Sometimes I need a hero too

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Hey guys I'm back and this picture is by Dark-Machbot . Now I used this picture in another part called everybody needs a hero but I deleted that part because I rewrote it and changed it to why ?! I did that because it wasn't showing that everybody needs a hero was uploaded so I thought watt pad deleted it but when I checked it this morning it showed that it was , long story short I had some probs anyways let do this
Star's POV
I woke up to see blood on my dress which puzzled me because I didn't feel hurt , I was perfectly fine ! I struggled to get out but to no avail , I looked around remembering I brought my wand but I realized I could have dropped it ! Ugh !!!! Now what am I going to do ! Suddenly a person came in ..... He wore a mask I couldn't tell who it was !
Mp: princess star butterfly you are awake !
My mouth was taped shut so I couldn't talk , I just simply gave him a death glare !
Mp: don't be like that , listen I'm sorry
I never wanted any of this to happen it's my master , he wanted me to do this !
I gave him the sarcastic really ?! look
Mp: it's the truth but don't worry your boyfriend Marco Diaz will come to rescue you soon !
Nooo ! Marco ! I gave him a muffle
Mp: oh you want to talk ! Let me help you with that ! ( he took off the duck tape )
S: why did you call Marco ?! ( I said desperately trying to catch some air )
Mp: it wasn't me it was my master !
S: why are you doing this ?! Wait why is your master doing this ?! Who is he ?! I'm sorry I'm used to talking to the mastermind !
Mp: it's okay , but my master never told me and his identity must be kept a secret until the right time !
S: fine , but why did he call Marco ?! I can save myself , now what do you want ?! My wand ? My love ? And what does this has to do with Marco ?! I mean if you captured Marco then it makes sense because I would give up my wand or my love for him but if you kidnapped me and called Marco it just doesn't make any sense !
Mp : I told you I don't know !
S: okay fine be that way ! But I'll find a way out , by myself ! I don't need a hero I can escape myself !
Mp: no you can't , seriously you can't , the only way is Marco !
S: no ! I can , I can get myself out of this !
Mp: you don't understand the lock can only be opened with his love ! You can't do anything it's star proof !
S: but...... But !
Mp : just sit here quietly !
Ding dong ~
Mp: wait here I'll be back with Marco !
S: wait ! No ! I'm not finished ! I can escape you'll see , you'll all see !
Ugh ! Face it star , that mysterious person is right ! You do need a hero !
No ! I can't ! I'm gonna get myself out of this !
Marco's POV
I arrived at ludo's old castle which was destroyed when the wand was destroyed but it was fixed by someone , I just don't know who ! I walked in prepared for anything , prepared to kill Tom once and for all ! He probably called me here to kill me but no ! Not this time !
Mp: hello there Marco Diaz !
M: he was taller , didn't look like Tom , no the person standing there was buff !
Mp: are you ready to battle me in front of your beloved star butterfly?! ( he wanted to intimate me but no it didn't work but when I saw star , she looked terrible , she looked like she was injured more after the mirror call , she looked like she had been crying ! I got mad )
M: what have you done to her ?! ( I was angry , mad and ready to tear him to pieces ) you said if I came alone you wouldn't hurt her !!!!!
Mp: I'm the bad guy remember ! What I say cannot be trusted but what I'm about to say now is a real promise ! Whether you want to believe me or not !
M: and what is that promise ?! ( I got angry )
Mp: if you win the battle against me you shall bring her home and I'll stay away forever !
M: de...( but before I could finish )
Mp: but ! If I win you shall be my servant and star shall be my bride !
M:(once I heard that I knew it was Tom ! ) deal ! Bring it on Tom!
Mp: oh I'm not Tom but you shall soon see who I really am !
Star's POV
He casted a spell to make my eyes red like I cried ! I still couldn't get out , he was right ! It's star proof ! I feel so helpless so weak ! I hate it , I hate being the damsel in distress! But Marco has already made a deal with that mysterious person and I couldn't do anything about it ! I just have to watch them fight !
Marco's POV
We were in position ready to attack!
Mp: go !
I punched him causing him to fall back , I was angry and when I'm angry I destroy! He tried to punch back but I blocked it but when I blocked his punch he kicked me making me fall , he punched me again and kicked me while I was on the floor , I looked up and saw star sitting there looking so helpless , she couldn't talk either ! I got up and kicked his face and punched his stomach! I kicked his legs causing him to fall , I jumped up and landed on his body , I got on him and punched his face with all my might , but when I looked up again I saw star crying , I realized what I was doing was what Tom would do , and I punched him callously ! I didn't want to become a monster , I stopped but before I could do anything he punched me causing me to fly across the room , I looked at star , she looked like she wanted to scream my name , and jump up to save me ! I didn't want to become a monster , I would rather be his servant then to become a monster , I gave up but before he could punch me for the last time and win ......
Star's POV
