Chapter Seventeen

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Nate's POV

Alana thought I was asleep and thats what I needed her to believe, as soon as she fell in to her slumber I rolled out of bed, and stood in front of my bedroom window only wearing my boxers, but it really didn't matter I need to check on something.

I couldn't help but feel that we were being watched, I made sure not to mention that in front of Alana because I didn't want her getting scared.

I scanned the area using my wolf vision but I didn't see anything or anyone, I was about to get back in bed when I saw a bush moving, I ran straight in the direction but when I reached it there was nothing, it must have been the wind.

I returned to my room and watched Alana for a while until sleep took over.

"Nate! Nate, wake up!" I opened my eyes but didn't see Alana. I could hear her but where the hell was she?

"Looking for me? she asked. It was then I noticed I was on top of her. I jumped off the bed.

"Oh shit I'm sorry Alana, are you hurt? Do you need me to take you to the hospital? She laughed.

"Calm down Nate I'm fine."

During breakfast I told Alana that I wanted to introduce her to my pack, she looked nervous but she agreed after I convinced her that they were friendly.

Alana's POV

I'm scared about meeting Nate's pack, what if they don't like humans and they kill me.

I decided to wear a plain green dress, Nate wore a grey suit and waited for me to finish my hair and make up.

On the way there my nerves got the best of me and I asked Nate,"um will you protect me if ya know...the other wolves don't like me?" He started laughing, "no one will hurt you, trust me they're going to love you!"

"I hope so," was my only response, the rest of the way there Nate held on to my hand.

When the car stopped I looked around and saw a field with almost 200 wolves sitting and waiting for us. Once they took notice of us they all bowed their heads.

I'm not royalty but I sure felt like I was. Nate held on to my hand and pulled me towards the crowd, "shift back" was all he said before I saw hundreds of naked bodies in front of me. I gasped and looked down but Nate lifted my chin "you're going to need to get used to this, when people are in the same pack they shift in front of each other."

I tried my best to keep my eyes on the faces of everyone but it was hard, many of the guys were very attractive, I stared at the chest of one male for a little longer then I should have, I wasn't attracted to him or anything like that but his chest was very toned and he had a really cool wolf tattoo right where his heart is, I snapped out of my gaze when I heard Nate growl, immediately I was embarrassed because everyone else took notice at what I was looking at.

I looked up at Nate and he looked furious, his fists were clenched and he yelled "everyone put your clothes on."

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to an area where no one could see us.

I was pushed against a wall and before I could even comprehend what was happening he crashed his lips on mine, the kiss was ruff, and full of passion he pulled away to soon and rested his forehead on mine, as we caught our breath he whispered "you're mine." I nodded my head and pulled his neck down so our lips could finally meet again.

He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his torso, I heard clapping and wolf whistles from behind me and quickly pulled away.

The guy with the tattoo from earlier stood there fully dressed with a smirk on his face. Nate stared at him.

"What do you want Jace?"

So that was his name. His smirk disappeared as he looked in to Nate's eyes and he now looked afraid. I cleared my throat.

"I wasn't checking you out earlier, I was distracted by your tattoo" he nodded his head and extended his hand,

"I understand, I'm Jace."

I shook his hand. "I'm Alana."

Nate stood next to me.

"Jace is my best friend, he's also my beta. I made a weird face and I heard them both laughing, "a beta is the second strongest wolf after the alpha, he is the one who takes over the pack if something ever happens to the alpha before he has children." Nate explained. I nodded my head but was still confused. After standing there still clueless Nate wrapped his arm around my waist. "Lets go meet the others." After letting out a deep breath I walked back to the huge crowd.

Nate stood on a platform and said "I'm sure by now you all know that I've found my mate, and if you haven't then now you do."

He pointed towards me and indicated that I stand next to him, Jace gave me a light push and smiled at me. Once I reached Nate he kissed my cheek and said to the crowd "this is my mate and your Luna, I expect you all to respect her like you respect me, is that clear?"

I faced the crowd and heard "yes alpha." It amazed me that Nate had so much authority over these people. "Would you like to say anything to them?" Nate questioned.

"Umm what should I say? I don't want to sound stupid." I whispered to Nate.

"No one will laugh and if they do I'll punish them."

I stepped towards the microphone.

"Hi everyone, well umm I'm not really used to all this and I'm still confused about most of it, but I will do what ever I have to for all of you to be happy."

The crowd cheered and I actually felt relaxed in front of them, Nate looked at me with pride in his eyes, I hugged him.

"I love you so much."

"I love you too Nate"

I can't believe I said it back, I actually do love him. His arms squeezed me tighter but it didn't hurt, I could tell he was just as surprised as I was.


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