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Hey guys here's the next part ! Sorry I didn't post one yesterday because I was at a function so yeah ! Btw the picture is by ccparker66 from deviant art!
Marco's POV
I can't wait to go to a sleepover with Jackie , Oscar and most importantly star ! I wonder what we are going to do ? I hope we are going to have fun !
M: so star ..., are you done packing for tonight ?
S: yep ! ( she said while jumping up and down in excitement! ) I packed a pocket blanket ,
M: it's a sleeping bag , star !
S: yeah yeah yeah ! And a magical light ,
M: flash light !
S: my night gown , my sleeping mask and some snacks ! Oh and I can't forget my wand !
M: yeah I bring the same things well instead of an night gown I'm bringing my jam jams and I'm not bringing a sleeping mask . And I don't have a wand .
Both: hahahahaha
S: coollllll !
We are on our way to jackie's house it took a while but we had fun on the way , oh and we ran into ludo's monsters but we kicked their butts !
Ding dong ~
J: hey guys ! ( she said with a welcoming smile ) make yourselves at home my parents aren't home they usually aren't !
M: well that's sad do you just stay alone at home ?
J: no , I have a little brother his name is Johnny , he doesn't talk much !
S: uh, where is he ?
J: he's in his room , Johnny get down here ! My friends want to meet you
We saw a little figure coming down from the stairs.
Jo: hi , ( he said shyly) nice to meet you . ( he held up his little hand )
He was probably 5
S: awwwww ! You're so cute ! ( star said while looking at him with cute eyes ) nice to meet you ! ( star shook his little hand )
M: hey there little buddy!
J: he's shy
S: awwww ! That's so adorable!( star said in her usual quirky voice )
She's so adorable when she talks like that !
M: hey where's Oscar ?!
J: upstairs in my room , we're gonna be staying there tonight !
S: okay ! Do you wanna play with us Johnny ?!
Jo: Erm , if it's okay with my sister . ( he said in the cutest voice possible)
S: come on Jackie !
J: fine go on !
S: yessssss ! !!!!! Come on Johnny ! ( star said as she ran upstairs with the 5 year old boy )
Jo: okay . ( still talking in a shy voice )
J: wow it just takes minutes for star to get on a person's good side !
M: what do you mean ?!
J: I've been trying to get close to Johnny ever since he was born but he doesn't like to respond to people but this is the first time I've seen him so happy !
M: really ?!
J: star is one heck of a girl , kinda makes me jealous of how she's so close to my brother !
M: yeah ! She's the best ! That's what I love about her !
J: wait did you say you loved her ?!
M: what ?! Erm no ! Yes? I don't know just yet !
J: hahahahaha, just teasing with you !
M: oh ! Okay !
J: come on lover boy !
M: yeah ! Hahaha( i laughed awkwardly)
We went upstairs and I saw Johnny starting to braid star's hair !
J: Johnny what are you doing ?!
Jo: huh ?! Oh um ( his voice starting to shiver like he's afraid of Jackie or something ) star asked me if I knew how to braid her hair so ....
S: uh , hahahahaha ( awkward laugh ) sorry Jackie I wanted to do stuff with your brother so I asked him to braid my hair ! But ..... On the bright side his braiding skills are so awesome ! It's wayyyyy better then blasting my face with my wand ! ( star said awkwardly)
M: hahahahaha ( awkward laugh ) , Erm star ! Why don't you braid jackie's hair ?!
S: hahahahaha ( awkward laugh) you're right Marco ! You are so smart ! Hahaha ! Classic Marco ! Come on Jackie sit in front of me and I'll start braiding !
J: fine ! ( Jackie said while looking a little mad )
Star and I both knew Jackie was angry at Johnny but we didn't know why we exchanged looks like a conversation, yep we're close like that !
M: giving the " do you know what happened look ?" Look
S: giving the "I have no idea " look
M: giving the " this is bad our first sleepover and it's awkward!" Look
S: giving the "I'm so sorry , it was all my fault! " look
M: giving the " it's not your fault don't worry , I'll fix this " look
S: giving the "thank you "look
M: so...... How are we doing ?! Jackie ? Johnny ? ( I didn't bother to ask Oscar because he was listening to his music which was still terrible )
S: well I know I'm doing good !
Both: hahahahaha ( awkward laugh)
S: hey ! Let's play a game !
M: yeah ! I love games !
J: fine ( she said angrily)
Jo: oh , Erm okay . ( he said in a even most shy voice )
S: okay ! Let's play truth or dare !
M: wait how did you know that truth or dare is always played during sleepovers ?!
S: hehehe ( smirking ) I did my research!
M: okay then !

Author's POV
Hey guys sorry this was a short part , I just didn't have the energy to continue because there was school today and I was out until late last night because I had a function yesterday and I had to wake up early for school but tomorrow's the last day of school and I'll be back on track by Wednesday so please bear with me for these few days and I'll get back to the juicier content ! You can imagine the fight with lido as I said before I'm not going into detail unless it's important to the plot but my main focus is supposed to be on Starco so yeah ! Btw why do you think Jackie is acting weird I'll reveal it maybe hopefully, in the next part ! But for now I'm going to bed ! See you soon and byeeeee !

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