Just for you

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Marco's POV
It's Saturday ! It's Saturday! The day I finally tell star how I feel ! I leapt out of bed and ran to the shower . I had to make sure everything is going to be perfect ! First I dressed in my normal hoodie and skinny jeans, I made my way to star's room , I made sure she's still asleep and she was ! I left a note for her and her dress for the day , Jackie helped me pick it out and it was a beautiful blue and white dress with a flair bottom and I am certain it would look amazing on star ! I left her room to go prepare everything else !
Star's POV
S: ow.... Oh it's morning !
This week has just been wonderful ! Marco and I have been doing a lot of things together like watching tv staying up late to watch movie marathons and we still have two more days before mr and mrs Diaz comes home ! And the party is tonight and Marco is my date ! I'm so excited! I decided to wake up Marco , like I do ! I slowly opened the door and
S: Marco ! Wake up ! ( I said shouting )
Huh?! Marco ! ( I jumped on the bed )
Huh? He's not here ! That's weird !
I walked back to my room and noticed a note on my desk and a dress hanging on the staircase in my room !
S: huh ?! What's this ?
Dear star ,
                     Please wear the dress hanging by the staircase , please follow the riddle given below and there will be a surprise at the end ! Do not worry you will be in time for the party tonight so please wear the blue and white dress with the Tiffany blue heels right below the dress and I'll be waiting for you at the party !
The first time I laid eyes on you ,
I was thinking what to do ,
While you were wondering about your new school ,
I cared for you with my rules ,
The place you are heading is the place that drools !
S: whaaaa? The first time he laid eyes on me ? Oh school but where in the school ?
I walked to school and looked around then I saw it the water fountain I was chewing the first time Marco saw me , oh and he looked out for danger so I wouldn't get hurt !
Marco's POV
I was following star the whole time ! It took a while for her to figure it out but she still did I can't wait for her to see the next note
Star's POV
S: oh here's the next note !
Hello star here's the next riddle ! You are doing good keep it up star !
Riddle :
The first time ludo fought you ,
Was the first time I thought I was cool ,
You made me feel brave too ,
And together we were a team of two !
You can do it star remember I will be waiting for you !
S: okay so the first time I fought ludo with Marco is ....... Oh ! The convenience store where Marco stormed off after I accidentally made his room a black hole ! Ha hahahaha ! Good times !
I walked to the convenience store I saw no note so I walked in and
Employee : oh your the girl!  I'm supposed to give a note , oh here it is ! ( handing her the note )
S: oh why thank you ! ( while taking the note ) anyways did the guy that gave you the note say anything ?
E: nope he just said to not look at it !
S: oh okay then !
Star how are you doing so far ? Hope you like the riddles here's the last one
The first time you turned my life into a black hole I felt mad ,
But now I'm really glad ,
Your room next to mine was easy to find ,
The adventures we had are still in my mind !
Good luck star !
S: black hole , room next to mine ..... Oh the Diaz house hold !
I ran back home
Marco's POV
When I saw she was thinking I decided to go back and get ready !
I ran home and placed her new dress , gloves and shoes on her bed , I chose a pink and white dress with a bow on the waist that resembles the one from the blood moon ball ! Her shoes were red with sparkles and her gloves were white with pink cuffs !
After I was done laying down her stuff I ran to my room took a quick shower and waited for her to come home ! Star's POV
I reached home and went upstairs and saw a new pair of shoes , gloves and a new beautiful dress ! I loved it !
I took a quick bath and changed and when I opened the door I saw Marco !
S: I thought you said you would be at jackie's party and meet me there !
Marco was staring at me blankly
M: oh ugh ..... I could let you go alone could I ?!
S: yeah I guess , btw what was the riddles about and these dresses and shoes
M: just wanted to make this day better and better !
S: okay ?! Let's go then !
M: shall we m'lady ? ( reaching out a hand )
S: we shall !( I took his hand )

Author's POV
Hey guys the party will be uploaded momentarily so yeah and I'm so excited that's it about now bye !

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