Viral in school

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Hi guys part 6 is here by the way the picture is from deviant art and the one who uploaded is jojo dear .
Marco's POV
We left the nurses office and headed to our classroom luckily star and I had all the same classes but Jackie and Oscar were also in it , I wonder how it will go wrong this time ( he said sarcastically)
Hope they don't say anything about us but I'm pretty sure they will , star wasn't awkward anymore ! She started to talk like herself again which is great because I love hearing her talk .
M: we're sorry we're late ms skull neck .
MsS: yeah , yeah , yeah , take a seat couple of the day !
S: but ms skull neck we're not dating !
(Yup we got stuck with ms skull neck again this year !)
MsS: whatever you say , you two gone viral ! Just look at the school paper !
S: whaaaa?! I thought no one reads the school newspaper!
MsS : there's also the school website and Facebook kids !
M: right , of course ! It's not even lunch and we're viral !
S: maybe it's not sooo bad
Star said while sitting down next to my desk
M: but !erm..... , I guess star .
J: ( whispers) hey Marco ! Just want to say congratulations! I'm so happy for you two ! Oh and Oscar is happy for you too ! By the way if you want to go on a double date , call us !
M: ( whispers ) I told you we are not dating and now you told the whole school !
J: sorry , I really thought you guys were dating ! Okay I can clear up the misunderstanding if you want .
M: wait no ! Yes? I don't know talk with me after school okay ?
J: erm sure , I guess
MsS: quiet back there !
Both : yes ms skull neck!
S:( I wonder what they are talking about ? Kinda worried!)
During lunch ~
Bunch of people : OMG you guys are so cute ........ Blah blah blah ....... More congratulating ..........
M: just ignore them star !
S: shouldn't we say something ?!
M: I tried , they don't believe me , they still think we're dating !
S: okay then ,
M: star , I have to go meet up with Jackie do you mind going home first ?
S: erm .... Sure . ( kinda jealous) ( what is he going to do with Jackie ?! )
M: thanks star !
S: sure , I mean we are just friends !
M: yeah .....
Star's POV
Ugh why is he going to hang with Jackie ? I thought he would always get nervous around her , maybe after he stopped liking her he's okay with hanging with her because he doesn't have to impress her anymore !
Why do I feel so weird ?! I never felt this weird since Marco was texting Jackie ?! What is this feeling ?!
After school ~
Marco's POV
J: so..... What did you want to talk about ? Oscars still waiting for me at the school gate !
M: erm ... I want to talk about star !
He told her everything about his feelings for star , the first time he felt weird around her , the first time they danced together ect
J: wow ! Looks like you have one heck of a crush when are you going to tell her ?
M: but I don't know if I want to , I mean what if she doesn't like me and rejects me ! our friendship would be ruined !
J: from what I hear star seems like she like you too (giving him a comforting laughter)
M: you really think so ?
J: Marco ! I'm a girl i know things like this !
M: okay ! I will tell her how I feel would you help me ?
J: sure thing Marco !
O: come on dude ! I heard everything! Let me give you some pointers and let's go shopping for her gifts !
J: and I can help ! You two look like you need some help when it comes to gifts !
All : ha hahahaha !
Star's POV
I saw Jackie and Marco talk behind the school but I couldn't hear any of it ! I feel so weird ! I don't want to see any more of this ! I ran off and ran home !
I laid on my bed and looked at the ceiling , I really felt horrible and I don't know why , I'm usually not like this ! I decided to walk back to see what they are up to and then I saw Oscar ! Were they just hanging out without me ! I felt so left out and I hated it ! I saw them leave but I don't want to follow them anymore so I went back home and told pony head everything !
PH : girl , what did I tell you ! ( speaking in her normal over the top voice )
S: i just can't ! I'm afraid ! ( starting to feel really horrible)
PH : ( lowered her voice and started to realize how hurt she was ) aw , don't be like that Bfly I'm sorry , listen he would be a stupid dummy dumb to not like you star butterfly ! You are amazing gurl! And he would be an stupid earth turd even stupider than I thought ! And he's pretty stupid in my eyes right now !
S: thanks pony head ! I could always count on you to cheer me up !
PH : your welcome Bfly !
Princess jail ~
Guard : princess pony head , it is your curfew! Lights off !
PH: of course ( her tone suddenly became proper ) would you kindly give me one more minute my good knight .
Guard : of course princess !
PH : thank you oh so much my noble knight .
Guard : (closed the door )
PH: ( turn back to star )sorry you had to see that Bfly ! ( her tone back to normal) it's just if I don't talk like a prissy princess they wouldn't let me talk to you !
S: it okay pony head ! Chuckled , hahahaha !
PH : hahahaha I know it's pretty funny ain't it Bfly !
S: hahahaha thanks pony head you better get going before they do anything else !
Ph: you sure you gonna be alright star ?
S: yeah ! I'm okay now thanks pony head!
PH : okay talk to you soon Bfly !
S: byeeeee!
Star's room ~
Sound of the front door opening
M: hey star....? You home ?
S: yeah ! ( I said while running down stairs)
M: good ! I have great news !
S : what ?! ( kinda excited)
M: Jackie and Oscar are going to have an 4 week anniversary this Saturday!
S: oh ( kinda disappointed)
M: what's wrong ?
S: nothing ! Just are you going ?
M: yeah but I need to have a date ! Are you going ?!
S: I don't know ? I might not be able to get a date !
M: oh really ? Well ...
Marco suddenly knelt down and pulled out a bracelet!
M: do you star butterfly want to go to Jackie and Oscar's anniversary with me Marco Diaz ? ( he said romantically)
S: erm ...... Yeah !!!!!!!!
I was exploding , fangirling , I could hear my heart beat faster and faster !!!!!!! Marco Diaz asked me to a party !!!!!!!
Marco picked me up and spun me around ! I was laughing like crazy!
M: thanks star !
S: no probs wild man !
Marco's POV
I opened the door and my heart was pounding , but I had to do it step one has to go without a hitch !
I told her about the party and she wasn't all that excited which made me scared ! What if she doesn't want to go ?! But Oscar taught me that no matter how she feels it's better try and fail then to never try ever plus the whole party was just so I could tell star how I feel and ask her to be my girlfriend ! There was no 4 week anniversary but Jackie and Oscar was willing to pretend it was their party for my sake , I actually had more planed out then star thinks ! Star is going to be more surprised in her whole life everything would be prefect and all that I need to do now is to wait until Saturday !
The week passed quicker then I thought and it's Friday night and tomorrow it's will be the best night of my 15 year old life yet it could also be the worst day of my life !

Author's POV
Hey guys , I really love writing this story I mean there is just so much I can do with it and I decided that Marco , star , Jackie and Oscar shall be friends which is reasonable I mean the only reason Marco felt nervous around Jackie before is because Marco liked her back then but now he just think of her as a friend and we have seen Marco being okay talking to girls other then star so it makes sense to me ! Anyways Marco has something huge planed and it will be told in the next part and I can't wait to write it but it's late here and this will be the last one for the day the next one will come out tomorrow btw if you have time imagine of what Marco would do for star on Saturday I mean he already used someone else's name to throw a party for star who knows what else he is willing to do ! Oh and one more thing I will not include the fight scenes with ludo , they have been fighting him but I would like to focus on starco so if your looking for fights then you got the wrong story it's called just another day ( starco ) so I would not write the fights scenes sure you can imagine them and put them anywhere in the story as long as it doesn't change the plot , maybe I would throw in somebody capturing Marco or star , I think Marco ,in the future but not until part 8 after that I might so yeah bye !!!!!

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