The anti love potion

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Hey guys I'm back ! Yay ! Btw this picture is by Oh- Hell -no 69 from deviant art so yeah ! Let's go !
Marco's POV
M: ready ?!
E: ready !
We walked out and made our way to the hall , it was decorated with star's favorite colors , just ... Just like the day I told her I liked her ! Our anniversary is today , the truth is it has only been one night but it feels like weeks ! It's currently 5:30 in the morning , how do I know ? Daniel told me , the demon world likes to stay up late so the party is starting at 6 . We are ready ! We can do this !
M: okay guys huddle up !
We got in a circle ..
PH: what's the plan earth turd ?!
M: okay , Brandon , strasky, see the DJ over there ?!
Both: yeah !
M: I need you guys to change the music so Tom would have to go and change it back , that gives me and phony head a chance to give star the potion !
Both : got it !
M: but wait for my signal , Brandon , create a distraction for the DJ while strasky changes it okay ?!
Both: will do !
M: okay as for you guys I need you to block tom's way , if he's coming our way ! Like maybe dance in front of him , block him from coming our way !
E: got it !
M: Daniel , I need you to get ready the scissors for our escape , and you need to warn us if Tom is coming our way !
D: got it !
M: oh and if anybody asks we're demons here for the party !
All: got it !
M: okay , for now we stay focus on the plan , wait for my signal .
E: will do !
Everyone tried to look natural so we mingled , Brandon and strasky got to the DJ and are standing there for my plan , everyone got on the dance floor but was still focus , they would look over to me , Daniel stood a few feet in front of me , phony and I stood at the food table , the food looks similar to the food star likes , but that just reminds me of our anniversary, but I have to stay focus , phony and I thought star wouldn't drink the potion if it looked weird so we poured it into some drink , but it wasn't toxic , I held the potion in my hand to make sure no one else took it , I was kinda shaking and I guess phony realized ..
PH: hey , earth turd ! Why are you nervous?!
M: huh ?! How ... D... id you I was nervous?! ( I shuttered )
PH: it's kinda obvious, plus star told me that when you get nervous you shake like crazy ! I guess she wasn't kidding !
M: she tells me a lot about you too . ( I suddenly stopped being the nervous wreck I am )
PH: really ?! Like what ?! ( her voice becoming softer )
M: like you're a great friend ! ( I tried to be comforting )
Ph: Marco , I'm sorry !
M: wait did you call me Marco ?! And did you say sorry ?! ( chuckles,) better prepare a camera !
PH: ( chuckles ) I'm serious ! I'm sorry I almost killed you , I was afraid of losing star !
M: no probs , the truth is I'm always afraid of losing star !
Ph: why ?!
M: cause , star is an amazing person and everyday when we battle ludo, I'm afraid to lose her , like what if ludo kills her ?!
Ph: I heard a lot about this ludo guy , he doesn't sound very smart to me ! There might be a day where we both lose her , but all I can care about now is to cherish her , have fun with her while I have the time !
M: thanks pony head ! You're not so bad , you know ?!
Ph: wow you called me pony instead of phony ! Better cherish this moment while we can ! And you're not too bad too earth turd !
M: thanks phony !
Both : hahahaha!
Ph: hey but let's keep this a secret , in front of star I still hate you !
M: hahahaha, I'll still hate you when we're not in front of star !
Ph: good , deal ?!
M: deal !
Ph: pinkie promise ?!
M: but you don't have pinkies !!!
Both: hahahaha!
Trumpet sounds ~
M: it's time !!
I nodded in the boys direction , signaling them to start the plan soon !
M: come on phony !
PH: right behind you earth turd !
We made our way to the side of the dance floor , everyone cheered ! I looked up and saw star in a beautiful dress , but that wasn't star , she looked over the top , she wore a pink gown that was very puffy and with a long train , she had a lot of make up on which wasn't my type , she looked like those "popular girls " from every single high school movie , she was the only thing she never wanted to be a pink prissy perfect princess !
M: that's star ?! ( I almost screamed )
