Telling it all over again

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Hey guys I'm back ! Wohoo! I just love this story so much anyways I'm not sure if I can upload a part tomorrow but I'll see , I'm sorry I've been slacking lately but soon , soon ! Laughs evilly, hahahahaha! Btw this picture is by Otakuofeverything from deviant art so yeah !
Marco's POV
Who knew Jackie had such a backstory anyways after we grabbed our stuff we went home , Jackie dropped off Oscar while star and I walked home .
M: so star , how was your first sleepover?!
S: it was great ( yawning )
M: you okay star ?
S: yeah ! Just tired ! ( still yawning)
M: come on star ( I said while bending in front of her )
S: huh ?! What are you doing Marco ?! ( she laughed)
M: get on my back ! I can carry you home !
S: there's no need Marco ! If I can handle 8 monsters coming at me at once , I can handle a little walk ! ( still yawning)
M: come on star ! Please ! I can't bear to see you like this !
S: what do you mean ?( still yawning)
M: well you're obviously tired and you look like you're going to trip at any time !
S: I'm good ( she fell and landed on my back )
M: ha! Told you !
Then I noticed she was already sleeping
M: star ?
S: ( snoring softly )
M: well then let's go ! ( I said while carrying her )
I carried her on my back all the way home , her head resting on my shoulder, it felt nice !
I reached home and grabbed my keys carefully, one slip up and I'll drop the keys . I opened the door carefully to see my parents on the couch on the phone .
MrsD: oh my goodness ! What happened?!
M: nothing mom ! She just got tired !
MrsD : oh thank goodness!
M: mom , I need to put her on her bed first then I'll talk to you !
MrsD: okay then !
I walked up to star's room and laid her in her bed , I pulled the covers over her and kissed her forehead and said goodnight to her . I had to explain to my parents what happened so I went down .
MrsD : okay Marco ! What is going on ?! Do you know how worried we were ! We saw your sleeping bags , clothes and toothbrushes were gone ! We thought you ran away with star you know cause you have that huge crush on her ! So we almost called the police !
M: wait what ?! Mom , dad you knew ?!
MrD: we're your parents Marco ! We know you better then anyone !
M: okay well mom , dad , you missed out on a lot this week!
MrsD: well what are you waiting for tell us !
I told them everything !
M: blah blah blah stories blah blah blah !
MrsD: oh my goodness Marco !
M: I know right mom !
My parents were basically fangirling!
MrD : yes !!!!! My son !!!!!! Dating a princess from another dimension!!!!!
M: dad ! Be quiet! Star's sleeping !
MrD : right ! We don't want to wake up our future daughter-in law !
Both : giggling like fangirls !
M: dad! I don't know if I can marry her !
MrsD: but if you could , you would right ! ( my mom said ecstatically)
M: mom ! We're too young ! We haven't even kissed yet !
Both : why ?!
M: star doesn't want to and I respect her decision! I can't force her to kiss me !
MrsD: well at least we didn't miss that !
MrD: yes ! Please tell us when you want to have your first kiss ! We'll take pictures !
M: dad!
Both: hahahahaha
MrsD: oh Marco , you were so sweet ! If your father did that to me , I would've married him right away !
M: mom , we're 15!
MrsD: oh whatever ! We're just so happy for you !
M: thanks mom !
Star's POV
I woke up ,
S: ugh, what time is it and why am I here ?!
I looked over and checked my clock , it's 2:30 !
Huh ? I thought I was walking home with Marco ? Oh no ! I must've fell asleep on the way home ! I mean how do I do that ! That means Marco must've carried me home ! Oh no ! Anyways , huh I wonder if pony head is asleep yet , she must be ! I'll just tell her what happened this week tomorrow! I went back to sleep and woke up at 5 ! Huh ? Oh I'm sure pony head's awake !
S: magic mirror call pony head !
MM: calling pony head .....
PH: hey bfly !
S: hey pony head !
PH: so how's that relationship going with you and earth turd ?! Oh and I'm sorry you can only call me once a week !
S: it's okay pony head , I mean it's not your fault it's saint olga's reform school for wayward princesses to blame , I mean who sets a rule about one mirror call a week !
PH: I know right bfly ! Now tell me how's this past week going ?
S: tells her everything ! Blah blah blah stories blah blah blah ! More fangirling!
PH: omg!!!!!! Bfly !!!!!! ( fangirling) I'm so happy for you !!!!!!!!! ( but she tried to keep it under control so she wouldn't get another strike)
S: I know right !!! I'm now Marco's girlfriend!!!!!!!!
PH: I'm so happy for you bfly !!!! I knew he liked you !!!!!
S: thank you so much pony head !!!!!
PH: you are so lucky bfly , you know having a boyfriend! I wish I had one !
S: awwww. You will pony head !
PH: thanks bfly !
Guard:princess pony head ! You have to go to class !
PH: ( her voice becoming fancy again ) why of course my knight , would you please give me a minute I need to bid farewell to my very close acquaintance .
Guard: yes of course my princess !
PH: thank you oh so much !( she gave a polite nod )
The guard left
S: wow ! I can never get use to that !
