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Hey guys I'm back and I'm going to explain what happened the last time ! Just in case you guys are confused. Btw this picture is by Dark-Machbot ! Mets do this !
Star's POV
When I heard starry said she was just a replacement for me , I felt confused at first but then it hit me !! Marco thought I was gone forever , and when he said he LOVED me , notice past tense !!! That means he used to love me ! I got mad !! I no longer want to be controlled!! I screamed , I struggled , in my mind I screamed at Tom saying he was a manipulative, bad-tempered , evil ,brainless demon , but I didn't expect starry to say it out loud! I kept saying I hated him and he's evil out loud, I realized I was starting to control my body again !!! I don't know how but it just happened, I got so angry I had enough ! And when I started to take control of my body , to my surprise starry knew what was happening and was ready to give up ! I felt I was fighting starry and I won ! After I returned , I punched Tom and secretly put a curse on him , but don't tell Marco , he would get mad at me ! We went back and got to the throne room ,
S: mom ! Dad !! ( I came running in and hugging them both )
Q: my star ! Are you okay ! Sniffs ( she said while hugging tightly into me )
K: my Star , you're home !!
S: I'm fine mom ! ( I pulled from the hug )
Q: what happened?!
S: well it's a long story ! ( I looked over to Marco who was hugging his parents )
MrsD: Marco ! You're okay ! ( she hugged him )
MrD: I knew my son could do it !
MrsD: star !! ( she ran and hugged me )
Are you okay star ?
S: yes , I'm fine mrs Diaz !
MrD: star !! (He hugged me )
S: mr Diaz ! ( I hugged back )
Q: Marco , come here !
M: yes mrs butterfly ! ( Marco walked over and my mom and dad hugged him )
K: thank you for bringing her back !
M: actually , star saved herself !
Both : really ?!
Q: I thought she was under a love spell ?!
M: we all got it wrong ! It was no love spell , it was a replacement spell !
MrD: alright , let's talk at my place , I'll cook brunch ! You two look famished ! Oh and you must be star's friend ! Would you like to come to ? ( she said to pony head )
PH: no thank you , my parents would probably freak out !
S: oh come on pony !
M : yeah phony ! Just come along and since when you obeyed your parents ?
All: hahahaha!
Ph: I don't but , I really want to go home and hug my parents ! ( she said in her over the top yet adorable voice ! )
M: I don't see how you can hug !
Ph: no , I'm serious ! ( chuckles) goodbye Bfly ! I'll see you later !
S: ow , okay then bye pony ! ( I hugged her )
Ph: bye earth turd !
M: bye phony !
She left ~
MrD: okay , who wants brunch ?
We cut a portal back home and all of us went in ...
S: so .... Mom , how do you reverse a replacement spell and how come I never heard of it ?! ( I took a bite of the food)
Q: it's a very ancient spell , the ingredients to it can only be found in a certain place , and the spell goes like this , the spell is used to replace the owner, the body will still be used , the spell creates a new spirit to use the body , the spirit has to do the person who made it 's biding , if the spirit does not listen to the person then the true owner of the body shall return , as for your case I think it's because starry said Tom is manipulative , bad-tempered , evil , brainless demon , but those words were from you ! Tom made her to love him so when she said that she no longer loves him !
M: then why didn't he use a love spell ?
Q: you see only princesses has access to the  love potion's recipe !
M: but why do only princesses get access to it ?
Q: mainly to train with the potion I guess , the love potion is the easiest experiment, princesses would make a love potion to pass tests like earthlings would make science projects , as simple as that !
M: if it's so easy then most people would've guess the recipe !
Q: it's not like that , it's the easiest to make when you have the recipe , the ingredients are very hard to find , but we were foolish to think Tom put a love spell on star , we should've know he couldn't have gotten the ingredients without royalty's help !
K: it's not your fault ! We were so anxious, we thought anything can help , we just wanted to help star !
S: yeah mom , I thought it was a love potion too !
M: but how did Tom get the replacement spell ?
Q: did I mention the spell was created by demons ? Everyone thought it was useless compared to the love spell so everyone stopped using it and now only demons has access to the spell because it is their spell , they have the rights !
S: but how did I manage to make starry say what I wanted to say ?
Q: either it's because the spell wasn't good enough or it's because you used all your might to disobey Tom mentally , I guess starry just broke down !
M: interesting ! I should study more about mewni spells !
Q: if you want I have a handbook !
M: I would love to study more about mewni !
Q: great , I'll bring it for you later !
M: thank you !
MrsD: okay , come on its brunch ! stop talking and enjoy the food !
All: hahahaha!
Q: the food is delicious, mrs Diaz ! Could you give the recipe to my maids ?
MrsD: of course ! It's my pleasure!
All: hahahaha!
We continued talking and laughing while we eat but I somehow feel like pony head let because she felt bad she gave the wrong information to my parents ! But I don't blame her one bit ! Okay , after this is time to get ready for our anniversary, it's only 11:30 , and our anniversary hasn't past yet so I'm going to do stuff as planned !

Author's POV
Hey guys ! So this was just like an explanation to the last part , the part was to long for me to explain anymore so I had to spilt it , oh and today is still their anniversary!
See you soon and bye !!!

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