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Marco's POV
I'm crushed! Star didn't want to talk to me , maybe I should explain to her what happened maybe after that she wouldn't be so awkward.
M: erm star ?
S: huh ? Oh yeah?
M: I need to go to my locker do you mind coming with me then we can go to class .
S: oh sure Marco.( she started to talk like herself ! Her non awkward self this is great maybe I don't need to explain to her what happened! )
M: thanks star !
We were walking to my locker , I opened my locker and I took out some books , I guess I was clumsy and accidentally dropped a book on star's foot ! Great going Diaz !
M: oh no ! I'm so sorry star ! Are you okay ?! ( I said while picking up my books but then ...... )
Star's POV
We hardly talked on the way here and I hate it so I decided I'm gonna ask him what was going on just now but for now I'm going to act like nothing happened so we don't have to be so awkward !
Marco said he needed to go to his locker so I went with him , but then he was clumsy and dropped a book on my feet , it started to hurt it was a pretty heavy book so I bent down to pick it up but then me and Marco's head collide !!!!! Aaggghhhhh !!!!!!!
Both: ow !
M: I'm am so sorry star are you okay ?! I didn't mean to do that !
S: huh ? Agh !
Our faces were so close once again ! Agh !!!!! What am I going to do I must have been blushing really hard oh no !
Marco turned into a tomato which was funny but it really wasn't the time to talk !
Marco's POV
I goofed up again didn't I ?! And just when star wasn't awkward anymore ! Why , why ?! But I noticed she looked like she was in pain so
M: star are you okay ? Is your foot okay ?
S : hahahaha yeah! ( I had an awkward laugh ) Of course why wouldn't I be ! ( I couldn't let Marco know my foot was hurting really bad ! It would just make him feel bad !
M: let me just check . ( I knelt down and took off her shoe , it was swelling !
What have I done ?! )
Your foot it's swelling ! I'm bringing you to the nurses office!
S: no Marco ! It's fine , it was just a book !
M: yeah ! A really heavy textbook it had 400 pages ( it was a history book )
S : oh alright but we'll be late to class!
M: that doesn't matter right now ( I was still knelt down when ... )
J : hey star , hey Marco . What are you doing ? ( Jackie said while giggling with Oscar )
M: a book fell and hurt star's foot I'm bringing her to the nurses office .
O: aw but it looks like your asking her to be your girlfriend dude ! ( Jackie nudged him with her elbow )
J: hey star you okay ? ( she said with a concerning voice )
S: yeah I'm fine but Marco insist I go to the nurses office . Hahahaha typical Marco !
J: well you are dating the safe kid hahahaha ( Oscar laughed with her too )
M: hey I told you I'm not the safe .... Wait what did you say ?
S : erm ..... What are you talking about ?!
J: obviously you two are dating and Oscar and I approve ! I mean you too are so cute together ( she said while giving a thumbs up)
Both : no no you two got it all wrong ! ( we said the exact same sentence while Jackie and Oscar giggled in the background )
J: okay whatever you say .... Hahahaha ( both were laughing while walking away )
M: erm don't listen to them ( I said while letting out a little smile so did star )
S: erm yeah hehehehe ( I felt so happy hearing them say that ,Marco looked happy too )
M: so let's get you to the nurses office ( I gave her a sweet smile )
S: sure !
M: come on ( I picked her up bridal style )
S: what are you doing ?!
M: well I don't want you to walk and put pressure on your foot it would hurt even more !
S: erm but what about everyone else they might see us and now Jackie and Oscar already thinks we are dating
M: so be it ! I don't care ( I said while walking )
S: ( aw , Marco's so sweet . But ugh no he's my best friend)
I can't believe I'm carrying star in my arms she lighter then I expected which is good I feel so happy yet my heart is about to explode into a million pieces ! I need to get it together !
While we were walking through the halls we heard people talking about us
Person 1 : aw so happy for you guys
P2 : we heard from Jackie and Oscar , congratulations guys !
P3: aw you guys are so cute !
P4 : dude your so lucky to have star the magical princess from another dimension!
P5: way to go bro !
P6: awwwwww!!!!!!!!!
P7: I can't believe your finally together!
P8 : looks like we have two pairs of couples this year !
P9 : wow Marco carrying her bridal style, a little too soon don't you think ?!
P10 : wow star you must feel so protected !
We ignored them all
M: looks like Jackie and Oscar told everyone at school we're dating huh?!
S: I guess you better let me down before they ship us anymore .
We were both blushing but star is always so beautiful when she blushes !
Star's POV
I feel so happy ! My heart could jump out at any minute now! I am actually really happy everyone thinks we're dating I wish I could really date him but one girl said something I disagreed with I don't need to be protected! I can protect myself ! I really hope people would get that ! But other then that I'm so happy seeing Marco care for me really warms my heart ! But it's ending soon because we reached the nurses office .marco carefully laid me down on the bed and told the nurse what happened, she chuckled and then laughed at Marco's clumsiness, Marco felt embarrassed but he cared for me right after .
M: so is she gonna be okay
N: Marco silly ( still laughing ) it's nothing serious, hahahaha , don't get so worked up about it, hahahaha , it's just a bruise ! Hahahahaha !
M: you sure ?! Doesn't she need to run some tests ?! Or anything?!
N: no Marco ! Ha hahahaha! Star , you are one lucky girl to have Marco as your boyfriend ! Hahahaha!
Both: what no he's / she's not my girlfriend/ boyfriend! ( ugh we did it again ! )
N: whatever you say ! Hahaha ! The whole school knows about you too ! Hahahah !
M: no listen ! She's really my best friend !
N: okay ! Okay !

Author's POV
Hahahaha this was so much fun to write ! They are so cute ! I'm not sure what the next episode is about but I would probably upload it tomorrow:)
Thank you for reading so goodbye !

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