Chapter Twenty Eight (Final Chapter)

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Nate's POV

I'm going to be a father, this is the best day of my life! I lifted Alana up and spun around she looked just as happy as me. I kissed her and smiled against her lips, she's made me the happiest man on the planet.

I still haven't given her the present I had planned on giving her before everything happened, I think I'll surprise her tonight I'm sure she'll love it.

Alana asked me to leave the room while she talked to Hanna, I was going to protest but I didn't want her to get angry I don't think it's healthy for the baby. I stood outside the door and listened to them, I know it's rude but I'd like to know is on her mind. They were both silent for a while until I heard Alana's sobs.

"While I was he raped me, do you think the baby is his?"

I wanted nothing more than to go up to the guest room and rip his head off but I needed to listen to Hanna's answer, I heard her release a breathe and pull a chair out.

"I'm sorry to hear that Luna, you're a very strong person, but there's no way the baby is his, you've been pregnant for a month now."

I felt my body relax after hearing that. I opened the door and walked in, immediately I walked towards Alana and hugged her. She leaned into my touch and smiled.

"You've been out there the whole time, haven't you?"

I kissed her and nodded my head "he's lucky he's lost his memory or I'd kill him, I wish you wouldn't have stopped me when I found you guys."

She pulled my head down to hers and kissed my lips, "I love you Nate."

"I love you more Alana."

After Hanna left I carried Alana bridal style to our room, I need her to fall asleep so I can do what I've wanted to do since the day I met her.

I pretended to fall asleep next to her until I was sure she was in a deep sleep.

When I was in the living room I called Jace and told him to pick up two dozens of roses and come to my house. I walked to my office and opened the safe where I kept Alana's gift.

After making sure it was exactly how I left it I asked one of the pack chefs to cook a romantic dinner for us.

A few hours later everything was ready. I had decided to set everything up outside, there were two candles around a bouquet of flowers and the other bouquet would be given with the gift, dinner was on each side of the table and rose pedals trailed from the stairs to the yard.

I entered our bedroom and looked at Alana, she's beautiful I thank the moon Goddess every day for giving me her as a mate. I kissed her forehead and she began to stir "Alana wake up!" She grunted and told me to leave her for a few more minutes, I chuckled and said "dinner is ready you have to eat." Her eyes opened and she started getting up from the bed.

I led her down the stairs and to the backyard. When she saw everything she gasped and jumped into my arms.

"Nate you are so sweet, this is beautiful."

Seeing the way her eyes lit up made me fall in love with her all over again, she's amazing.

When we finished eating I walked to my office to get the gift and the flowers, I can't wait to see her face when she sees this she's going to love it!

Alana's POV

Everything is back to normal, I'm so happy to be home and with Nate and now I know that I'm carrying his child my life is falling in to place now.

After eating dinner I wanted to go up to my room and spend special time with Nate but he told me that he had another surprise for me, I was told to stay out back while he went to get it. I need to make this up to him I can tell how much time and effort he put in to all of this. Just as I was about to get up and look for him he came out with a bouquet of roses in his hands. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

"I have to ask you something." He whispered.

I nodded my head "go right ahead."

He led me back to my chair and placed the roses on the table. When I noticed he looked nervous I tried to say something but he stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled something out, once I saw it I froze, is he about to do what I think he is?

I felt my hands start to shake when he got down on one knee and opened the little box. I looked at the ring placed inside of the box, it was the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen. As soon as he started talking I felt tears well up in my eyes.

"I know we haven't known each other for a long time but the moment I saw you I fell in love with you, every day I fall more and more for you, and I know you're going to be the best mother to our child all I need is for you to be my wife so we can be the perfect family. Alana White will you marry me?"

To say I was left speechless is an understatement, I mean no one has ever been able to make me as happy as Nate does! Acting on my feelings I started kissing him, he pulled away and rested his forehead on mine.

"Is that a yes?" He questioned. I looked in to his eyes "what do you think?" Next thing I knew he was spinning me around while we both laughed.

**5 years later**

"Mommy, daddy wake up!" Our two kids giggled as they crawled into our bed. "Dylan, Lily go back to sleep." Nate demanded but instead they jumped on him and tickled him, you might ask, why aren't they tickling me, well I'm 5 months pregnant! Dylan and Lily are twins. First we thought it was only Dylan but after more visits to the doctor we noticed Lily's small body hiding behind her brother, Nate said it was because Dylan would turn out to be a strong man and he was only doing what every brother does to his sister, protecting her.

"Be careful kids I don't want you to hurt mom or your little brother." Oh yeah I forgot I'm carrying another baby boy, we thought about names but never picked one until the twins suggested Adam, if they liked it so did we so we settled on Adam.

After we ate breakfast Nate and the twins played outside while I watched them. I thought about everything that's happened in my life and I would never change a thing, I love my kids and my husband.

"What are you thinking about?" Nate asked. "Just how perfect everything is." I answered. He leaned closer to me and said "everything is perfect because you're in our lives."

I started crying but I was also laughing, Nate knew that it was because of my pregnancy hormones so he wrapped his arms around my body.

"I love Alana."

"I love you more Nate!"

With that being said we walked over to the kids and played with them. I feel so blessed to live the life I'm living!"


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