PH: so sorry you had to see that again bfly ( her voice back to normal )
S: anyways I need to go get ready too
PH: okay , mrs Diaz! ( she joked )
S: pony !
PH: alright alright bye bfly talk to you next week !
S: bye pony !
I turned off my mirror and went to get ready after I was done I tiptoed over to Marco's room and jumped on his bed !
M: ugh ! Oh hey star !
S: hey Marco !
M: did you sleep well last night ?
S: yeah and thank you for carrying me back !
M: no probs star ! ( he said while getting into the shower )
I looked around his room and saw the hoodie Marco lent me during the sleepover , I know it was the one because it had a stain , I got some nail polish on it while I was painting Jackie's nails , it looked like it hadn't been washed .
S: hey Marco , why haven't you washed this hoodie ?
M: Er, ( he got out of the shower ) I didn't have time to wash it !
S: oh really , it's not because it has my scent ?!
M: Er......... Yes ! And no !
S: huh?!
M: it has our memories ! When I look at it it reminds me of the moment you told me you loved me ! ( he stepped closer until he was right in front of me )
M: I really really like that hoodie ! It has to be my favorite!
S: Er......
Then he hugged me tight ! It felt so good ! I could smell his cologne wait since when he wore cologne ?!
Marco's POV
MrsD: ( coughs )
Both: huh ?!
M: mom !
MrsD: oh no carry on ! I was just getting the laundry! ( she picked up the hoodie )
M: wait mom ! No ! Give that back ! That's a special one ! Never wash it !
MrsD: why not ?!
M: remember !
MrsD: oh ! Right ! Sorry ! Here you go ! Wait Marco !
M: what ?!
MrsD: are you wearing cologne?!
M: Er..... Maybe ?
MrsD: awww ! Did you wear it for star ?!
M: mom ! She's right there !
MrsD: oh sorry ! Well I'll be going then ! Breakfast is downstairs, your father is waiting .
S: okey dokey ! I just need to go get something from my room !
M: okay !
MrsD: you are quite the lover boy my son !
M: mom!
MrsD: hahahahaha! Kidding ! I'm going downstairs, we'll be waiting for you two love birds ! I see the next mr and mrs Diaz !
M: mom !
MrsD: bye !
Star's POV
If Marco wore cologne for me then I need to wear his necklace and maybe put on some perfume that mrs Diaz brought me this summer ! I ran downstairs and saw Marco sitting in front of mr and mrs Diaz and I also saw an empty sit next to Marco so I sat next to him . It looked like they all noticed the necklace!
S: Er, good morning mr and mrs Diaz !
Both : good morning! ( they said while giggling)
S: morning Marco !
M: good morning star !
Mr,mrsD: ( giggling)
S: okay ......
We eat breakfast but we didn't do the dishes , too bad !
M: bye mom ! Bye dad !
MrD: be careful ! I want my future daughter in law to be safe !
I overheard him say which made me blush and my heart flutter ! Does that mean mr and mrs Diaz really likes me ?!
M: dad ! She's right there !
Both: hahahahaha!
M: ugh ! ( he said embarrassed )
While walking ~
M: hey star are you wearing the necklace I have you ?
S: yeah ! I want to wear it wherever I go now !
M: and do I smell perfume ?! ( he said while smirking)
S: and do I smell cologne?! ( I smirked too )
S: anyways , Marco , did you tell your parents about us ?
M: yeah ! I told them last night !
S: and what was their reaction ?
M: they were really happy !
S: really !
M: yep ! My mom and dad loves you ! I mean who wouldn't ?!
S: hahahahaha thanks Marco ! Oh and I also told pony head !
M: really what did phony head say ?
S: it's pony head ! And she was really happy for us !
M: really !
S: yep !
Both : hahahahaha!
M: but what about your parents ?
S: if you want I could tell them ! We could go back to mewni and tell them ourselves!
M: I would love that !
S: great ! Let's go this weekend!
M: sure ! I can't wait to see mewni again !
S: oh and we can stay there for a night ! You know if you want !
M: star ,( he stopped )
S: yeah ?
M: what if your parents don't like me ?
S: Then I still wouldn't care ! I just telling them, not getting their approval!and I would still date you !
M: but what if they send you back to mewni to keep you away from me ?
S: then I would pretend I can't control my magic and make them send me back !
M: but ...
S: don't worry Marco ! No matter what happens , I will try my very best to keep you by my side ! I will fight to be with you !
M: and I will too !
We smiled to each other and continued walking . Marco started to make me feel uneasy, what if my mother doesn't agree , what if I can't be with Marco ?! We came so far just to be together! We can't be apart !

Author's POV
Hey guys wow that was so funny ! The next part should be uploaded either tomorrow night or Friday , I'm not sure but the next part will be uneasy ! Will star's mother accept Marco , will they have to go through a hard time to be together ? I don't know xD hahahahaha btw a villain will soon make a comeback maybe after a few parts , we'll see ! Oh and guys I don't know how to speak Spanish so I can't make Marco or mr and mrs Diaz speak Spanish unless I use google translate so if it's wrong then I'm sorry ! Malay and Chinese on the other hand I know how to speak so yeah just deal with it ! Hahahahaha! See you soon and bye !

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