Sunday !

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Hey guys wohoo ! Marco and star are now boyfriend and girlfriend btw the picture about is by lovable queen from deviant art!
Star's POV
Omg! I'm Marco's girlfriend! I'm so happy ! The moment Marco told me he liked me I could feel my heart exploding from all the happiness!
After the song was over we stopped dancing and .....
E: wohoo ! Yeah ! ( cheering noises )
DJ: okay you two , I'm sorry to say this but the party is over ! You can go home now !
E:( walking out )
Marco and I stayed there for a while ,
S: Jackie .... ! You are so awesome !
J: thanks star ! I just thought Marco needed some help ! And you are so awesome !
S: thanks ! We should hang out more you know ! Hahahaha ha !
Both : giggling!
O: so Marco my man how you feeling ?!
M: great ! Like my heart is about to explode ! But great ! Thank you so much Oscar ! Never knew I would need your help !
O: no probs man ! Plus if you're jackie's friend then your my friend too !
S: oh Marco .....? I think we should go !
M: okay then let's go star , thank you guys so much !
J: no worries Marco ! ( she said while waving goodbye to everyone)
Just the two of them ~
M: so star how did you like your night ?!
S: it was amazing Marco ! It was even better when we were fighting ludo !
M: I know right ! But this tops ludo's fights right ?!
S: of course Marco ! I loved it ! I couldn't think of a better way to tell me ! Although you didn't have to go though so much trouble!
M: no star ! I wanted everything to be perfect just for you ! Star you are an awesome girl ! Probably the coolest girl I know and I'm so happy that you chose to stay with my family back when you were a " foreign exchange student " !
Both: hahahaha ha !
S: awwww Marco !
We walked back home talking and talking and it felt great !
M: let me help you with that ( I opened the door for star )
S: thank you Marco !
M: hey star do you want to do anything else ? Like watch a movie or something?
S: no ( she said while yawning) I'm good , I just need to go wash up and I'm going to bed !
M: okay then I'll wash up too !
We took our showers and put on our jam jams, star wore her normal night gown and I just wore my jam jams and I went into her room to say goodnight but she was already asleep so I covered her with her blanket and turn off her lights , I looked at her for awhile and thought to myself , I must really be a lucky guy to have princess star butterfly as my girlfriend then I closed her door and went to sleep . I dreamt of star which made me smile in my sleep , I just couldn't believe star , my best friend from another dimension is now my girlfriend! It just felt so great !
Star's POV
We talked all the way home and I was getting tired so I changed and rested on my bed , at first I wanted to say goodnight to Marco but I fell asleep but when I was still half asleep and half awake Marco came in and covered me with my blanket and said goodnight that made my heart flutter so I decided to wake up early to cook breakfast to repay for all that he's done for me , I mean it would be so unfair for him to be just giving and giving and not accepting anything from me .
It was 5 am Marco usually wakes up at 5:45 so I had time to get ready everything , my mother used to say a good queen and wife must know how to cook ! At first I thought it was useless , I mean I could fight a dozen monsters fighting me at once!  How is cooking going to help me but now I realize she might be true but she is kinda old fashioned, not all girls need to know how to cook but I learned a few things from her , all these years I didn't want to cook is not because I'm bad at it , it's just I prefer to be that monster fighting brave princess and not a prissy perfect princess but for Marco I can cook !
I whipped up eggs , bacon and toast for breakfast as for the juice I chose orange ! I tiptoed to Marco's room And quietly opened the door , it was 5:44 am and Marco is really precise so I stood in front of his bed ready to jump on his bed at exactly 5:45 am and
Alarm sounds ~
S: Marco !!!!!!! Wake up !!!!!!!
M: huh ?! I like you star ! Wait what ?! Oh hey star !
S: ( wow he looks really cute with his messy hair ) ummmm, oh!  I made breakfast without using magic !
M: really ?! I thought you didn't know how to cook ? ( he said while getting off his bed and getting his hoodie and skinny jeans)
S: actually marco......, I know how to cook , I just don't like to ! ( I said while turning around waiting for him to finish his shower )
M: really that's awesome ! How come you never told me ? I mean you tell me everything including Tom your demon ex boyfriend! ( he said while getting out of the shower )
S: I just didn't want you to think I'm like any other refined perfect princess !
M: star you are perfect ( he said while lifting up my chin ) but not in a prissy princess way you are perfect just the way you are ! The monster fighting, brave , bubbly, happy , beautiful self !
S: awwwww thanks Marco !
M: now come on ! I wanna try your cooking !
We walked down and tried my cooking ,
M: wow ! This is really good !
S: really !!!
M: would chef Marco Diaz / food critic lie to you , I spare no one !!!!! ( he said in a fancy chef accent )
S: hahahaha, ehem, ( clearing my throat) yes chef ! ( I said while giving a solute)
M: good ! ( fancy accent )
Both : hahahahaha !
M: okay star come on let's go wash the dishes . ( still laughing)
S: together ?! ( my eyes lit up ) 
M: yup together!
Marco was hugging me from behind once again with his hands on my washing the plates , he laid his head on my shoulder once again !
There was no school today so we decided to go to Jackie's house to have a sleepover since mr and mrs Diaz would be coming home  tomorrow night so we decided to stay until tomorrow morning and go to school together .
M: hey star ? You excited for your first sleepover?!
S: yeah ! Are you ?
M: yup because it's the first sleepover I'm having with you even though I could actually have a sleepover with you every night
S: hahahaha , no !
M: yeah it would be weird and my parents would never let us do that !
S: yep so you can forget about it !
M: I know ! Hahahaha !
S: I can't believe we're friends with Jackie and Oscar , we're even going to have a sleepover later tonight !
M: I know right !

Author's POV
Hey guys , I'm not sure if I will upload a part tomorrow but I'll see if I have time , btw what do you think are they a believable couple , I think so maybe just the washing dishes part is a little hard to imagine the both of them but I'm good ! See you bye !

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