Ph: lower your voice earth turd ! And yes or no ? The thing is her name is starry , at least that's what everyone calls her , she is not our Bfly , she is a imposter! ( phony head started to get worked up too )
M: shush ! Do you want to get caught?!
Ph : hey you did it too !
M: no time for that !
Tom and that so called starry made their way to the center of the dance floor , ugh ! That should be me ! Anyways , I nodded to Brandon and strasky for them to change the music ,
Suddenly folk music started playing !
M: that was faster then I expected!
Ph: yeah ! But look tom's going away !
M: yes ! ( I nodded to the guys so they could block Tom from getting back )
Come on phony ! We need to get to star !
I was all dolled up but as I was looking at myself i felt some kind of emptiness , it felt unpleasant!
(S: huh?! Starry ! Are you feeling unhappy ?! Yes ! Listen to me you love Marco ! Not Tom ! He put a spell on you ! )
But then ...
Door opening sounds ~
T: hey starry ! Oh you look beautiful! Come on your surprise is waiting for you !
St: coming tommy !
(S: nooooo! Tom I swear when I'm not under a love spell I'll freeze you so you can stay that way until THE END OF TIME ! I shall put I curse on you !!!!!! Now what was the spell about the chupacabra nightmare for the rest of your life ?! )
We stood hand in hand before the grand hall door ,
T: ready , my starry ?!
St: of course ! ( I gave him a faint smile )
T: good !
He opened the door and immediately the crowd cheered! They immediately made a circle around us on the dance floor but suddenly folk music started playing ! I kinda liked it !
T: ugh ! Thats totally the wrong music ! Excuse me starry , I need to fix this !
St: but tommy ! ( before I could say another word , he ran off ! Ugh ! How could he do that ?! )
I walked over to the food table , I looked at the food and gosh do they look unsavory ! I cringed !
( s : ugh ! These are just terrible copies of Marco's delicious cooking ! )
But then a boy and a flying head came over !
(S : wait ! I know that chocolate brown hair anywhere ! It's Marco ! And pony head ? Omg they're alive !!! Thank goodness!!! Marco ! Help me !!!! )
M: hello there !
Ph: hello ( her voice fancy )
St: why hello ! Who are you two ?!
M: my name is sir ....
Ph: sir earth turd ! I'm ever so sorry he is very forgetful ! ( she answered for him , I gave them an awkward smile and looked at the food again )
(S: hahahaha! Classic pony head !!! )
M: oh and she's madam phony head ! ( the teen nudged her while she did the same) (s: hahahaha aw ! They're so funny classic Marco ! )
M: anyways , do you like the food ?!
St: not really but do you have a better choice?!
Ph: actually we do ! ( she said as the teen boy showed a pink colored drink )
(S: wait ?! Is that  ?! Yes ! It is !! They got the anti love potion !!!!! )
St: oh how lovely , but I don't think I'll be drinking it !
M: come on just give it try it's very savory !
St: no thank you !
Marco's POV
It wasn't working !! I looked over to the DJ and it looks like Tom is frustrated with the DJ so I still have some time  !
M: Erm, how about a deal ? You look bored , if I dance with you will you drink it ?!
St: why do you want me to drink it ?!
M: because ..... Because it contains magic only a princess can obtain !
( phony head looked like she was about to kill me ) It is a powerful magic if someone unworthy drank it the magic will consume him or her , only a princess can obtain it powerful magic , it can bring eternal beauty and health! You can't possibly pass up such a offer !
St: but why are you giving it to me ?!
M: because in return you shall give me the night of my life , one dance and I don't need to keep such a dangerous thing !
St: Er ...... very well ! Hand me that !
She took the bottle and all she had to do was drink it !!!!!! Phony and I looked in hopes nothing would happen , no more surprises !

Author's POV
hey guys !!! Hahahaha cliffhanger ending !!!! I guess you have to wait for the next one to see what happens !hahahaha'! ( laughs evilly ) but in the real note I'm sorry hahahaha, I just had to ! Btw starry is a little unsure of her feelings so she cracks easily! So yeah ! Oh and did you guys get the Bella and the bulldogs reference? Hahahaha, I love references !
See you soon and bye !!!

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