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Hey guys I'm back and yay new part ! Btw this picture is by Minty- red from deviant art so yeah ! Let's do this !
I wanted to drink the potion because I wanted to be beautiful for tommy , so that tommy would love me more ! I took the drink from the teen's hand ...
I lifted it to my mouth but then a random guy dumped into me and made me drop it on the floor !!!!!
(S: nooooooo!!!!! That was my last hope !!!! ) star fell to her knees crying knowing that there will be no other way she can become herself again , of course they could go back and make another one but starry might not want to drink it again and it would get harder to meet starry again !
M,Ph: noooo !!!!!!!
St: hey ! Aren't you going to say sorry ?!
Random guy : sorry ! ( he said half heartedly)
St: well I'm sorry about the drink ! ( they looked crushed ! Even when they're wearing masks I could tell )
No response ~
St: hey , how about this , I dance with you one time to make it up to you ?!
M: phony ?!
Ph: it's your last chance , go for it !
St: so ... Is it a deal ?
M: yes ! ( I could tell under that mask was a sad face , I don't know why I just feel like that ! The teen let out a hand , I placed my hand on top of his , hoping tommy wouldn't find out )
We got onto the dance floor , the folk music was still playing !
M: hahahaha, Erm , do you want to dance to this music ? Or do you want to wait for a better song ?
St: hahahaha, I actually like it ! Come on ! ( I took his hand and spun around, I danced like a hillbilly! Hahahaha, if tommy found out he would get crazy jealous! But I was actually having fun like ever since I got with tommy I never felt this happy ! )
(S: Marco ? Marco ! "Sobbing " I love you ! I wish I could tell you ! Please! )
M: hahahaha, not bad for a pink prissy perfect princess !( the teen said as he danced like a cowboy )
S: I would say not bad too but I don't know how a crippled cowboy would dance like ! ( chuckles, obviously insulting him )
M: hahahaha, says the girl who's wearing a ball gown yet is dancing like a hillbilly!
S: hey !( imitating a hillbilly) I'm the crazy old crook you find in every pioneer town ! Hahahaha!
M: hahahaha!
Marco's POV
When the potion spilled I felt like all hopes were dashed , sure I could go back and make another but getting in here wouldn't be as easy anymore , I felt like falling to my knees and sobbing my heart out , until I became as wrinkled as a raisin , but then starry offered to dance with me , one time , I looked at phony and what she said made sense , even if it was my last moment with star , I'm going to cherish it ! Ev... Even if it mean it would be the last time ! One last time !
I got to the dance floor and I looked over to the DJ , looks like strasky and Brandon saw I was dancing with starry for the last time so they managed to stall him a little longer , funny I suddenly feel happy even if she wasn't the real star , in my heart I know she's still in there , but for now I'm doing what phony said , to cherish my last moments with her ! We danced and insulted each other , it was fun but then the song changes to a sad song ...
M: well I guess that was the one dance .( when I turned and left , she grabbed my hand ! I turned around and said ) star ?! ( in hopes the spell broke )
(S: wait what ?! Starry ? What are you doing ?! )
St: no ! Come with me ! ( she grabbed my hand and ran off , I could see phony following us  just in case but I don't think star or starry knows )
We got under a tree in the garden , or should I say undead tree !
M: what was that all about ?!
St: listen , I hadn't had that much fun with Tom so I'm wondering if you could hang out with me until Tom comes back !
(S: I knew it starry , you knew deep down you still loved Marco right ?! )
M: who are you ?!
St: I'm starry of course, but don't get me wrong , I'm still .... I'm still in l..love with tommy it's just he's off doing who knows what , and I don't like being alone !
( s: starry no ! You don't love Tom ! )
M: okay , I guess ! Wait ! Guard !
( I pulled her into a bush until the guards walked past )
We were very close , close enough to kiss ! I carefully leaned in and ...
( s: wait is Marco cheating on me with starry ?! Wait I am starry ! Weird ! No Marco don't ! I ... I wanted to kiss you tonight ! )
St: wait ! No I can't !
M: oh , sorry , it's just you looked a lot like the love of my life !
St: I do ?! ( she didn't sound happy )
M: yeah ! She looks just like you except she's gone , forever ! ( my voice grew deep )
(S: Marco ! I'm not gone forever ! I'm here ! )
St: I'm so sorry , okay , let me tell you a bit about myself !
M: sure why not ! ( my head hanging low , I'm going to lose star forever and I can't even kiss her ! Huh ! Normally a love spell can be broken with true loves kiss ! Well in this case I can't even do that !
St: I'm not what I seem to be !
M: huh ?! ( my head shot up )
St: the truth is I'm a substitute
M: what ?!
St: I used to be somebody , I don't know who she is and I don't know who she loved or her story !
M: you what ?!
St: I ... I thought if I have this chance to live then I would ! I mean all I have to do is continue to "love " Tommy and that's kinda what I'm here to do ! I only exists to love Tommy , it's like a computer is programmed to do this or to do that ! I just have taken over this body ! At first I thought I did love him but slowly I stopped having feelings like that !
(S: what ?! )
M: what ?!
St: shocking! ( sarcasm) I know right ! Can you not tell anyone ?
Marco's POV
M: ( I thought for a moment and it's crazy ! Then that means the love potion never worked ! It's just an illusion! I decided to play along , maybe I can do something to break her ! she said she's like a program and a program can be broken! ) your secret's safe with me !
St: thank you ! You know I actually prefer to stay out here and just talk !