The Marco I saw fighting trigger now was out of control, he was mad , he was angry ! And I could do anything to help all I could to was to look at Marco slowly becoming a monster and it's all my fault ! I started crying at the thought , he is becoming a monster and I'm just watching him , he slowly resembled Tom which hurt me ! But then he saw me like this and stopped yet the mystery person punched him and he flew across the room I wanted to help him , I wanted to scream and save him !!!!  But I couldn't , I kept on crying and Marco was across the room , he looked at me for the last time and he was ready to take the last punch to finish it all , he gave up so I wouldn't think he was a monster , so I wouldn't think he was becoming Tom , I feel it's all my fault and now I'll become this guy's bride and Marco will be serving us ! I closed my eyes and I wanted to die knowing that I will have to marry someone I don't even know ! And I will have to be separated from Marco ! But then a voice spoke up !
Marco's POV
MM: all right that's enough !
Another guy wearing a mask walked in and ordered him to stop ,
MM: I think that's enough to test him !
M: huh?!
S: giving the wha...?! face !
MM: hahahahaha ( he chuckled)
Wait that sounds like
MM: hello Marco , he took off the mask and revealed his face ....
Star and I was in shock
MM: it's me king butterfly ! Hahahahaha ( he chuckled again )
M: what ?!
K: listen Marco , when star told me about you I thought you were okay for a friend but for a boyfriend , please !
M: what ?! ( I looked at star while the mystery person took off her cuffs and her duck tape )
She ran over to me and hugged me tight , I returned the hug )
S: are you okay Marco ?! ( she said with a frail voice )
M: I'm okay as long as you're safe ! Are you okay ?
S: yes , he didn't hurt me at all !
K: well you didn't think I was going to hurt my own daughter right ?!
S: dad ! What were you thinking ! Marco could've been killed !
K: that's why I stopped Daniel ! ( he said as Daniel removed his mask )
Both: what ?! ( star got angry )
S: how could you !!!!!!!
K: listen star I wanted to test if he could protect you and love you , and he demonstrated both!
S: how ?!
K: you see he was willing to fight a guy bigger and stronger then him by 2 times ! Plus when he saw you were crying because you were afraid of him being a monster , he stopped ! Even if it meant you two couldn't be together , he would rather be a servant then a monster in your eyes !
M: but what if I chose to kill him ?! How could you trusted me to not kill him ?!
K: yeah , about that I gave you fake weapons and I knew your karate skills can't kill people , you had to use the weapon so there was no way you could've killed him !
D: I'm so sorry star , Marco I hope you can forgive me ! You father gave a royal request and as you know I can't disobey him !
Both: it's not your fault! ( we gave him a reassuring smile but then star's smile faded )
S: it's my father fault ( she glared at the king )
K: star , don't be like that !
S: no dad ! You almost scared the both of us to death ! We are traumatized! I thought I was going to get married and Marco would have to see me get married to someone I don't love !
M: star it's okay ! ( I touched her shoulder )
S: but Marco !( she whispered to me )
M: ( I shook my head )
S: fine ! ( she whispered ) dad ( her voice got louder ) we forgive you ! But if Marco didn't tell me to forgive you , you would have been screamed to death by mom and I !
K: thank you Marco , I knew you were forgiving !
M: okay let's go back to the castle !
We walked back while I asked him some questions.
M: so what about the blood on the dress ?!
K: faked it !
M: star's red eyes ?!
K: faked it !
M: the reaction for the video ?!
K: faked it !
M: wow !
We got back to the castle and explained it to the queen , she slapped the king then realized it wasn't nice so she apologized! After that we went to our rooms the king and queen said we should announce it to the whole of mewni tomorrow morning and right after we could head to school !
M: well star are you happy ?! Cause I am ! Your parents agree to let us date !
S: yeah , I guess I'm just still mad at my dad , I mean how could he ?!
M: don't worry star it's all over !( I pulled her in for a hug )
I could feel tears on my white shirt
M: star ?!( I got worried, I separated from the hug and looked at her in the eye ) are you okay ?!
S: yeah ! ( sniffles ) as long as you're safe !
We hugged for five minutes in the hallways outside our rooms , some maids passed by but we didn't care !
S: Marco ?!
M: yeah ?!
S: can you stay with me until I'm asleep ?! I need my hero !
M: of course star !
We went into her room and I pulled a chair next to star's bed and watched over her until she fell asleep , after I made sure she was asleep I kissed her forehead and went back to my room to sleep , but I couldn't , after today I really realized I love star more then I thought , she is my everything, I realized I'm willing to die for her ! I love her !

Author's POV
Hey guys ! Woah ! That was sketchy! I almost cried while writing this part ! Anyways yes !!!!!! Everyone supports their relationship except for a certain demon ! Btw I wanted the king to disagree because normally it's the mom that disagrees and let's face it the king is crazy enough to do this ! Hahahahaha! Oh and the locks can only be opened with his love which was true when they saw how Marco loved star they unlocked it ! Oh and the king does agree to their relationship now ! Btw I'm considering to make a jackunzel fan fic so be looking out for that ! See you soon and bye !!!

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