Chapter Twenty Three

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Alana's POV

I woke up to the sound of something hitting my window, when I tried to get up and check what it was I realized that Nate had his arm resting on my stomach. I kissed it before removing it and walking towards the window.

I moved the blinds to the side and saw Drew standing down there with pebbles in his hand, what is he doing here? I shot him a confused look and he ushered for me to go down to him, if I go down Nate will wake up and kill Drew, I just couldn't live with knowing that someone died because of me so I shook my head and told him to go home.

I actually thought he was leaving but when I saw him approach the front door I started to panic, and when I saw Nate's eyes open I panicked even more. "Why are you standing there?" He asked before walking towards me. "I um..well.. I wanted to see the sun rise" I said with worry in my voice. I knew he wouldn't believe me and as soon as he approached the window and I heard him growl I knew he saw Drew. "What the fuck is he doing here?" "I don't know I just heard some thing and got up to check what it was when I did I saw him" I said really fast so he could hear before leaving the room. I begged and begged "Nate stop..Nate please don't do anything stupid" but he ignored me and yelled "why the hell do you care so much about him? Do you still love him?"

Oh wow did he really just ask me that question? I yanked his arm back and yelled "you know all the shit he put me through, do you really think I'd still love him? And you know how much I care about you, if I loved him I wouldn't be here with your fucking mark on my neck" we were both silent after that, when he tried coming closer to me I stuck my hand up and told him to stop, I can't believe he doubted my love for him. I saw him walk towards the front door and open it but no one was there, I guess Drew heard us fighting and decided to leave.

I ran up stairs and in to the guest room, I just don't want to put up with Nate right now he hurt me and he needs to calm down.

When I heard foot steps on the other side of the door I knew he was coming to apologize. I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat on the bed with my back against the head board. "Alana we need to talk" I ignored him, "Alana please just let me in I don't feel like breaking the door" after that I knew that he'd eventually break it down and come in so I unlocked it and walked back to the bed.

He came right in and sat down next to me, after letting out a deep breath he started talking "I know what I said was harsh but I didn't mean it, I don't like Drew and I never will, the fact that you didn't want me to hurt him pissed me off. I mean why the hell is he here at 6 in the morning anyways?" I was silent but after looking in his eyes I needed to say something, "the only reason I didn't want you to hurt him is because I know that you'll end up killing him and I can't live know that he died because of me, and I don't know what he wanted, I just heard some noise and went to check it out when I looked out I saw him asking me to come outside." He put his hand on my cheek and I leaned in on his touch, just before he kissed me he said "I really am sorry, I love you so much and I get jealous fast." "I love you more then anything Nate, I can't imagine life with anyone except you." He closed the distance between us by placing his warm soft lips on mine, I don't know why but a few tears escaped my eyes, Nate pulled away and wiped my tears, he didn't ask me what was wrong he just picked me up bridal style and carried me back to our room.

Drew's POV

I could hear them fight a mile away, everything is moving exactly how I want it to. I bet their still fight right now, I was furious when I heard Alana say she didn't love me but I know she was just saying that so Nate would just drop the subject, there's no way she doesn't love me, we've gotten past a lot more then this before I'm sure she'll come back to me.

The next day I went out to buy some stuff for when I take Alana, I bought some rope, handcuffs, and a gun, I am not going to use the gun on her I'm only going to use it if Nate gets in the way.


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