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Hey guys I'm back , and this is a time skip to Halloween 2015, hahahahaha I know it's long overdue but I saw this picture and I love the idea of them dressing up like Jack Frost and rapunzel ! Let's do this !
Time skip ~
Marco's POV
Today is Halloween, I have been dating star for months now and nothing really happened, it was great ! Going to school while holding hands with her , being friends with Jackie and Oscar , mewni accepting me , we visit star's parents twice a month, pony head is coming out of princess jail because of "good behavior " , everything has just been perfect !
S: oh Marco !
M: yeah star ?!
S: did you get your Jack costume?!
M: well I brought a blue hoodie and painted on some snowflakes, I got my skinny jeans in brown and I got my staff . Hahahahaha, first time getting a weapon huh ?!
S: hahahahaha! Anyways I made a black case to put my wand in , it's so I can use my wand / pan if ludo's came !
M: hahahahaha!
S: oh and I got this cool crown I requested from my mom !
M: cool ! All we have to do is put on our contacts . But I still need to put on my wig .
S: I wonder what you would look like with white hair ?! Hmmmm ?! Hahahaha!
M: hahahahaha, I would probably look like Olaf !
S: hahahahaha! Yep !!!!
Both : hahahahaha!
M: now come on wear these contacts and we can go treat or treating then we can go to Jackie's party !
S: hmmm , I'm not sure if I want to put those plastic things in my eyes , they look evil !
M: okay if you don't want to , the truth is I don't want to either so let's just skip that ! But can you help me with my wig ?
S: okay !
M: ow !
S: sorry , I'm not use to putting on Fake hair !
M: hahaha , easy for you to say , you already have golden blonde hair !
S: hahahahaha, well we could have dressed up as Merida and hiccup !
M: nah , I like you better as punzie !
S: hahahahaha, wow your white hair does look good on you !
M: Erm, it's platinum blonde hair!( I tried to mimic Jack )
S : sure ... Hahahahaha!
M: let's go !
S: wait Marco ,are you sure you want to go trick or treating ?! I heard Janna say it's for kids !
M: it's okay star , if you want to go , the truth is I still kinda like trick or treating !
S: really ?!( her eyes lit up )
M: duh ! And even if I didn't like it I would still accompany you !
S: hahahahaha, classic Marco ! Always looking out for his friends !
M: correction , girlfriend! ( I said while pulling her closer )
S: Er..... , thanks Marco !( she hugged me so I hugged her back )
The truth is I wanted to kiss her , yup , I still haven't kissed her yet , but if she's not ready I'm not going to push her I just want her happy !
M: sure , let's go ! Shall we punzie !
S: hahahahaha, we shall Jackson !
Both : hahahahaha!
M: bye mom we're going trick or treating, then we'll be at Jackie's party !
MrsD: bye mijio!
S: bye mrs Diaz!
Trick or treating ~
RP: hello there , oh Jack Frost and rapunzel ! Here you go !
Both: thank you !
M: hahaha, are you having fun ?!
S: yep ! And look at all the candy !
M: I know right ! It can last until next Halloween!
S: I know ! I'm so excited ! Hey is that Johnny ?! Hey Johnny over here !
Jo: hey guys , oh you are jackunzel ! So cute !
M: yeah ! I like your Dennis costume but are you alone ?
Jo: no , Olivia is with my sis and her brother !
S: OMG, are you hanging with Olivia ?!
Jo: yeah ! Her and I are friends !
M: that's awesome J man !
Jo: thank you !
Ol: hey Johnny , who are they ?!
S: hello ! My name is star butterfly!
Ol: wait the star butterfly! That means your Marco Diaz ! Oh my gosh ! You guys are so cute ! Jackunzel !
M: yeah ! But how did you know about us ?!
Ol : Johnny and my brother always talks about you two !
S: that's awesome !
J: hey guys out trick or treating ?!
M: yeah ! You guys ? !
J: my parents wanted me and Oscar to take care of them , hey still coming to my party right ?!
S: yeah ! I love your costumes guys ! A mermaid and a prince !
O: yeah ! We decided to match !
J: your costumes are so cute ! I love jackunzel !
M: thanks it was star's idea but I love it !
S: hey you guys want to go to he party yet ?!
J: is it okay with you Johnny ?!
Jo: yeah , Olivia and I are getting tired can she stay at our house until the party is over ?!
Ol: please big brother!
O: alright I'll ask mom but you have to promise to stay in Johnny's room with Johnny until the party is over !
Ol: deal ! Come on Johnny !
Jo: sure !
S: so let's go !
At the party ~
S: I love everyone's costumes !
J: yeah , plus we're having a costume contest , the best couple costume will get a special spot on the dance floor , right now I think your's is the best !
S: aw , thanks Jackie !
J: hey I need to go , catch you two later , come on Oscar !
O: okay !
M: so star , having fun ?!
S: yeah !
J: hey guys it's time to announce the who won the cutest couple costume !
O: and the winners are Marco and star  ! Whose costume is Jack and rapunzel !
E: yeah !!!!! Wohoo !
The spotlight was above us ,
M: do you want to dance star ?!
S: of course but my name is rapunzel , Jack !
M: hahahahaha! Of course !

Author's POV
Hey guys I wrote this part just for fun because they look so cute as jackunzel and I just love it !!!!! I had to !!!!!! And I'm sorry it was short , btw maybe in the next part I will do another time skip to when they're 16 then they can kiss , I don't know ! See you soon and bye !!!

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