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Hey guys I'm back ! So yes , time skip again , btw this picture is by me , snaky !!!! Yes I drew this picture ! Anyways
Time skip when they are 16 ~
Marco's POV
Alarm sounds ~
M: ugh , oh it's morning , yes it's Friday!
I'm 16 now , and not much has happened, everything was great , star and I have been dating for a year now , and tomorrow is out 1 year anniversary! I can't wait , I have already planned everything to make tomorrow a very special day for star ! Ludo is still plotting on how to get star's wand but he always loses, it's no use star and I are just unstoppable! But there is one thing I wish I can do , I wish I can kiss star ! After one year I still haven't kissed her yet , but I don't want to rush her , I'll know when she's ready ! I got out of the shower and I put on my normal hoodie and skinny jeans when star came in as usual.
S: oh , Marco ?!
M: yeah star ?!
S: ready to go ?!
M: yeah , when's Ludo coming ? ( I said sarcastically)
S: probably after breakfast , let's go eat first ! Hahahahaha!
M: okay , hey star ? ( I pulled her in for a hug ) do you know what's tomorrow?!
S: tomorrow, it's a Saturday!
M: oh , it is a special day do you know what it is ?!
S: Erm , no , who's birthday is it ?!
I kinda feel disappointed!
M: oh , never mind ( i said with a disappointed voice , I pulled from the hug and walked off . )
S: wait , Marco ( she pulled me back ) I was just joking ! Hahahaha! How could I forget the day you told me you liked me in the sweetest way possible! ( she said while lifting my chin )
M: aw , thanks star , hahahahaha, I should have known you wouldn't forget !
S: hahahahaha, classic Marco , now let's go ! ( she parted from the hug )
M: okay , but just so you know I did a lot that day , hahahahaha!
S: yeah , yeah , wild man ! Hahahahaha!
MrsD: hello kids ,
S: hi mrs Diaz!
M: morning mom !
MrD: sit down and eat , we're having pancakes , yum !
M: sure dad !
Star's POV
I got up and I realized it was our anniversary tomorrow, luckily for once I didn't do something last minute, a few weeks ago I asked Jackie and Oscar to help me set up a prefect picnic in the park , okay maybe not really a picnic but there will be desserts ! After dinner I will ask Marco to the park and I already asked the park maintenance workers if I could set up lights in the trees , I found a spot of the park behind some bushes , that spot had an mini roller skating rink , I guess the park wanted a roller skating rink back in the day when they were popular , at least that's what Jackie and Oscar told me , they also taught me how to roller skate , Marco said he wanted to learn and now I'm a pro ! I also set up lights in the color of red and yellow , it looked beautiful! The park maintenance people said I could use it if I could fix it , so tomorrow there will only be us there , it was so pretty and I know Marco will love it , but I have to keep it a secret from Marco , I went into the room and called him ! He asked me if I remembered what is tomorrow, but how could I forget ! But I still want to prank him , I acted dumb and he fell for it hahahahaha! But he looked so disappointed, I couldn't bare to see him like that so I told him I jut pranked him , his eyes immediately lit up ! Hahahahaha! I was so tempted to laugh ! After breakfast we battled Ludo same old same old , nothing special about that !
S: oh no , Marco , the necklace you gave me , I need to go look for it , I'll be back !
M: wait I'll help you !
S: okay !
We went back into my room and tried to look for it ....
S: can you find it ?! ( I said starting to cry )
M: no , but don't worry , we'll find it ! (Then Marco noticed I was starting to cry ) star , it's okay come here ( he pulled me in for a hug )
S: no it's not okay , how could I lose something that is so important, you gave me that necklace and I lost it !( I started to sob harder )
M: no it's okay star , I could always get you a new one !
S: no , it's not the same , it has the memory of you asking me to be your girlfriend! It's all my fault!
M: no it's not , don't worry we'll find it , maybe you left it in your locker , we can look for it there !
S: but ....
M: no buts , I promised mewni I'll keep you happy , and it doesn't matter , we don't need a necklace to keep that memory of us , we have each other and we'll always be together! I promise star !( he said while wiping away my tears ) okay ?
S: okay ! ( I said while I wiped my face )
M: okay , now let's go , we can look for it when we get back home .
S: okay , oh and Marco ?
M: yeah ?
S: thanks !
M: yeah yeah ! ( he said jokingly )
S: hahahahaha!
Even though Marco told me not to worry about it I still couldn't keep my mind off it , I remember putting it in my treasure box , that was the only thing I keep in a certain place , I'm not usually organized but I kept that necklace properly , I remember putting it there last night !
M: come on star , it's lunch time , your favorite class ! Hahahaha!
S: huh ?! Okay yeah sure Marco !
I just wonder where did it go ........

Author's POV
Hey guys , so I time skipped again , I just couldn't wait for them to kiss , oh and there going to be a surprise in the next part , so be ready , anyways what do you think happened? See you soon and bye !!!

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