No response ~
D: Marco !
No response ~
D: MARCO FREAKING DIAZ !!!!( he screamed from the cell across mine )
M: huh ?! What ?!
D: someone's coming ! Plan ?!
M: Er ... Okay if he opens your cell , boys , make him pay , Daniel while they are fighting him get the keys from him if he has any , main plan now , run and get out of here !!
D: but then what about you ?!
M: you can save me later , but first focus on getting everyone out and return with more Knights !
D: Marco !
M: he's coming !!
The guy opened the other cell ..
M: now !!!!!!
The Knights pushed him causing him to fall ,
M: Daniel , now !!!!
Daniel ran over and took the keys straight from the guy's hand ,
D: boys let go !!
B: wait !! It's me Brandon !!
D: Brandon ?!!but how ?!
The knight who brought me to safety the last time when we were fighting got the keys !
B: chuckles! ( he stood up ) remember I was hiding further away so I didn't smell the gas , I continued to pretend to be tom's guard and I convinced the guard outside to give me the keys , unfortunately he found out so I had to knock him out ! ( he said while unlocking my cell )
M: thanks !
B: no probs , but we need to go now , they might come back at any time !
We ran out the door , we were constantly hiding from everybody ,
Star's POV
I was in my room when suddenly a portal opened right in front of me !!
St: ahhhhh
PH : shush !!! Bfly ! Come on we need to leave this portal ain't gonna stay long !
( s: OMG, princess flying pony head !!!! You're out of jail !!! Quickly save me !!!! Please !!!! Oh , I love you so much right now !!!! )
St: excuse me !! I don't want to go !!
( s: nooooo , you stupid dumb head !!!! Go with pony head !!!!! Why?! )
PH: hahahaha , very funny Bfly , but we really need to go before demon boy comes back !!
(S: yeah !!! You go girl !!!ugh , jut carry me pony !!! Carry me through the portal ! )
St: hey ! I do not appreciate you calling my boyfriend such mean things !!!
PH: Bfly ?! ( she said in confusion and with a hurt look on her face )
St: tom's my boyfriend now ! You can visit us if you want ! I mean I'm sure tommy won't mind !
PH: tommy ?! Star , did you knock your head or something ?! You're in love with Marco !! You know earth turd ?!
( s: exactly!!! Pony you know me so well ! )
( pony head started to get mad )
St: I don't know what you are talking about !! ( her voice soften )
(S: wait ! It sounds like she still likes Marco but she doesn't want to say !!! There's hope !! Pony ! You need to go get me the anti love potion !!! )
Door opening sounds ~
St: ( gasp ) pony , you need to leave now !
Starry pushed pony back into the portal while pony looked dumbfounded
(S: nooooooo !!!!!!!!! She was my only hope !!!! *Cries ! * )
St: hey tommy ! Where have you been ?!
T: just finishing the job ! Now we can be together forever!!!
St: great !!!
(S: ( looks up ) why ?! ( sobbing ) what have you done ?! )
T: now , let's go I have a surprise !
St: you do ?! ( her eyes lit up )
T: come on starry ! ( he held her by the waist , while starry giggled )
Pony head's POV
PH: ahhh ! So nice to finally be out of
Saint olga's reform school for wayward princesses !! But where's Bfly and earth turd ?! They said they would pick me up !!!! Hehehe , maybe they threw me a surprise partay!!! Yeah !!
I went to the castle and saw a carriage going through a portal !!
PH: huh ?! Weird !
I walked to the throne room to see the king and queen and two other old people there , crying !!!
PH: king , Queen ?! What's going on ?! Where's Bfly and Marco ?!
K: oh , you must not have heard ! ( king butterfly said in a devastating voice )
PH: heard what ?!
The king explained to me everything !!
PH: I need to save her !!! She's my friend !! King butterfly , can you get me a pair of dimensional scissors?!
K: why ?!
PH: please ! I can save her , if not I could also help Ear.. I mean Marco !
K: but do you know where to look ?
PH: I think I do !
K: very well , guards !!
But before the guards could accompany me I took the scissors and thought of star butterfly , the portal opened to a pink , princess room , but it had the scent of the underworld , I have gone dimension surfing before but I never been to the demon dimension, without anymore thought , I jumped in , I saw Bfly !!! But after one conversation, I realized it wasn't her , I may not be smart but I know when my best friend is not what she seems , she pushed me back into the portal ! I could tell she still cared about me !! She still has hope !!! I got back to the throne room and told the king and queen everything!
K: no !!! What has that demon DONE ?!
Q: I know !
PH: well what is it ?!
Q: she's under a love spell !
E: ( gasp )
PH: well ... Well how do we reverse it ?!
( my voice sounded desperate)
Q: an anti love potion !! ( the queen stood up ) I need ingredients!! Now maids prepared it !! Pony head when I'm done please bring it to star ! You need to !!
PH: tell me when you're ready !! ( I said with confidence )
It took 20 minutes to finish it !
Q: ( she handed me the potion ) now go save my daughter! Please pony head we're counting on you !
PH: I will be back !!
Like that I thought of star and cut a portal , I jumped through , and she wasn't there anymore ! I carefully opened the door and saw earth turd and a bunch of guards trying to go down the hall while hiding ! I flew over right behind earth turd who was the last ,
PH: earth turd !
M: ahhh !
All the guards were in position to attack me !
PH: hey what's wrong with you ?! It's me phony head !!!
M: phony head you scared me !!
D: who is she ?!
M: just an annoying friend of star's !
PH: listen I have no time for insults ! Star is under a love spell !!
M: what ?! How do you know ?! Did you meet her ?!
Ph: shush !! We want to be hidden remember! And yes I did meet her ! ( I said with my head hanging low )
M: is she okay ?! How is she ?!
I told him everything , he looked like he was about to cry , I feel bad for earth turd , he loves star so much !
Ph: Marco? Are you okay ?! ( I tried to be concerning)
Right now we were in a room that looked abandoned..
M: I'm fine ! ( sniffs ) hey ( chuckles) you didn't call me earth turd !
Ph: whatever earth turd !
D: listen , this is a really sweet moment but we need to find star !
Door opening sounds ~
M: everyone positions ! You know how to fight right phony head !
Ph: please I'm better then you earth turd !
We were all in position for battle but ..
B: hey guys it's me ,
E: phew !
B: I overheard the maids say the princess will receive a surprise in the grand hall later !
M: then that's where we're going but we can't go looking like this !!
We looked over to the costume room across the hall , we ordered that guy Brandon to get us some costumes , earth turd wore a tux while I just got a hat and a mask , we all got masks !
M: ready ?!
E: ready !

Author's POV
Hey guys !! Did you guess the cameo was going to be pony head ?! I decided phony should be a part of this rescue mission , have you guys watched mockingjay part 2 yet ?! I haven't cause I'm waiting for my sis to watch it with me but I have read all the books , you just have to read the books and I get the feeling like this rescue mission is a little like when katniss and the others are going into the capital so yeah , I decided to stop here because I'm really tired and I don't want to write a crappy part so yeah ! And I'm excited for the next part ! See you soon and bye !!!

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