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4 Long Years ( I'm continuing this for @starco246812) by yourfriendboop
4 Long Years ( I'm continuing White Rabbit✨
The Now 18 year old Best friends Star and Marco both miss each other greatly. The last time they saw each other was when Star was called away back to Mewni. When Star pr...
Reflection by GravityUniverse115
Reflectionby GravityUniverse115
After losing his parents, Marco has had enough of Star's antics and vows revenge.
Star vs the Future by RealStarco14
Star vs the Futureby Starco Stories
Star drags Marco into the future because she is curious about what their future holds. Both of them are greeted by their future selves, but Marco has a bad feeling when...
Echo Creek Collage: A Starco Story by REDJJGAMER14
Echo Creek Collage: A Starco Storyby REDJJGAMER14
Marco is a new 18 year old student who recently graduated from high school and wanted to study further (even tho is not as intelligent.) He dream to one day have a great...
Starco: Confessions by qtaylor3214
Starco: Confessionsby Taylor.black_diamond
When he was with Jackie she loved him,but now that she's with tom, he loves her.Star Marco have always been best friends they would always do everything together, Since...
The Blind Girl (Starco Au) Completed by Ash113101
The Blind Girl (Starco Au) Marie
Star butterfly was born blind and can't see what's around her, but when she bumps into a guy they become good friends.. but what happens when the words he speaks makes h...
[SVTFOE] Royalty For The Mind, War For You. by Masqueradingg_Qatt
[SVTFOE] Royalty For The Mind, Qattiriina
(Takes place after Season 2 Finale!!) Weeks past and Earth is under attack by the Mewni's enemies, the Monsters. Star, a properly trained princess after attendin...
Bad Boy Marco AU| Star Vs the forces of evil by ItaShootingStar
Bad Boy Marco AU| Star Vs the Dira
Star Butterfly was a rebellious princess from another till she was sent to Saint O's. Now she is a polite and proper princess. Marco was once the saf...
The beauty of us (Starco) by percyjackson393
The beauty of us (Starco)by JohnWatson
When Marco reads Star diary he finds out something that will inevitably change their relationship.
Svtfoe : Starco Trash by Ash113101
Svtfoe : Starco Trashby Marie
Ranked #7 in Starco Starco One Shots, Writing Prompt, and videos related to Starco, or random post I do ╮(╯▽╰)╭ I'm literally starco trash I ship two cartoon characte...
🍋Starco Lemon Oneshot🍋 by rissette_
🍋Starco Lemon Oneshot🍋by Riss (Rea)
A Starco lemon that I decided to write. 16+ ONLY! -Riss
I Hate You, I Love You ||Starco AU||  by TripleV234
I Hate You, I Love You ||Starco {}
Highest rank: #1 in #starco [COMPLETED] Here's one of the most important scenes from the book just for you: "What's you're problem? I'm a likeable person, why don'...
Starco One Shots by Rainbow_golded
Starco One Shotsby Clown Noises
I love Starco. Also because i can. ok? ok. Update 3/5/18 - This just in: The author is not quite dead yet. Hooray
Behind my smile (STARCO) by Bigzim272
Behind my smile (STARCO)by Bigzim272
Marco is dating Jackie and almost every time they spend time together but behind there happiness Star was not. Ok that's it, if you want to know more read the book.
Into The Black Hole by jacomoss81
Into The Black Holeby Jaco Moss 81
What Happens if Star and Marco do get sucked into the Black Hole at the end of Bon Bon The Birthday Clown well in this story they do. Star and Marco find themselves in a...
Tom x Reader *COMPLETED* by username4616
Tom x Reader *COMPLETED*by username4616
Y/n hasn't had much of an exciting life over their 17 years of life. Everything seemed to be so boring, until Star came into her life. Star brought magic, excitement, an...
Starco children Svtfoe by AminaKarahodzic
Starco children Svtfoeby Dawn ♡~♡
Hii guyysss itss ya girll again XD Hope you enjoy this new version of Starco kids I know of :) Enjoy ❤
Slightly Younger •Reader x Tom (SvtFoE) by SuperiorSenpai
Slightly Younger •Reader x Tom ( ♡~Artie~♡
(Y/n), the slightly younger sister of Star, moves to Earth to keep her sister in line while also unintentionally starting a romance with Star's Ex? COVER CREDS TO THE LO...
The Butterfly Effect | Star vs the Forces of Evil  by StarryEyedButterfly
The Butterfly Effect | Star vs Starry Myst
When Marco Diaz comes to realization about his feelings for Star, his thoughts consume him. He can't seem to get the princess off of his mind, and as a result, he sets o...