Chapter Twenty Five

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Alana's POV

I couldn't stop crying, Drew came back in a while ago and I pretended to be asleep, he laid down next to me and kissed my lips, I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't jolt up and spit on him. I kept my eyes closed until I knew he had fallen asleep.

I searched his pockets for keys to unlock the cuffs on my hand but it was no use. Just as I was going to pull my hand form his pocket he grabbed it and said "do you miss touching me?" I shivered in disgust and said "don't get to happy I was looking for the keys so I could leave" "you love me, I know you do, you only left me because you were confused" this guy is crazy, "Drew the reason I left was because you cheated on me, I am now in love with Nate and only Nate" he didn't say anything after that but he lowered his head.

I felt a wave of nausea hit me after I said that, "please drew take the handcuffs off, I need to go to the bathroom, he shook his head and I begged again "please I think I'm going to barf." He got up and walked to a closet before pulling out a key and freeing my hand, I ran towards the toilet and started throwing up, at one point Drew came in and held my hair back for me, when I was done I washed my mouth and returned to the bed where I was handcuffed.

"Alana are you pregnant?" His question caught me off guard and made me think, I haven't gotten my period for two months and I am starting to throw up, I think I am pregnant, but I can't let him know that he'd just try to hurt my baby. "Um no I'm not, I just finished my period yesterday, I think I threw up because I drank expired juice this morning." He didn't respond, only nodded his head.

As soon as I get out of here I will go see a doctor and figure out if I am, I know Nate will be happy if I am pregnant, he'd make a great father.

I wonder what Nate's doing and if he even noticed I was missing. I miss him so much all I want is for him to come hold me in his arms and tell me everything's ok. I wish I would have called him earlier just so I could hear his voice but I was to busy trying to get ready for the date he'd planned.

"What are you thinking about?" I looked up and saw Drew giving me a confused stare, I decided not to answer him. "I don't get it Alana, how could you just forget everything we had? Before we moved here I was your everything and you still are mine."

Now I'm fed up with this bullshit.


"Wrong fucking answer"

I looked up to see him climbing on top of me. He pinned my free hand over my head and brought his face so close to mine that I could feel his breath on my face.

"Now it's time for some fun."

I knew what he was going to do, I started crying and screaming "please get off me. Drew please don't do this."

He ignored my protests and started kissing my neck.

"you're so sexy Alana, I can't hold back anymore"

I cried out loud when he ripped my dress off and stared at my body. I regretted putting on the sexy lace under wear that I thought I'd be wearing for Nate.

His hands slid up and down the sides of my bare stomach, I brought my knee up and hit him in the balls, he laughed and said "babe you know I like it rough." My voice came out in a whisper when I saw him remove his clothes "Drew you don't have to do this, if you let me go I'll tell Nate that I wanted to be alone for a little, I won't even mention your name."

He stood in front of me completely naked, he removed my underwear and spread my legs. I closed my eyes and cried even more when I felt him inside of me.

After he released inside of me he pulled out, I felt disgusting and wanted nothing more then to kill him. He slid my underwear up my legs and tried to kiss my lips but I pulled my head back and yelled "I hate you so fucking much."

He used his hand to grab the back of my head and keep it in place while he took his time kissing me, when he finally let go I pulled my head back again but he chuckled and said "don't act like you didn't enjoy it."

Jaces POV

I've never seen Nate like this, I feel bad for the person who took Alana because when he sees them their dead. I've been with him for hours now, we tried following her scent but it disappeared which told us that they had gotten into a car. Nate says he won't rest until she's back in his arms I just hope it's soon.

Nate's POV

I called and talked to some Alphas in the surrounding areas, one of them said that a man asked him if him and his girlfriend could stay in a cabin near by and he agreed to it, after getting permission to enter his area I told him that I'd be there in a couple hours.

I asked Jace to stay home and watch over the pack while I went to get Alana back.

There were multiple feelings moving through my body and I didn't like them at all, I knew they meant that Alana was being hurt but there was one really strong shock that was unbearable, it could only mean one thing. I am going to kill him.


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