You're gone again !

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Hey guys I'm back and I'm so sorry I didn't upload a part yesterday, it's just I wasn't feeling it after I watched the good dinosaur, it was so good !!!! Anyways , the pic is by deadcerberus from deviant art! Let's go !
Marco's POV
M: hey star , you okay ( I said while putting down my sandwich)
I noticed she was distracted and not the
Star kind of distracted , it was like she was deep in thought.
S: huh ?! Yeah I'm good ! ( I could tell she was trying to hide something, but she normally doesn't hide secrets from me )
M: no you're not star ! What's wrong ?
S: it's just , I'm still upset about losing the necklace you gave me , I feel so bad !
M: it's okay star , I told you we don't need it to remember what happened last year .
S: I know but it's really weird , I mean I remember putting it in my treasure box , that's the only thing I keep properly !
M: maybe you dropped it by accident?
S: Marco I'm not a six year old kid ! I'm pretty sure I didn't drop it without knowing!
M: it's just a suggestion.
S: do you think someone took it ?!
M: nah !
S: but what if someone took it !
M: who would steal from you except ludo!
S: I don't know ?! It was a beautiful necklace! ( I nodded ) what if they want to steal the only thing you gave me because they were jealous?! Maybe it was Janna! I saw how she looked at you ! And ... And she has your house keys !
M: I thought I took it from her ?!
S: she could have copied it !
Star was sounding a little crazy , hmmm like when thought Gustav was up to something !
M: star calm down , maybe my mom took it to keep it in a safe place !
S: but .... But .....
M: no buts we'll ask my mom when we get home , now eat up !
S: okay .... ( she said unwillingly )
M: my mom's not home yet , what do you want to do ?
S: I need to go look for the necklace !
M: okay .... I'll help you !
We went up and looked everywhere!
S: it's no use , we can't find it !!!!
M: are you sure you want to give up ?!
S: I guess , I'm really tired , can you go back to your room ?
M: okay , see you later at dinner !
S: bye !
I went back into my room and took out the exact same necklace , when I asked her to be my girlfriend I brought more of the same design because I knew star would lose it someday but I thought she would lose it way earlier, looks like I did the right thing to buy more ! I want to surprise her tomorrow with this necklace, maybe I should just tell her I found it under the bed or something then she wouldn't be so sad about losing the first one !
MrsD: Marco , star ? Dinner's ready !
M: coming mom ! I'm just going to call star !
MrsD: okay !
But when i got to her room I saw a note on the door ,
Marco ,
Leave me alone for now , I'm still upset about the necklace , I don't want dinner for now , maybe later okay ? Oh and don't come in I need my privacy .
                                            Love,  star
M: huh ? Oh , okay then see you later star , hope you'll be okay ! Tell me if you need anything okay ?
That was weird because star would never skip dinner !
MrsD: hello Marco, where's star ?
M: she says she doesn't want to eat . ( I said while sitting down )
MrsD: that's weird because she loves food ! She never skipped dinner before !
M: I know ! But she says she's still upset about the necklace , hey mom have you seen it ?!
MrsD: no , did she lose it ?
M: yeah !
After dinner ~
MrsD: Marco , bring this up for star , if I know her she would be starving by now !
M: okay thanks mom !
I walked up stairs , and I knocked on her door ,
M: hey , star ? My mom asked me to bring some food for you , it's pizza ! Triangle food , yum !!
No answer ......
M: star ? You okay I'm there ? I'm coming in okay ?
I opened the door and saw no one ! I ran up to the upper floors , no , nada ! No ones here !!!!  I saw her dimensional scissors are still here so she couldn't have gone to another dimension!
M: mom , star's not here !!!
MrsD: what ?! ( she ran upstairs)
M: I don't know .... I .... I j..ust..
MrsD: calm down Mijio , do you know she could have gone ?
M: w...ell She couldn't have gone far !
MrsD: we'll look for her here , you go to mewni and ask the king and queen, maybe she went there !
M: o..kay!
I grabbed the dimensional scissors and went straight to mewni !
M: my king , my queen !
Q: oh how lovely to see you again Marco, you're early ,  but where's star ?!
M: s...he .... S..he's gone !!
K,q: what ?!
M: she wasn't in her room and ... And
K: send the guards to find her immediately!!! I want you looking in every dimension until you find her !
M: I...I'm so sorry !!! I should've taken better care of her , I'm so sorry !
K: it's not your fault !
Q: Marco , what happened?!
I told her everything...
D: sir , someone spotted Tom with her !
E: what ?!
M: but how ?!
D: our guards are following them now and it looks like star is asleep !
K: is she alright ?!
D: she does not seem to have any injuries!
K: send ..
M: wait , I need to go save her !
K: but ...
M: I'll go with the guards , I'll save her from Tom , I have to , it's bad enough I didn't realize she was gone , I need to save her !
K: are you sure ?!
M: as a knight , a guide , a friend and most importantly a boyfriend!
K: very well , send our best guards  to escort him , we don't want him or the princess hurt !
D: yes , I'll get everything ready !
M: let's go !
Star's POV
I woke up in a dark yet pink room , it had a princess bed and a beautiful window , but I could tell it wasn't my room , no , not again ! Is my dad up to this ?! Oh and if I have to be rescued again so help me ! Then the door opened ...
T: oh , star butterfly, you're awake !
S: Tom ?!  ( I said in confusion )
T: yeah , hey I brought you some dinner !
S: Tom , what am I doing here ?!
T: I just wanted to talk to you , hang out with you ( he slowly leaned closer to me , his face was in front of mine , he slowly tilted his head and moved his head closer , I immediately pushed him away )
S: what are you doing ?! ( I said with anger ) I thought I told you to leave Marco and I alone !
T: listen star , I promise I changed , the reason why I acted like that was because I really wanted to dance with you , I wanted to be with you forever !
S: Tom , we broke up and now I'm dating Marco , it's as simple as that, we can never be together now ! Don't you understand?!
T: but STAR ! ( he got a little mad ) hmm , breath in breath out , star I changed now I no longer get mad , I just need to breath , Bryan thought me a lot these two years !
S: I saw what you did Tom , you're never going to change !
T: fine ! But at least eat up , I'll send you back in the morning !
S: wait , you're just giving up like that ?
T: what choice do I have ?! The blood moon bonded Marco and your souls , the only way I can be with you is for you to want to be with me , and I guess we both know how that's going to go down ! I just want you to be happy !
S: really ?! ( my heart melted at that sentence )
T: really !
S: well that's better , I guess now we can be friends then ! ( I took a bite of the food )
T: yeah and we both know if I can't change then you will !
S: what ?! ( I started to feel sleepy , then I fell into a deep , deep sleep )

Author's POV
Hey guys wow , another kidnapping , but this time it's serious and it looks like star let her guard down, Marco also heroically volunteered to save star ! Things are getting serious, anyways I'm so so sorry I didn't upload a part it's just the feels I got from the good dinosaur !!! Ahhh !!!! See you soon and bye !!!

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