( she said as she laid down in the dead grass )
M: yeah ! ( I laid back as well )
St: so ... I told you my secret , tell me about this girl !
M: well ... (if I tell her about star and I , maybe she'll crack or feel sad for me and give herself up for star and I ! )
So  I was just a normal boy until this girl came into my life , she changed me and for the better ! She was cheerful , caring , funny , loyal , kind , wonderful , beautiful , brave , a fighter , fearless  and different , most importantly she was my one true love ! My life is nothing without her , she's ... S... She's my life ! I'm was willing to die for her ! I loved her ( I sat up )
(S: Marco ? Sobbing ,wait LOVED ? What's that supposed to mean ? )
St: sounds like one heck of a girl , what happened? ( she sat up as well )
M: she .... She .. Was consumed ! By you ! ( I got really mad and angry , I wanted to hit something )
St: what ?!
M: the body your in now was my girlfriend's ! ( but I started sobbing uncontrollably, )
(S: Marco! No ! No ! I'm so sorry ! "Sobbing ")
St: I ... I'm sorry ! I'll do anything to make it up for you !
M: then give up the body to let her have it back !
St: I can't ! I don't know how!
M: w... Well ...
Guard : there she is sir !!
T: ugh ! Finally !
Both: what ?!
T: starry what are you doing here with this guy ?! ( jealous)
St: I j.... Just ! ( she clinched her teeth )
T: what's wrong starry ?! What did you do to her ?! ( Tom picked me up by the collar )
I clinched my teeth , something started to hurt inside of me !
(S: starry !! How could you !!!!!! I ... I'm not letting this one slid this time !!!!! ) star got angry , really angry she cliched her fists and yelled at the top of her lungs !
St: Tom ! No stop it !! ( I said in pain )
T: but he did something to you !!! ( his voice angry and still hanging the teen by his collar )
St: I said stop it !!!!!! I hate you !!!!  You are a manipulative, bad - tempered , evil , brainless demon !!!!! ( she yelled at Tom , Tom immediately put the teen down and ran over to me )
T: starry , are you feeling okay ?! How could you say that ?!
St: no I'm not okay because you're touching me !!! And that's the truth !
I hate you Tom the demon !
Suddenly some Knights and a the flying head came running here ..
But then suddenly I knew what was happening, it's time to shut down ! It's time to end this !
I gave a grin to the teen who claims to be this girl's boyfriend, if he is I say good luck , she was a tough one to take over !
St: listen dude , I know what's happening, I just want to say cherish this one ! She's a fighter ! (I gave him a grin while holding back my tears and pain )
I blacked out !
Marco's POV
The last thing she said hit me , I knew what she meant , star's coming back !! She gave me one last grin before she fainted...
T: starry ?! Starry ?! Starry !!!! Don't go !!!
While Tom kept screaming, she woke up ...
S: ugh ?!
T: starry ? ( his eyes lit up , but I know what's coming for him )
S: oh , my Tommy !!! ( star punched him in the face , causing him to fall back ! Hahahaha that felt so good ! )
We were all shocked except for me !
S: ( she stood up and placed one foot on his chest) that's what you get you manipulative, bad - tempered , evil , brainless demon !!
T: star ?! But how I .. I
S: shut up Tom ! ( she pushed her foot more )
T: ahh , guards what are you waiting for ?! Get her !!
D: yeah about that , we think they're dead ! ( Daniel smirked , I gave him a smirk like saying kid well done , he nodded )
We all looked over and saw them on the ground , motionless !
D: yeah , we took out your guards when you where helping your so- called girlfriend !
S: what do you have to say for yourself Tom ?!
T: ugh !!!
M: ( I took off my mask ) stromier, Simon , bring him to the dungeon, I think he needs a taste of his own medicine! ( I ordered them as Brandon opened the portal to mewni )
Stro: come on , you don't want to fight us ! ( he said as they picked him up from under star's foot )
I looked at star and she looked back I ran to her and hugged tightly, I never wanted to let go !
M: i... Is .. It r..really you ?! ( I said while hugging her as tears fell down my face )
S: what do you think wild man ?! ( she sobbed as well ) sniffs , Marco , are you okay ?!
M: yup !
Ph: hey , don't forget about me ! ( sniffs )
S: how could I ever ?! ( she pulled phony in for a hug , I looked at phony and gave her a wink , to remind her of the talk , she returned the wink )
D: I'm sorry to break this hug fest but we need to leave !
All : right !
We jumped through the portal and we were in the throne room ......
To be continued ~

Author's POV
hey guys ! Sorry I had to break the touching moment but I have to stop , it's at 2000 something words and this is the longest part I've uploaded, consider it as like you know there's always that longer episode of the series like its the season finale well consider it like that except I'm not going to end it yet , cause it's too much fun ! Oh did you guys catch the Ariana grande song title reference and the mild phinease and ferb reference? I love to reference stuff in my fanfic , it's just so much fun ! Oh and I will reveal the spell Tom used on star , yes , it wasn't a love spell , everyone got it all wrong !! Did you expect that ending ? How did I do ? Were you guys surprised ? Cause I was , I actually wrote it to originally be a love spell but then there was no way out of the spell except the anti love potion so I decided to give a surprise ! Surprise ! Anyways I'm looking forward to tomorrow's part because I'll be writing about the explanation just in case you are not reading my POV and you're like WHA ?! I'll explain it in the next part !
See you soon and bye !!!

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