Chapter Twenty

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Alana's POV

"Get off of me."

I stood up and tried to run away but two arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back. "Alana what's wrong?"

I heard Nate question against the back of my head. Wait... Nate?

"What the hell?"

I turned around and saw Nate was standing there looking at me like I was crazy. He backed up a little.

"Were you having a bad dream."

I was still confused so I just nodded my head and ran into his arms. Luckily he decided to just drop the subject and told me he wanted to take me out somewhere.

Why did I see Drew? I haven't really thought about him since the whole break up thing and it's weird that he just came up all of a sudden. Whatever I should just shrug it off, I bet he hasn't thought about me since he was the one who cheated and caused our relationship to end in the first place.

I didn't know where Nate was going to take me tonight so I decided to wear something casual, he said he was going to work in his office while I got ready, I slipped into a pair of jeans and a button up shirt. After putting my hair in a ponytail I put on my flip flops and walked down to the office. When I got there I saw a rose with a letter attached to it, it read "follow the directions on the back of this paper. Call me when you leave the house, I love you." I locked the doors and made my through the streets, it was only 6 so it wasn't dark out. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and called Nate, he picked up right away and asked where I was, when I told him the street name he let out a breath and said "good your close" I smiled even though he couldn't see me and asked "where exactly am I going" I could imagine the look on his face as he said "you'll find out when you get here" he hates my impatience.

After walking for 5 more minutes and following the last path on the paper I ended up in the most beautiful place I've even seen, there was a stream of water leading to a beautiful waterfall, the whole area was covered in flowers and fountains when I turned to my right I saw Nate standing there with a bouquet of roses in one hand and a gift bag in the other, "do you like it?" Instead of answering him I jumped into his arms and kissed him with so much passion, he dropped the bag and flowers and picked me up by my legs then wrapped them around his torso, I couldn't help but mumble the words I love you against his lips.

"I love you more" he mumbled back. We finally decided that was enough for then and pulled away, he took my hand and pulled me deeper in to the beautiful land as we walked around I looked at everything we passed I took in all of the surroundings this place is so perfect, the word beautiful doesn't even explain it in fact I don't think there's a word to describe it.

We stopped at a picnic table talked for a while, all Nate would talk about was yesterday night, he said he was getting tired of waiting but he tried his best to hide it until I was ready.

A few minutes of a peaceful silence past by until Nate started laughing uncontrollably, I gave him a weird look. "What's so funny?" he took a breath.

"When you saw my penis yesterday you acted like you'd never seen one before." Then burst out laughing again, I started laughing too because I remembered my reaction.

"Well- it's bigger than- what I've... seen before." I said between my laughter, he stopped laughing.

"Me and my wolf don't like to remember that you were with someone else before us."

I grabbed his hand. "I'm sorry Nate, if I'd known about you I would have waited."

He leaned closer and kissed me, when he pulled away he reached for something under the table and pulled out a picnic basket.

"I had one of the pack chefs make our dinner because as you know I can't make anything."

It's true, he can't even make scrambled eggs without almost burning the house down.

I was stuffed, I'm surprised the button on my pants hasn't fallen off yet. We went for a walk when all I really wanted to do was go home and sleep, Nate must have sensed my feelings because he stood in front of me and knelt down.
Get on" I was to tired to protest so I climbed on. I nuzzled my head into his neck while he made his way back home, when I started trailing kisses along his jaw line he let out a satisfied growl.

"I thought you said you were tired" I brought my mouth to his ear and seductively.

"Do you want me to stop?" Right after I said that I was put on the ground and pushed against a tree, this time it was Nates turn to trail kisses on my mouth, neck, and down on my shoulder, I moaned and could feel his smile against my skin. I tugged on his hair.

"Lets go ho-"

I didn't even get to finish my sentence because I was picked up and Nate was running home.

After barely making it through our bedroom door I was thrown on the bed and Nate climbed over me, he brought his face down to mine.

"I'm going to make you feel so good tonight."


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