Chapter Twenty Two

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While I waited for Nate to get back I started getting worried, what if the fire couldn't be stopped and he's in trouble right now? Or what if he was attacked by whoever started the fire?

I need to go look for him but he made me promise not to leave or even go near a door until he got back.

To bad if I promised, he's been gone to long I have to look for him. I put on a pair of sweat pants and one of Nate's sweaters.

I went to the door but as soon as I put my hand on the knob the door swung open and Nate stalked towards me, "didn't I tell you not to leave the house?"

I jumped in his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist "I was going to look for you," I whispered against his neck.

He kissed the top of my head and tightened his grip around my thighs.

After going into the living room he sat me down on the couch and started pacing. "What happened? Is there a lot of damage?"

He stopped pacing and ran his hand through his hair. "Half the town got destroyed and the business looks like a dump."

I could see how sad he looked and I wished I could make him feel better, I just didn't know what to do. "Do you know who did it?"

He shook his head and came closer to me, he didn't want me to see how hurt he was so he tried changing the subject.

"Didn't I tell you tonight would be the best night of your life?"

He asked while bringing his lips to mine, I nodded without pulling away, he picked me up and walked to our room.

Without warning he dropped me on the bed and striped me out of my outfit, when I looked back up at him he was already naked, he inched closer to me, "no interruptions this time."

I smiled before attacking his lips for a kiss filled with lust and passion.


When I woke up I could barely move my legs, Nate was rough yesterday, but that doesn't change the fact that it was amazing.

I went down to make breakfast without waking him up but there was nothing in the fridge or the cabinets, I guess I haven't been watching the house like I'm supposed to be doing. Maybe I could run to the market before Nate gets up. I spoke to soon because as soon as I turned around he was standing in the doorway, he walked towards me.

"I woke up right when you left the bed but I wanted you to have your way for a little."

"Nate that's not fair, I wanted to surprise you." I whined.

He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into his body after kissing my lips.

"I'm sorry babe but my wolf snaps when your not with us."

I kissed him asked him if he wanted to go grocery shopping with me, he nodded and we went to get dressed.

When we got to the market I made sure to grab the biggest cart because I wanted to sit in it, I know it sounds childish but I don't care.

Nate helped me get in and we laughed at all the stares I was getting from most people.

After getting some eggs, milk, and juice, we went to the aisle with the cookies and chips. I got out of the cart and picked out most of the junk food because well... A girls gotta eat. I walked down the next aisle and bumped into someone, "excuse me" I said while looking down.

"Alana, is that you?" I looked up and saw Drew smiling like nothing bad ever happened between us.

I nodded my head and tried to walk away but he pulled my arm, "What do you want Drew." he looked into my eyes.

"I know we got off on bad terms but I'd really like it if we could at least be friends, I mean I know we both hurt each other but I hope we could get past that."

I was completely dumbfounded but his suggestion, but I guess we could try and be friends, I mean I'm with Nate now and I'm sure he's moved on since he's pushing us being friends so hard.

"I guess theres no harm in being friends." I said while out stretching my hand to shake his. He pulled me close and kissed my cheek, I tried to pull away before Nate saw but it was to late, Drew was pushed against the wall and Nate was holding him up by his neck, I ran to them so I could stop it but Nate wouldn't listen.


He ignored my screams and punched Drew in the face, at least he's not choking him anymore, I ran even closer to them this time and grabbed Nate's arm, he seemed to calm down a bit but I still needed to talk to him.

"Nate he just asked me if we could be friends, he gave me a friendly kiss when I agreed to it." "No, you guys will not be friends." I pulled away from him and went to help Drew, his lip was bleeding and he was still struggling to breath, "Alana lets go" Nate demanded, but I couldn't leave Drew, not like this.

I didn't listen to him, instead I helped Drew up and walked him to a bench to sit on and rest for a while, when I looked at Nate he was fuming, "will you be okay?" I asked Drew, he nodded and with that I walked over to Nate and intwined our fingers while walking away.

The car ride home was silent. Nate was pissed and I was annoyed because of that, I couldn't leave Drew to die, even if he did mess up in the past.

When we pulled up the driveway I walked inside but Nate didn't, after a while I went back out but he wasn't there he probably went for a run to calm down.

It started getting late and I was beginning to worry, I mean even a wolf will get tired after running for 7 hours straight.

I laid in bed waiting for him, after another hour I heard our bedroom door open and pretended to be asleep, I heard footsteps coming closer to the bed, I tried my best to keep my eyes closed. Nate leaned down closer to me and kissed the back of my head, he took a whiff of my scent before walking towards the bathroom and starting the shower.

Nate's POV

He wants to be friends with her and she doesn't think that's a problem. I can't believe the way she ran to him and completely ignored me, both my wolf and I wanted to rip Drew apart, who the hell does he think he is trying to be friends with my sweet mate and then having the nerve to fucking kiss her.

What if Alana still has feelings for him and she's regretting completing the mating bond with me, "shut up she loves us" my wolf snapped. I was hoping to get back to the house and talk to her but since she was asleep I just kissed her and decided to talk to her tomorrow morning.

Drew's POV

It worked, I got Alana to believe that I just want to be friends and she agreed to it. When she helped me and ignored that dick I couldn't be more proud of myself. I just didn't know how strong he really was, I'm sure if it wasn't for Alana I'd be dead right now but that doesn't stop me from going after her, now that Nate has doubts about their relationship it will be easier to break them up.


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